Stage one celebrations (l-r): Joel Pearson (2nd,Genesys Wealth Advisers), Stuart Shaw (1st,Drapac Porsche), and Harrif Saleh (3rd,Malaysian National Team).

Stage 1

Sunday, August 29 2010
Echuca - Rochester 154.5 km
Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers) is the new leader of the 2010 Elgas Tour of the Murray River after stage two beneath the Murray River Gums in Echuca.

Stage 2

Monday, August 30 2010
Echuca - Echuca 25.5 km
The peloton crosses a railway line near Bunnaloo during stage three of the tour which began in fine conditions, something different to the previous tours so far this year.

Stage 3

Monday, August 30 2010
Moama - Moama 99.8 km
Jared Triggs (NSWIS) and Angus Morton (Drapac Porsche) 	corner during the 45km fourth stage in Swan Hill.

Stage 4

Tuesday, August 31 2010
Swan Hill - Swan Hill 45 km
In their sights: The peloton was closing in on the leading pair of Eric Sheppard (Jayco/VIS) and Gordon McCauley (Hyster-Total Rush) on the concluding laps.

Stage 5

Tuesday, August 31 2010
Lake Boga - Lake Boga 39 km
Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers) from New South Wales has regained the purple jersey	as the tour leader after the sixth stage.

Stage 6

Wednesday, September 1 2010
Swan Hill - Nyah West 102.9 km
The peloton make their way towards Manangatang during the 56.9km seventh stage of the tour.

Stage 7

Wednesday, September 1 2010
Nyah West - Manangatang 56.9 km
The peloton make their way around the back of the course	during the stage eight kermesse in Robinvale.

Stage 8

Thursday, September 2 2010
Robinvale - Robinvale 48 km
Euston schoolchildren dressed their bikes up to welcome	the 2010 Elgas Tour of the Murray River.

Stage 9

Thursday, September 2 2010
Euston - Euston 52 km
Slice on the run: One of the festivities for the day in Ouyen was a vanilla slice race for fans, a slightly slower pace than that of the tour.

Stage 10

Friday, September 3 2010
Ouyen - Ouyen 36 km
Sam Davis (Plan B Racing Team) from Western Australia feels the pain as a medical officer checks his collarbone after a crash on stage eleven.

Stage 11

Friday, September 3 2010
Ouyen - Ouyen 86.5 km
Wild weather was on its way prior to the start of stage twelve in Merbein.

Stage 12

Saturday, September 4 2010
Merbein - Merbein 33 km
New Zealander Gordon McCauley (Hyster-Total Rush) could celebrate with some Aussie beer after his win in Cardross.

Stage 13

Saturday, September 4 2010
Cardross - Cardross 57.6 km
That's four for me: Malaysian National Team rider Harrif Saleh, from Kuala Lumpur, was a star of the tour, collecting four stage victories.

Stage 14

Sunday, September 5 2010
Mildura - Mildura 66 km
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