UAE Tour 2019

February 24 - March 2, Al Hudayriat, UAE, Road - WorldTour

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Live commentary by:
Stephen Farrand

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of stage 6 of the UAE Tour. The stage ends with the climb to Jebel Jais.


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  1. 14:24:24 GST

    As we join the action, the riders still face 80km of racing. 

  2. 14:25:30 GST

    However the final 20km are on the climb up to the finish at Jebel Jais.


  3. 72km remaining from 175km

    14:34:29 GST

    The stage started under grey skies after heavy overnight rain. Fortunately for the riders the roads are now dry but the tension in the peloton before the decisive mountain finish has sparked several crashes.


  4. 14:36:17 GST

    The stage has been fast with an average speed of 45,350 Km/h for the first two hours.


  5. 14:37:52 GST

    The speed was up because of an interesting break formed early on that included stage 5 winner Elia Viviani. 


    He joined the move with Decueninick-QuickStep teammate Michael Morkov and targeted the two intermediate sprints. 


    He won both to challenge for the green points jersey. 


  6. 14:39:24 GST

    The move was started by Adam Hansen and then he was joined by More Albasini, Clarke, Morkov, Rosskopf, Sieberg, Tratnik and Viviani. 


    Viviani won both sprints and then eased up with Morkov, leaving the other riders up front. 


  7. 14:40:33 GST

    An early crash slowed the peloton and a second stack up in the bunch helped he break extend their lead up to 6:45. 

    Albasini is working hard and perhaps has a real chance of winning the stage. 


  8. 14:43:28 GST

    Jumbo-Visma are leading the peloton to protect Primoz Roglic's race lead but they o not seem keen to do all the work.


  9. 14:45:48 GST

    Valverde was caught up in the early crash but was quickly brought back to the peloton and his Movistar is now lined out behind Jumbo-Visma. 


    Today is Valverde's only chance to take time back on Roglic and so perhaps snatch overall victory.


  10. 14:47:07 GST

    Gianni Moscon (Team Sky) also suffered some nasty-looking road rash but it is back in the peloton.


  11. 59km remaining from 175km

    14:52:55 GST

    The break still leads the peloton by 8:30.


  12. 14:54:08 GST

    There is a slight wind blowing from the right and so Jumbo form an echelon formation and leave the rest of the peloton in the wind.


  13. 14:54:52 GST

    The flags show there is a clear cross/head wind now on the road to the mountain finish in the north of the UAE.


  14. 14:56:19 GST

    Albasini is over 18 minutes down in the GC and so is not a threat to Roglic. 

    That could allow the break to stay away.


  15. 14:58:17 GST

    The peloton is lined out as Jumbo keep the speed high.


  16. 14:58:52 GST

    Jumbo is also keeping the peloton in the gutter.


  17. 15:03:56 GST

    The USA's Joey Rosskopf (CCC Team) is only 9:08 down on GC and so could soon become virtual race leader. 



  18. 50km remaining from 175km

    15:10:22 GST

    There are 50km remaining but 20km are on the climb to the finish. 


  19. 15:13:24 GST

    Rosskopf is back in the break after being distanced. 


  20. 15:17:28 GST

    Primoz Roglic spoke before the start of the stage. 

    "It's a long climb to the finish and really hard. We don't know what will happen but the wind could be a factor," the race leader said.


    "We've got a strong bunch of guys like every day so we'll see what happens.


    "For sure I'm not in the position of needing to attack but have to respond to attacks and be on the wheels to do everything we can to defend the lead." 


  21. 38km remaining from 175km

    15:19:19 GST

    The race is is on smaller roads now, making harder for the peloton to stay protected.


    The gap to the break is still 8:15


  22. 15:26:29 GST

     The huge gap caused Sunweb and Movistar to send a rider each to the front of the field, Slowly the gap started coming down to under the eight minute mark.

  23. 15:28:14 GST

    Sunweb either fears that Kelderman and Dumoulin will lose their top GC placings, or one of the two Dutchmen has plans for this stage. There are now two Sunwebs at the head of the field.

    Alex Dowsett has just abandoned the race.


