UCI Track Worlds: Australia's Wiasak wins individual pursuit

Gaviria and Viviani battle in Omnium, Pervis wins another gold

Women's Individual Pursuit

Australia earned another gold medal on Friday when Rebecca Wiasak won the individual pursuit ahead of Jennifer Valente of the US and fellow Aussie Amy Cure. Wiasak set the fastest time in qualifying with a mark of 3:27.018 and carried her good form into the final, where she secured the rainbow jersey by beating Valente with a time of 3:30.305, more than three seconds faster than the US rider.

Cure beat Great Britain's Joanna Roswell to the bronze, coming in nearly four seconds faster.

Men's Omnium

Halfway through the men's omnium, Colombian Fernando Gaviria leads Italy's Elia Viviani by eight points, with Thomas Boudat of France trailing in third, 16 points behind. Belgium's Jasper Du Buyst is currently fourth after three events, followed by Russia's Viktor Manakov.

Gaviria, who grabbed headlines earlier this year with two sprints wins heads of Mark Cavendish at the Tour de San Luis, was third in the scratch race, second in the individual pursuit and third in the elimination race. Viviani, the Team Sky sprinter, won the scratch race and elimination race, but his 10th place finish in the pursuit cost him the overall lead.

Three events remain – the kilo, flying lap and points race – to decide the final omnium placings.

Men's Kilo

Francois Pervis earned another gold medal of the championships Friday in the kilo time trial after taking gold in the kierin the day before. The Frenchman finished less than one-tenth of a second faster than runner up Joachim Eilers of Germany, setting mark of 1:00.207 to Eilers' 1:00.294. New Zealand's Matthew Archibald took the bronze with a time of 1:00.470.

Men's Points Race

Russian took home the gold in the points race when Artur Ershov topped Spain's Eloy Teruel by one point, 31 to 30. Ershove conserving his energy for the last half of the race, lapping the field and then coming in to spots better than the former Movistar and Jamis-Hagens Berman rider at the finish.

Germany's Maximilian Beyer and New Zeland's Regan Gough, both finished with 29 points, but Gough earned bronze by coming in two spots ahead of Gough on the final lap.

Women's Sprint

Friday also saw the women begin their run for the sprint medals. Tianshi Zhong of China, Elise Ligtlee of the Netherlands, Stephanie Morton of Australia and Kristina Vogel of Germany all made their way through the early rounds and will battle for the medals in the semi-finals and finals on Saturday.

In the race for fifth through eighth places, China's Shuang Guo took the win ahead of Russia's Anastasia Voynova, Lithuania's Simona Krupeckaite and Great Britain's Jessica Varnish.

Men's Kilometre

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Francois Pervis (France)1:00.207 
2Joachim Eilers (Germany)1:00.294 
3Matthew Archibald (New Zealand)1:00.470 
4Quentin Lafargue (France)1:00.648 
5Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata (Colombia)1:00.907 
6Michael D'almeida (France)1:01.036 
7Callum Skinner (Great Britain)1:01.071 
8Chaebin Im (Korea)1:01.103 
9Simon Van Velthooven (New Zealand)1:01.157 
10Kamil Kuczynski (Poland)1:01.583 
11Eric Engler (Germany)1:01.653 
12Kian Emadi (Great Britain)1:01.736 
13Francesco Ceci (Italy)1:01.924 
14Robin Wagner (Czech Republic)1:01.976 
15Anderson Parra (Colombia)1:02.126 
16Hugo Haak (Netherlands)1:02.230 
17Tomas Babek (Czech Republic)1:02.771 
18Lok Chun Wu (Hong Kong, China)1:04.043 
19Eugene Soule (South Africa)1:08.422 

Men's Points Race

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Artur Ershov (Russian Federation)31 pts
2Eloy Teruel Rovira (Spain)30 
3Maximilian Beyer (Germany)29 
4Regan Gough (New Zealand)29 
5King Lok Cheung (Hong Kong, China)27 
6Liam Bertazzo (Italy)24 
7Scott Law (Australia)18 
8Raman Ramanau (Belarus)16 
9Benjamin Thomas (France)16 
10Nicholas Rogers (United States Of America)12 
11Kazushige Kuboki (Japan)10 
12Moreno De Pauw (Belgium)10 
13Vojtech Hacecky (Czech Republic)6 
14Wojciech Pszczolarski (Poland)5 
15Wim Stroetinga (Netherlands)5 
16Edwin Alcibiades Avila Vanegas (Colombia)4 
17Mark Christian (Great Britain)3 
18Andreas Graf (Austria)  
19Vitaliy Hryniv (Ukraine)  

