Tour de Suisse 2019

June 15-23, Langnau, Switzerland, Road - WorldTour

Complete Live Report

Live commentary by:
Daniel Ostanek

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of stage 8 of the Tour de Suisse.



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  1. 14:17:30 CEST

    The first rider of the day, Enzo Wouters (Lotto Soudal) sets off in 15 minutes.

  2. 14:18:27 CEST

    Each rider sets off at one-minute intervals today, save for the top ten, who start off with two-minute gaps.


  3. 14:20:16 CEST

    Yellow jersey Egan Bernal will set off in around two and a half hours.


  4. 14:23:14 CEST

    Eight minutes until Wouters sets off.


  5. 14:30:09 CEST

    Here's a look at some of the big favourites for today's stage and their start times. Obviously Dennis is the main man, but the other riders should all finish towards the top of the standings today. (all times are CEST)


    Tom Bohli (UAE Team Emirates) 2:37


    Maciej Bodnar (Bora-Hansgrohe) 2:55


    Yves Lampaert (Deceuninck-QuickStep) 3:31


    Søren Kragh Andersen (Team Sunweb) 3:34


    Kasper Asgreen (Deceuninck-QuickStep) 3:39


    Stefan Küng (Groupama-FDJ) 3:43


    Patrick Bevin (CCC Team) 4:04


    Lawson Craddock (EF Education First) 4:17


    Jonathan Castroviejo (Team Ineos) 4:26


    Rohan Dennis (Bahrain-Merida) 4:56


  6. 14:31:44 CEST

    And Wouters is off. The time trial is underway.


  7. 14:38:09 CEST

    Tom Bohli is off now. He should set the fastest time early on.


  8. 14:43:01 CEST

    Hopefully we'll get some time checks from the organisation early on today. The opening time trial was something of an ordeal in that regard.


  9. 14:43:59 CEST

    A time of around 22 minutes is expected for the fastest riders today.


  10. 14:50:53 CEST

    Double stage winner Elia Viviani is about to set off.


  11. 14:56:48 CEST

    Well Wouters set off 25 minutes ago and we have had no time checks so this might be a long day...


  12. 14:57:35 CEST

    Maciej Bodnar sets off. He's in with a good chance of a result today, having finished second in the opening TT.


  13. 14:58:29 CEST

    Bohli is the fastest through the 11km time check. His time was 13:15.


  14. 15:00:56 CEST

    Alex Edmondson was second at the checkpoint, six seconds down on Bohli.


  15. 15:03:18 CEST

    EF's Tom Scully, who finished tenth on stage 1, goes fastest now. His time at the checkpoint is 12:52.


  16. 15:04:50 CEST

    Quite impressive by Scully, but he might've gone out too fast there.


  17. 15:06:02 CEST

    Tom Bohli goes 23:02 at the finish, with an average speed of 50.014kph.


  18. 15:06:47 CEST

    Not the best time for Bohli, if 22 minutes is the expected best time.


  19. 15:07:47 CEST

    Ex-mountain jersey wearer Claudio Imhof is going out fast. He passes Fabien Grellier on the road.


  20. 15:08:43 CEST

    Scully goes fastest! 22:11 for the EF man. He blew away Bohli's time.


  21. 15:10:09 CEST

    Imhof goes through the checkpoint second fastest at 13:06.


  22. 15:11:20 CEST

    Bohli was actually slower than Edmondson at the finish. He's third fastest so far.


  23. 15:11:55 CEST

    Scully averaged 51.931kph today.


  24. 15:13:51 CEST

    French time trial champion Pierre Latour is out on course now.


  25. 15:15:39 CEST

    Bodnar went 13:13 at the check, 21 seconds down on Scully.


  26. 15:18:13 CEST

    Imhof finishes with a time of 22:47, second fastest so far. Scully really flew around the course.


  27. 15:23:08 CEST

    Benjamin Thomas (Groupama-FDJ) is second-fastest at the checkpoint with a time of 13:00.