  24. 15:30:54 GST

    With 30km to go, the gap was still at 7:18. But the final climb, a probable game-changer, is still to come. 


  25. 15:34:38 GST

    The air is very dusty. The road is clear but the visibility is terrible. Not really what the riders want to breathe, one would think. 


  26. 15:35:48 GST

    The gap is now 6.42, which puts the peloton 4.4km behind the leaders. Good chances that someone in that group will take this win?


  27. 15:39:42 GST

    Astana too has joined in the lead work. 


  28. 23km remaining from 175km

    15:41:10 GST

    With 23 km to go, and the climb starting momentarily, the gap is down to 6:00.


  29. 15:44:42 GST

    The upcoming climb is a long one, rather than a steep one. It averages 5.4% but has one section near the top of 9%.


  30. 15:46:07 GST

    20 km to go! The lead group has now officially started on its way up!


  31. 15:48:52 GST

    The gap is already under 5 minutes As expected, Marcel Sieberg has dropped from the lead group. At 198cm and 81kg, he is anything but a climber. 


  32. 15:52:13 GST

    Now the peloton has started the climb, and the first riders are dropping off the back. Including Marcel Kittel.


  33. 15:54:19 GST

    It was Cees Bol and Nikias Arndt who put in that time at the head of the field for Sunweb.


  34. 16km remaining from 175km

    15:55:02 GST

    The five riders up front are still working together, but the gap is down to 3:49 with 16 km to go.


  35. 15:57:36 GST

    FdJ still has hopes for a stage win by David Gaudu, so they move up to the front, too.


  36. 16:00:01 GST

    At 14 km, the group was down to 4, and the gap at 2:57.


  37. 16:00:39 GST

    Tratnik, Rosskopf, Albasini and Clark are the four riders still in the lead.


  38. 16:01:20 GST

    The peloton is also continually shedding riders on its way up.


  39. 16:02:39 GST

    Jumbo - Visma is back in control of the pack, with some help from Sunweb.


  40. 12.5km remaining from 175km

    16:05:14 GST

    Now Richie Porte and Vincenzo Nibali surge off the front of the peloton. 

  41. 16:05:30 GST

    Up front Tratnik has attacked the break too. 


  42. 16:06:36 GST

    This is the profile of the Jebel Jais climb. 



  43. 16:07:49 GST

    The climb twists up the side of the mountain as this map shows. 




  44. 11km remaining from 175km

    16:10:11 GST

    Porte and Nibali have been swept up by the Jumbo team riding for Roglic.


    Tratnik is still powering away up front. He's dropped Albasini but Rosskopf and Clarke have caught him. 


    However their lead is down to just 2:20.


  45. 10km remaining from 175km

    16:11:03 GST

    The peloton is riding around 4km/h faster than the break. Their chances of staying away are slim on the fast, wide climb.


  46. 16:13:23 GST

    Sadhbh O'Shea is at the summit finish for Cyclingnews and told us it is cold and foggy at the finish, with a slight headwind.

    Sadhbh will have interviews and news from the stage finish later today.


  47. 9km remaining from 175km

    16:14:09 GST

    Tony Martin is still leading the peloton for Roglic. The German has joined Jumbo for 2019 after a spell at Katusha. 


  48. 16:14:45 GST

    Clark is dropped from the break. 


  49. 16:16:39 GST

    This is the final part of the climb.

    The gradient kicks up at 6% for the final 8km and is over 7% for the final 2km.  



  50. 7km remaining from 175km

    16:20:06 GST

    Tony Martin moves after a huge turn on the front. 


    It's up to Laurens de Plus now, with some help from Team Sunweb.


  51. 5.5km remaining from 175km

    16:22:46 GST

    The peloton is lined out and ready to explode under the first attack.


  52. 4km remaining from 175km

    16:25:38 GST

    Porte is distanced from the peloton of 20 riders.


  53. 16:26:26 GST

    Tratnik has also been caught and dropped.

    Only Rosskopf is out front now. 


  54. 16:27:27 GST

    Ilnur Zakarin is also distanced.


    The speed is steady but fast and hurting.


