the Synergy Baku Cycling Project on the start line with rider/directeur sportif David McCann, David Clarke, John Ebsen, Christoph Schweizer, Kirill Pozdnyakov and Anuar Manan.

Stage 1

Monday, March 18 2013
Dapeng Bay - blank 156 km
An attack from the gun by Fabian Schnaidt (Champion System)

Stage 2

Tuesday, March 19 2013
Tainan City - Guanzihling 137 km
Shahrul Mat Amin takes the accolades after taking stage 3 in the Tour de Taiwan.

Stage 3

Wednesday, March 20 2013
Changhua County - blank 154 km
Happy time for leaders Choi Ki Ho, Qin Chen Lu and Bernard Sulzberger.

Stage 4

Thursday, March 21 2013
Taichung City Hall - Metropolitan Park, Taichung 115 km
King of the mountains Feng Chun Kai is celebrated as a hero in Taiwan.

Stage 5

Friday, March 22 2013
Taoyuan County Hall - Kanpanzan 144 km
All set for an impressive venue for the start of stage 6 in front of the town hall of New Taipei City

Stage 6

Saturday, March 23 2013
New Taipei City - Linshanbi Recreational Area 126 km
Bernard Sulzberger anxiously awaits the start of the final stage of Tour de Taiwan

Stage 7

Sunday, March 24 2013
Taipei City - blank 56 km
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