  28. 15:23:45 CEST

    Bodnar finishes with a time of 22:53, third fastest.


  29. 15:27:26 CEST

    22:30 for Benjamin Thomas. Second-fastest at the finish too.


  30. 15:29:36 CEST

    Black jersey Peter Sagan (Bora-Hansgrohe) sets off.


  31. 15:34:38 CEST

    Søren Kragh Andersen's (Team Sunweb) time to start his effort.


  32. 15:35:20 CEST

    Check the full list of start times here.


  33. 15:40:02 CEST

    13:04 at the time check for Nikias Arndt (Team Sunweb).


  34. 15:43:05 CEST

    Three-time winner Rui Costa (UAE Team Emirates) sets off. He was strong at the Tour de Romandie, finishing second, but has struggled this week.


  35. 15:43:51 CEST

    Costa lies just 67th at this point in the race. Stefan Küng, the Swiss TT champion, sets off next.


  36. 15:51:36 CEST

    Lampaert and Kragh Andersen have gone first- and second-fastest at the checkpoint. Their times are 12:36 and 12:44, quite a bit faster than Scully's 12:52.


  37. 15:52:23 CEST

    Arndt is third-fastest at the finish. His time was 22:32.


  38. 15:54:02 CEST

    Lampaert passes his two-minute man Sagan in the final metres. He breaks the 22-minute barrier to go faster. 21:58 for him.


  39. 15:54:52 CEST

    Lampaert's teammate Kasper Asgreen puts in a strong time at the checkpoint – 12:53 to go fourth-fastest there.


  40. 15:57:03 CEST

    Küng passes the checkpoint with a time of 12:51, 15 seconds down on Lampaert. He went out too fast in the opening TT, so maybe he'll have something in reserve now.


  41. 15:57:37 CEST

    Søren Kragh Andersen goes second-fastest at the finish with a time of 22:08.


  42. 15:59:57 CEST

    Stage 6 winner Antwan Tolhoek (Jumbo-Visma) gets underway.


  43. 16:02:20 CEST

    Asgreen's turn to take second place at the finish. His time is 22:03.


  44. 16:04:05 CEST

    Küng catches two-minute man Michael Albasini as he nears the finish.


  45. 16:05:35 CEST

    New Zealand TT champion Patrick Bevin sets off.


  46. 16:06:23 CEST

    22:18 for Küng. He slots in at fifth-fastest so far.


  47. 16:07:34 CEST

    Greg Van Avermaet (CCC Team) is out on course now, a minute behind Bevin.


  48. 16:11:16 CEST

    Today's stage will be all about the Dennis vs Bernal's battle, but Bernal's teammate and presumptive Team Ineos Tour de France leader Geraint Thomas is back in training. He crashed out of the Tour de Suisse a few days ago. Read the full story here.



  49. 16:12:04 CEST

    Michael Matthews (Team Sunweb) finishes with a time of 22:40, eighth fastest.


  50. 16:19:05 CEST

    Bevin goes through the time check with a time of 12:56, 20 seconds down on Lampaert's time.


  51. 16:20:02 CEST

    Van Avermaet goes through in 13:33.


  52. 16:20:51 CEST

    Lawson Craddock (EF Education First) left the start a few minutes ago. He'll be one to watch.


  53. 16:22:55 CEST

    Mathias Fränk (AG2R La Mondiale) sets off. Obviously a bit of favouritism towards the home riders from the tv producer here as they cut between Fränk, Hirschi out on course and then Steve Morabito (Groupama-FDJ) starting.


  54. 16:23:53 CEST

    World TT champion Rohan Dennis is warming up. He'll be expected to take the race lead from Egan Bernal today, especially with such large gaps between current leader Lampaert and a great time trialist such as Bodnar (almost a minute).


  55. 16:25:21 CEST

    Marc Hirschi (Team Sunweb) crosses the line with a time of 23:12.


  56. 16:26:22 CEST

    Spanish TT champion Jonathan Castroviejo sets off.