Men's Omnium - Scratch Race

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elia Viviani (Italy)  
2Jonathan Dibben (Great Britain)  
3Fernando Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)  
4Aaron Gate (New Zealand)  
5Jasper De Buyst (Belgium)  
6Raman Tsishkou (Belarus)  
7Gaël Suter (Switzerland)  
8Thomas Boudat (France)  
9Gideoni Rodrigues Monteiro (Brazil)  
10Casper Pedersen (Denmark)  
11Viktor Manakov (Russian Federation)  
12Ioannis Spanopoulos (Greece)  
13Tim Veldt (Netherlands)  
14Lucas Liss (Germany)  
15Glenn O'shea (Australia)  
16Hao Liu (People's Republic of China)  
17Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur (Spain)  
18Jacob Duehring (United States Of America)  
19Chun Wing Leung (Hong Kong, China)  
20Martyn Irvine (Ireland)  
21Timur Gumerov (Uzbekistan)  

Men's Omnium - Individual Pursuit

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Glenn O'Shea (Australia)0:04:21.807 
2Fernando Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)0:04:23.567 
3Viktor Manakov (Russian Federation)0:04:24.025 
4Jasper De Buyst (Belgium)0:04:24.752 
5Gideoni Rodrigues Monteiro (Brazil)0:04:26.395 
6Thomas Boudat (France)0:04:26.553 
7Raman Tsishkou (Belarus)0:04:26.660 
8Lucas Liss (Germany)0:04:26.767 
9Martyn Irvine (Ireland)0:04:26.814 
10Elia Viviani (Italy)0:04:27.067 
11Aaron Gate (New Zealand)0:04:27.382 
12Hao Liu (People's Republic of China)0:04:28.011 
13Tim Veldt (Netherlands)0:04:28.071 
14Chun Wing Leung (Hong Kong, China)0:04:28.799 
15Jonathan Dibben (Great Britain)0:04:29.845 
16Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur (Spain)0:04:32.027 
17Gaël Suter (Switzerland)0:04:32.762 
18Ioannis Spanopoulos (Greece)0:04:34.189 
19Jacob Duehring (United States Of America)0:04:34.792 
20Casper Pedersen (Denmark)0:04:35.446 
21Timur Gumerov (Uzbekistan)0:04:42.373 

Men's Omnium - Elimination Race

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elia Viviani (Italy)  
2Thomas Boudat (France)  
3Fernando Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)  
4Glenn O'Shea (Australia)  
5Viktor Manakov (Russian Federation)  
6Hao Liu (People's Republic of China)  
7Jasper De Buyst (Belgium)  
8Casper Pedersen (Denmark)  
9Aaron Gate (New Zealand)  
10Gideoni Rodrigues Monteiro (Brazil)  
11Lucas Liss (Germany)  
12Gaël Suter (Switzerland)  
13Tim Veldt (Netherlands)  
14Jacob Duehring (United States Of America)  
15Martyn Irvine (Ireland)  
16Raman Tsishkou (Belarus)  
17Jonathan Dibben (Great Britain)  
18Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur (Spain)  
19Chun Wing Leung (Hong Kong, China)  
20Timur Gumerov (Uzbekistan)  
21Ioannis Spanopoulos (Greece)  

Men's Omnium - Standings after three events

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fernando Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)110 pts
2Elia Viviani (Italy)102 
3Thomas Boudat (France)94 
4Jasper De Buyst (Belgium)94 
5Viktor Manakov (Russian Federation)88 
6Glenn O'Shea (Australia)86 
7Aaron Gate (New Zealand)78 
8Gideoni Rodrigues Monteiro (Brazil)78 
9Raman Tsishkou (Belarus)68 
10Lucas Liss (Germany)60 
11Jonathan Dibben (Great Britain)58 
12Hao Liu (People's Republic of China)58 
13Gaël Suter (Switzerland)54 
14Casper Pedersen (Denmark)50 
15Tim Veldt (Netherlands)48 
16Martyn Irvine (Ireland)38 
17Ioannis Spanopoulos (Greece)25 
18Jacob Duehring (United States Of America)24 
19Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur (Spain)24 
20Chun Wing Leung (Hong Kong, China)22 
21Timur Gumerov (Uzbekistan)4 

Women's Individual Pursuit

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Wiasak (Australia)0:03:30.305 
2Jennifer Valente (United States Of America)0:03:33.867 
3Amy Cure (Australia)0:03.32.907 
4Joanna Rowsell (Great Britain)0:03:36.330 
5Katie Archibald (Great Britain)  
6Jasmin Glaesser (Canada)  
7Jaime Nielsen (New Zealand)  
8Marlies Mejias Garcia (Cuba)  
9Elise Delzenne (France)  
10Mieke Kroeger (Germany)  
11Georgia Amy Williams (New Zealand)  
12Maria Luisa Calle Williams (Colombia)  
13Eugenia Bujak (Poland)  
14Lotte Kopecky (Belgium)  
15Edita Mazureviciute (Lithuania)  
16Edyta Jasinska (Poland)  
17Silvia Valsecchi (Italy)  
18Gloria Rodriguez Sanchez (Spain)  
19Yao Pang (Hong Kong, China)  
20Inna Metalnykova (Ukraine)  

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