Trek World Racing sweeps men's race and wins women's race at Whiteface Mountain

Leov and Moseley clock wins

Trek World Racing went one-two-three in the men's race and won the women's race at the US Pro GRT finals at Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, New York.

In the men's event, Justin Leov defeated Andrew Neethling and Neko Mulally. Tracey Moseley won the women's race ahead of Jill Kintner (Redbull / Oakley) and Jacqueline Harmony (Vixen Racing / AMC). It was Moseley's first appearance in the rainbow-striped jersey as World Champion.

"It was a pretty fun race on a long and challenging downhill course. It feels good to end the season with a win, especially in my first race wearing the rainbow stripes. I definitely didn't spare the horses!" said Moseley.

After qualifying first, third and fourth respectively, with Leov fastest at 7 minutes and 52.95 seconds on the long course, all three found another five to seven seconds for the final, to sweep the podium.

"I thought I'd figured everything out in Canada for the Worlds, so I was really disappointed with my crash there when I was fourth fastest at the split for the day," said Leov. "But today cemented the fact that I had figured things out and I rode strongly and aggressively, and was so pleased with my run."

"It was tough to get motivated after the Worlds, but once I was in the start gate I wanted to win," said Neethling. "I knew Jusso would be tough to beat on this longer than usual course. I gave it everything but I just didn't have the legs at the end. The one-two-three was pretty cool though."

"I rode a good race. I made a few mistakes but put my head down and really went for it," said Mulally, coming off a second place finish in the junior men's race at Worlds