  57. 16:27:16 CEST

    22:11 for Bevin, just fractions behind Scully's time.


  58. 16:31:16 CEST

    Craddock is 11th at the checkpoint with a time of 13:06.


  59. 16:32:26 CEST

    There's almost a minute between Lampaert and Bodnar at the finish. You'd imagine Dennis goes fastest, but it seems a big ask for Bernal to beat Bodnar. It might not be very close between the top two.


  60. 16:36:15 CEST

    13 riders left to start. Carlos Betancur (Movistar) is next.


  61. 16:40:12 CEST

    Sergio Henao (UAE Team Emirates) sets off, so it's just the top ten left to go now – each at two-minute intervals.


  62. 16:40:45 CEST

    22:34 for Trentin – ninth fastest at the finish.


  63. 16:41:54 CEST

    Simon Spilak sets off. Roche, Aru, Mas, Benoot, Hirt, Pozzovivo, Konrad, Dennis and Bernal still to go!


  64. 16:42:42 CEST

    Craddock takes tenth at the finish – 22:37.


  65. 16:46:06 CEST

    Dennis gets his warmup done and is getting ready to set off in ten minutes.


  66. 16:49:09 CEST

    Just looking through some of Bernal's previous TT efforts. It's hard to find a flat one, but at last year's Tour of California he averaged 49.375kph over the 35km course.


    It's a rough and ready comparison method, but extrapolate that performance to today and he'd be sitting at around 30th, 1:20 down on Lampaert.


    Of course, form, weather, tiredness, practise and many more factors affect time trial performance. So making any definitive prediction about how he'll go is a bit silly.


  67. 16:49:34 CEST

    Tiesj Benoot (Lotto Soudal) sets off. Just the top five left now.


  68. 16:50:44 CEST

    Castroviejo has mailed it in today, saving it for Bernal tomorrow. He finishes 1:50 down on Lampaert.


  69. 16:52:45 CEST

    None of the riders out on course are making any real headway at the intermediate check. Lennard Kämna (Team Sunweb) was 13th, but there hasn't been much to write home about as we await the big guns.


  70. 16:53:06 CEST

    Hirt and Pozzovivo leave the start ramp. Just Konrad and the big two remain.


  71. 16:54:18 CEST

    Spilak goes through the checkpoint, 46 seconds down.


  72. 16:54:47 CEST

    Patrick Konrad (Bora-Hansgrohe) sets off.


  73. 16:55:50 CEST

    22:40 for Marc Soler (Movistar). That's a nice time to go 11th.


  74. 16:56:27 CEST

    Rohan Dennis (Bahrain-Merida) is off! He needs 41 seconds on Bernal to take the race lead, remember.


  75. 16:57:50 CEST

    Kämna finishes with a time of 22:39, passing Frankiny in the final metres. He moves into 11th.


  76. 16:59:02 CEST

    Egan Bernal (Team Ineos) is away! He's the last man to start, obviously. Let's see what he can do.


  77. 17:00:14 CEST

    Here's Bernal just before he rolled down the ramp.



  78. 17:02:27 CEST

    Benoot crosses the checkpoint with a time of 13:26, 50 seconds down.


  79. 17:04:00 CEST

    Spilak finishes 1:50 down on Lampaert.


  80. 17:05:39 CEST

    It's not really the most picturesque route of the week. Dennis is racing through a building site at the moment, for example.


  81. 17:07:03 CEST

    Pozzovivo passes the checkpoint 1:02 down on Lampaert.


  82. 17:08:42 CEST

    Lampaert waits in the hot seat.



  83. 17:10:17 CEST

    Dennis passes the checkpoint in third place, with a time of 12:48. He's 12 seconds down on Lampaert.


  84. 17:13:09 CEST

    Bernal now, and a great ride so far! He's 14th at the checkpoint, 19 seconds down on Dennis, and 31 down on Lampaert.


