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UCI Mountain Bike World Championships 2012

Date range:
August 31 - September 9, 2012

September 07, Junior women cross country:

Waldis wins junior women's cross country world title

Sue George, Mountain Bike Editor
September 07, 2012, 17:21 BST,
September 07, 2012, 19:19 BST

Swiss racer rides away from Germans Widenroth and Putz

Andrea Waldis (Switzerland) wins the junior women's cross country world championship race.

Andrea Waldis (Switzerland) wins the junior women's cross country world championship race.

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Andrea Waldis (Switzerland) soloed to victory in the junior women's cross country race at the mountain bike world championships on Friday afternoon in Saalfelden, Austria. The Swiss rider pulled away from Sofia Wiedenroth (Germany) and Lena Putz (Germany) on her way to the win.

"I'm very happy to be world champion. I was focused on my race and being on my line and never thought of being the new world champion," said a beaming Waldis after the race. "I didn't even think about winning the Worlds in the first few laps."  Waldis gave Switzerland its second gold medal of the day after Jolanda Neff won the U23 women's race in the morning.

From the start, Putz set the pace and was closely followed by Waldis and Wiedenroth.

"I was a little surprised that the three of us were in the first three positions," said Waldis.

On the second lap, Waldis took to the front and never looked back. The Swiss rider inflicted enough damage to first drop Putz, who seemed to be paying for her earlier tempo setting at the beginning of lap three of the four-lap race.

When Wiedenroth crashed going over the big rock drop-off near the top of one of the descents, Waldis powered decisively away toward victory.

"I had some problems concerning a big rock. I had a crash there and lost a little bit of time. That produced a gap to Andrea," said Wiedenroth.

"It was very important for me to be the first in the downhill because there were some problems going over the rock. Sofia lost time there," said Waldis.

Wiedenroth put up a tenacious fight in the hope of catching Waldis, but the Swiss rider cruised to victory, gradually extending her gap en route.

Waldis rolled across the finish line waving a Swiss flag. Wiedenroth was second at 30 seconds. Putz followed at 1:19.

Putz was delighted to make the podium after a difficult year. "I'm very happy because after this season, I didn't believe that I could ride on the podium. It's my second Worlds medal and now I can say that I'm back."

Putz broke her hand in the winter and couldn't race for a few months. Then she passed her exams to finish up school.

Perrine Clauzel (France) and Bethany Crumpton (Great Britain) rounded out the top five.

Full Results

Junior women
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Andrea Waldis (Switzerland) 1:07:29  
2 Sofia Wiedenroth (Germany) 0:00:30  
3 Lena Putz (Germany) 0:01:19  
4 Perrine Clauzel (France) 0:03:25  
5 Bethany Crumpton (Great Britain) 0:03:51  
6 Aleksandra Podgorska (Poland) 0:04:51  
7 Guzel Akhmadullina (Russian Federation) 0:05:07  
8 Nadezhda Antonova (Russian Federation) 0:05:36  
9 Margot Moschetti (France) 0:05:54  
10 Frederique Trudel (Canada) 0:06:51  
11 Emilie Collomb (Italy) 0:07:24  
12 Mary Gray (New-Zealand) 0:07:46  
13 Britt Van Den Boogert (Netherlands) 0:08:01  
14 Shayna Powless (United States Of America) 0:08:04  
15 Sabina Zamrozniak (Poland) 0:08:15  
16 Frida Helena Ronning (Norway) 0:08:21  
17 Serena Tasca (Italy) 0:09:11  
18 Ramona Forchini (Switzerland) 0:09:13  
19 Dina Hordiyuk (Ukraine)    
20 Felicia Ferner (Sweden) 0:09:53  
21 Laura Charles (France) 0:10:11  
22 Tina Perse (Slovenia) 0:10:22  
23 Barbora Machulkova (Czech Republic) 0:10:31  
24 Jessica Benz (Germany)    
25 Marina Filippova (Russian Federation) 0:11:35  
26 Rachel Pageau (Canada) 0:11:37  
27 Meghan Beltzer (Israel) 0:12:02  
28 Rebecca Preece (Great Britain) 0:12:10  
29 Franziska Niederacher (Austria)    
30 Giulia Gaspardino (Italy) 0:12:22  
31 Nikola Hlubinkova (Czech Republic) 0:12:24  
32 Alexandra Aldakushkina (Russian Federation) 0:13:21  
33 Nicole Erasmus (South Africa) 0:15:21  
34 Alice Barnes (Great Britain) 0:15:41  
-1lap Frédérique Larose-Gingras (Canada)    
-1lap Linda Van Wyk (South Africa)    
-1lap Rita Malinkiewicz (Poland)    
-1lap Anna Balashova (Russian Federation)    
-1lap Karolina Cierluk (Poland)    
-1lap Moran Tel Paz (Israel)    
-2laps Elzbieta Figura (Poland)    
-2laps Jasmin Kansikas (Finland)    
DNF Sara De Leo (Italy)    
DNF Annefleur Kalvenhaar (Netherlands)    
DNF Kate Courtney (United States Of America)    
DNF Franziska Hagen (Austria)    
DNF Jenny Rissveds (Sweden)    
DNF Henriette Elvrum Handal (Norway)    
Rankings by nation
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Germany 118  pts
2 France 113  
3 Russian Federation 107  
4 Poland 89  
5 Italy 89  
6 Great Britain 80  
7 Switzerland 79  
8 Canada 76  
9 Czech Republic 44  
10 New-Zealand 37  
11 Netherlands 36  
12 United States Of America 35  
13 Norway 33  
14 Israel 31  
15 Ukraine 30  
16 Sweden 29  
17 South Africa 29  
18 Slovenia 27  
19 Austria 20  
20 Finland 7