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Justin Leov (Trek World Racing)0:07:44.39 
2Andrew Neethling (Trek World Racing)0:00:11.12 
3Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing)0:00:18.96 
4Chris Heath (KHS Bicycles)0:00:20.75 
5Waylon Smith (Mongoose/Nema)0:00:24.60 
6Jason Memmelaar (Hayes/Manitou/smith)0:00:25.70 
7Richard Rude Jr0:00:26.82 
8Jared Rando (Giant)0:00:27.28 
9Geritt Beytagh (Morewood Bikes)0:00:29.11 
10Kieran Bennett (DRD Tomac)0:00:30.87 
11Gavin Vaughan (Giant/HBG/E13)0:00:36.17 
12Heikki Hall0:00:42.82 
13Benjamin Moody (Trek/POC Helmets)0:00:45.42 
14Tim White0:00:48.35 
15Logan Binggeli (KHS Bicycles)0:00:48.94 
16Ramilo Sanchez (Yeti/Fox)0:00:58.56 
17Sammuel Thibault (Gravity Sports)0:01:03.69 
18Joshua Clark0:01:09.06 
19Stephen Avery (Schraalp/Cyclesmith)0:01:13.99 
20Christopher Mari (Zeal Optics)0:01:21.30 
21Anthony Coneski0:01:21.87 
22Mike Hermanovsky (Bikesports Racing)0:01:27.19 
23Chris Higgerson (Smith/TLD/HBG)0:01:28.76 
24Oliver Levick0:01:30.45 
25Erik Gosselin (Gravity Project)0:01:30.85 
26Phillip Kmetz (FTW Industries)0:01:31.35 
27Alex Moschitti (Giant/Hayes/Smith)0:01:31.98 
28Conor Rowan0:01:34.18 
29Leland O'connor0:01:40.54 
30Nicolas Konow0:01:41.30 
31Dante Harmony (All Mtn Cyclery/Haye)0:01:43.28 
32Zachary Faulkner (Drummer Racing)0:01:43.53 
33Jeff Faulds (Morco Team)0:01:49.85 
DNFBrian Yannuzzi (LoweRiders Deailed)  
DNFQuinton Spaulding (KHS Bicycles)  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tracy Moseley (Trek World Racing)0:08:58.28 
2Jill Kintner (Redbull/Oakley)0:00:37.55 
3Jacqueline Harmony (Vixen Racing/AMC)0:00:59.76 
4Jess Stone (Trek Gravity Girls)0:01:09.17 
5Dawn Bourque (Chainline Cycles)0:01:14.20 
6Lauren Daney (GROM Racing)0:02:17.51 
7Margaret Gregory (Dons Bikes)0:03:15.68 
Cat. 1 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alexandre Couture (Giant/MTB Team)0:08:59.47 
2Logan Mulally (Troy Lee Designs/oak)0:00:00.58 
4Dylan Conte (IRIDE/West Branch)0:00:29.42 
5William Castle (IdeRide/ Kingdom Tra)0:00:38.25 
6Ray Syron (Sinister/United Free)0:00:46.93 
7David Milkiewicz (Gravity Project)0:00:59.18 
8Michael Barron0:01:00.20 
9Max Hautaniemi (Gravity Project)0:01:20.44 
DNFDamon Morin (Team Highland)0:00:22.87 
DNFDeroit Bresalt  
Cat. 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Becky Gardner (Beacon Bombers)0:11:32.90 
2Rebecca Bagley0:01:16.72 
Cat. 1 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Arthur Babcock0:08:52.98 
2Ryan Gardner (Beacon Bombers/Beaco)0:00:05.26 
3Eric Beauchamp-Lacham0:00:21.95 
4Geoff Ayr (FTW Factory Racing)0:00:25.71 
5John (Jack) Williams (Drummer Racing)0:00:30.75 
6Max Syron (Sinister/United Free)0:00:33.76 
7Alex Mcandrew (Chucks Bikes)0:00:34.58 
8Peter Mills (Whiteface/Industry 9)0:00:35.57 
9Willem Cooper (Voncooper/Smith)0:00:54.81 
10Harrison Reynolds (Horns Hill Collectiv)0:00:58.31 
11Travis Elquist0:00:58.96 
12Ryan Conroy (Northeastern Univer)0:01:04.09 
13Sam Chipkin (Drummer Racing)0:01:06.38 
14Richard Patty (Oliver Racing)0:01:07.06 
15Brewster Kanis (Wachussett Brewing C)0:01:11.92 
16David Penn (Wachussett/Intense)0:01:16.40 
17Jason Bourgeois (Wachussett Brewing C)0:01:16.84 
18Steven Czaplicki (Knapps Cyclery)0:01:22.71 
19Sean Pitchardthorpe (Mongoose Tribe)0:01:24.00 
20Eric Allocco (Intense Grass Roots)0:01:59.69 
21Kenneth Sears0:03:30.74 
DNFRyan Strang  
Cat. 1 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shad Wilson (Schraalp/Cyclesmith)0:09:23.60 
2Jason Scheiding (Fast Line Racing/Kna)0:00:03.65 
3David Mee (JRA Cycles)0:00:20.84 
4Luke Wenschhof0:00:37.40 
5Neil Snyder ( 
6Donald Roberts0:01:02.89 
7Jon Siverling (Delta House)0:01:51.74 
DNFAaron Barnes  
Cat. 1 Men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fred Bassett (Fast Freddy Racing)0:09:30.95 
2Charles Morin (Team Highland)0:00:14.18 
3Dennis Laclair (Wachussett Brewing C)0:00:24.62 
4Douglass Wilson (Drummer Racing)0:01:21.09 
5Stefan Daney (Inspired Atheletes)0:01:39.66 
6Ernest Reale (Plattekill)0:01:57.86 
7Richard Rude0:02:01.62 
8Reid Kiniry (Sugarbush/661)0:02:34.27 
9Robert Bevard (Horns Hill Collectiv)0:02:57.99 
10Thomas Anderson (NEMA/Bike Loft)0:04:43.22 
Cat. 2 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Rousseau0:09:49.39 
2Noah Fairburn0:00:22.69 
3Nick Richer0:00:33.15 
4Matt Rush (Hayes/Azonic)0:00:33.99 
5Trevor Santo Christo0:00:39.26 
6Shane Leslie0:00:41.78 
7Nick Porquet0:00:58.14 
8Chris Anderson (Sugarbush/Sunline)0:01:57.43 
9Kyle Huckabone (Cutting Edge)0:02:43.34 
10Ben Bodycoat0:03:05.75 
DNFDan Albert (Big T Racing)  
Cat. 2 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alex Kliesh (knapps Cyclery)0:09:48.65 
2Dennis Throckmorton0:00:01.91 
3Kostikey Mustakas (Beacon Bombers/Beaco)0:00:06.88 
4Samuel Wiggin (Team Highland)0:00:10.86 
5Talor Graves (JMAC/FMA)0:00:17.99 
6Corey Mcmahan (JMAC/FMA)0:00:23.52 
7Kyle Lofstedt (Trapp Family Brewery)0:00:26.13 
8Travis Fields0:00:33.51 
9Wayne Plumadore0:00:35.66 
10Mathuu Bouthiller0:00:49.23 
11Thomas Estabrooks0:00:53.83 
12David Eypper (Wachussett Brewing C)0:00:57.22 
13Michael Mclennan (JRA Cycles)0:01:05.69 
14Eric Miller (Delta House/Martys)0:01:06.36 
15Michael Oliver (Oliver Racing)0:01:29.05 
16Julien Leboeuf0:02:13.73 
17Matt Young0:02:29.69 
18Anthony Coluccio (Knapps Cyclery)0:05:15.04 
19William Czaja (Big T Racing)0:10:48.45 
DNFSam Slivinski (Big T Racing)  
Cat. 2 Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Justin Breault (Big T Racing)0:10:43.39 
2Bill Frazer0:00:13.41 
3Lane Boertmann0:00:35.65 
4Michael Rossi (Martys Racing)0:02:11.83 
5Neil Lee0:02:17.57 
DNFAdrian Cieri  
DNFJeff Elchert  
Cat. 2/3 Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Taylor Allison0:13:01.29 
1George Bodycoat0:12:00.12 
2Elixandria Porru (Oneal/Mobilebici)0:03:04.83 
3Jennel Ortiz (Team Martys)0:06:51.40 
10Joe Olivas (Morpheus Cycles)0:04:52.73 
DNFErik Timmerman  
Cat. 3 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anton Urtan0:11:02.06 
2Brian Anthony0:01:36.86 
3Connor Gorman0:03:16.18 
4Brendan Santo Christo (Big T Racing)0:03:48.55 
5Grayson Morin (Team Highland)0:05:32.54 
6Nick Gray0:06:26.88 
DNFJohnny Egan  
Cat. 3 Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Blanton Unger0:10:52.67 
2Trek Vandecar (Dennys Racing)0:00:13.41 
3Joshua Miller0:00:50.41 
4Nicholas Zinzer0:01:26.70 
5David Pollack (US Coast Guard)0:01:31.67 
6Marc Rousseau0:01:45.88 
7Joey Dziemianzuk0:01:54.77 
8Emmanuel Cole0:04:38.86 
DNFJordan Miller  
DNFMat Robideau (Poose and Hoops Raci)  
DNFJake Hostetler  
Cat. 3 Men 30+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Phelps (Chucks Bikes)0:11:16.80 
2Dan Wenschhof0:00:00.82 
3David Huff (Mongoose Tribe/Horns)0:01:38.53 
4William Bazzano (Beacon Bombers)0:02:45.60 
5Keith Obrien0:03:34.09 
6Todd Boucher (Bennets Bicycles/Hay)0:07:43.56 
Cat. 2/3 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Taylor Allison0:13:01.29 
2Elixandria Porru (Oneal/Mobilebici)0:02:03.66 
3Jennel Ortiz (Team Martys)0:08:55.06 

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