  55. 3km remaining from 175km

    16:28:41 GST

    De Plus is going deep on the front, with Gaudu of FDJ just behind him. 


    Valverde is on Roglic's wheel. Is he ready to attack? 


  56. 2.5km remaining from 175km

    16:29:27 GST

    The peloton can see Rosskopf now. 


  57. 16:30:41 GST

    Valverde needs to pull back 21 seconds on Roglic.


    Gaudu is third overall at 38 seconds.


  58. 2km remaining from 175km

    16:31:22 GST

    Other riders, out of the GC will be focused on the stage victory.


  59. 16:32:16 GST

    Nibali is still there. As are Dan Martin and Tom Dumoulin.


  60. 16:33:17 GST

    The headwind on the climb is perhaps delaying attacks.


  61. 1km remaining from 175km

    16:33:50 GST

    Last Km! It's time for Valverde to try his hand if he wants to crack Roglic.


  62. 16:34:26 GST

    De Plus has done a huge job by lining out Roglic's rivals on the climb.


  63. 0.5km remaining from 175km

    16:35:05 GST

    Here we go. Attacks.


  64. 16:35:13 GST

    Martin goes first.


  65. 16:35:58 GST

    Dumoulin leads out the uphill sprint but Roglic beats him at the line!


  66. 16:40:34 GST

    Dumoulin tried to stomp on the pedals in the final 200m but Roglic came up and then past him before the line.


  67. 16:41:48 GST

    Dan Martin finished fourth in the same time, with Valverde fifth. 


    Valverde did not seem to have speed or surge to attack Roglic or fight for the stage.


  68. 16:42:30 GST

    Roglic is warming down on the rollers after celebrating and thanking his teammates.


  69. 16:43:25 GST

    He owes them big time, especially Tony Martin and Laurens de Plus, who kept the speed high on the climb virtually all the way to the finish line. 


  70. 16:46:28 GST

    TV replays show Roglic was stuck along the barriers in the sprint. He shunted Wilco Kelderman out of the way and then sprinted past Gaudu and Dumoulin.


  71. 16:52:03 GST

    This is the first shot of Roglic winning the race leader's red jersey.



  72. 16:55:02 GST

    Roglic picked-up ten bonus seconds for winning the stage and so extended his overall race lead to 31 seconds on Alejandro Valverde.

    Gaudu is third at 44 seconds.  


  73. 16:56:39 GST

    Here comes the gruppetto, containing many of the sprinters.


    They finish 20:38 behind Roglic but will be saving their strength for Saturday's final sprint stage in Dubai. 


  74. 16:57:53 GST

    Valverde has revealed that awoke with a slight fever and so wasn't as his best.



  75. 16:59:56 GST

    Roglic was happy to win again but warned that the UAE Tour only ends after Saturday's stage. 


  76. 17:03:12 GST

    Roglic climbed on the podium to celebrate his stage win and to pull on the leader's red jersey.



  77. 17:03:59 GST

    "We showed with the whole team how strong we are and I’m really happy I managed to finish it off today," he said.


    "From the beginning our guys did a perfect job and I was protected all day from the wind. We had a lot of guys for the last climb and Laurens [De Plus] pulled until the last 500 metres. It was really impressive from the whole team."




  78. 17:04:50 GST

    Stage 7 is a day for the sprinters but Roglic will only celebrate when the race is over.


    "The race is done for today but tomorrow is anew day. We just have to stay focused until the finish," Roglic said.


  79. 17:17:20 GST

    This is the moment Roglic got ahead of Dumoulin to win the stage.



  80. 17:28:48 GST

    This shot shows just how strong Jumbo-Visma were today at the UAE Tour.


    The JUmbo-Visma team did a perfect job protecting Primoz Roglic


  81. 17:43:25 GST

    We've added more photos to our stage report page. 


    Click here for the full report and photo gallery.




  82. 17:46:44 GST

    We'll have more news and interviews from stage 6 of the UAE Tour later today. 


    We'll also have full coverage of Saturday's seventh and final stage of the UAE Tour as well as full live coverage of Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, as the Belgian classics begin.  


    Thanks for joining us today. Shukran! 


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