  85. 17:14:20 CEST

    Bernal is not a terrible time trialist by any stretch, but you’d have expected him to lose a bit more against the world champion..


  86. 17:15:32 CEST

    Mas, Benoot and Hirt all came in around 30th place, 1:13-1:14 down on Lampaert.


  87. 17:15:43 CEST

    3km left to go for Dennis now.


  88. 17:17:38 CEST

    Pozzovivo crosses the line. Not a great time trial for the Bahrain man. He finishes in 96th place, over two minutes down.


  89. 17:17:56 CEST

    Peter Sagan chats to Lampaert as they watch the action out on course.


  90. 17:18:24 CEST

    Bernal hits the 3km mark now. A replay shows Bernal almost lose his back wheel on the outside of a corner! He saved it though.


  91. 17:19:31 CEST

    Dennis crosses the line in sixth. 22:17 for him, so Lampaert wins the stage!


  92. 17:19:40 CEST

    22:58 is Bernal's target time.


  93. 17:20:47 CEST

    It seems that Dennis has suffered for his efforts in the mountains here. You'd expect him to put in a better ride than that, but the context of this stage race is important.


  94. 17:21:34 CEST

    A great ride from Bernal though. He finishes with a time of 22:34, 37 seconds down on Lampaert! He only lost 17 seconds to Dennis, wow..


  95. 17:25:28 CEST

    Stage result


    1 Yves Lampaert (Bel) Deceuninck-QuickStep 0:21:58
    2 Kasper Asgreen (Den) Deceuninck-QuickStep 0:00:05
    3 Søren Kragh Andersen (Den) Team Sunweb 0:00:10
    4 Tom Scully (NZl) EF Education First 0:00:13
    5 Patrick Bevin (NZl) CCC Team
    6 Rohan Dennis (Aus) Bahrain-Merida 0:00:19
    7 Stefan Küng (Swi) Groupama-FDJ 0:00:20
    8 Benjamin Thomas (Fra) Groupama-FDJ 0:00:32
    9 Nikias Arndt (Ger) Team Sunweb 0:00:34
    10 Matteo Trentin (Ita) Mitchelton-Scott 0:00:36
    11 Egan Bernal (Col) Team Ineos


  96. 17:28:15 CEST

    General classification after stage 8


    1 Egan Bernal (Col) Team Ineos 24:40:24
    2 Rohan Dennis (Aus) Bahrain-Merida 0:00:22
    3 Patrick Konrad (Aut) Bora-Hansgrohe 0:01:46
    4 Tiesj Benoot (Bel) Lotto Soudal 0:01:54
    5 Jan Hirt (Cze) Astana Pro Team 0:01:55
    6 Enric Mas (Spa) Deceuninck-Quickstep 0:02:43
    7 Simon Spilak (Slo) Katusha-Alpecin 0:02:53
    8 Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) Bahrain-Merida 0:0:2:56
    9 Carlos Betancur (Col) Movistar 0:03:17
    10 Nicolas Roche (Irl) Team Sunweb


  97. 17:32:53 CEST

    On to the podium ceremonies.


    Bernal still in yellow by 22 seconds and the overwhelming favourite to carry it through tomorrow's stage, given that he is easily the strongest climber in the race.


  98. 17:34:05 CEST

    Sagan comes out for another day in black as the points classification leader. 


    Bernal leads the youth classification, of course, and also leads the mountain classification.


  99. 17:45:51 CEST

    Here's tomorrow's stage. With Bernal in the race lead there shouldn't be any real challenge to the yellow jersey, but minor placings will certainly be up for grabs.


    The Sustenpass, originally the second climb of the day, has been taken out for safety reasons. It's replaced by the Passo San Gottardo – the same, cobbled side – which the riders raced up yesterday. Still 3 HC climbs on the menu, so a tough day to end the race.



  100. 17:53:08 CEST

    Anyway, that's all for our live coverage of stage 8. Be sure to join us again tomorrow afternoon for the final stage of the 2019 Tour de Suisse!


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