Tour de France 2008

July 5-27, 2008, Brest, France, Road - GT

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  1. 12:56:00 CEST

    Bonjour and welcome back to Cyclingnews' live coverage of the 95th Tour de France. After the time trial from two days ago, now it is up to the skinny guys to show their stuff. We are not in the high mountains yet, but the Massif Central will still offer some opportunities for the climbers to get some time gains, even if they may not be massive in the end. The 195.5 kilometres from Aigurande to Super-Besse feature two cat 4 and two cat 2 climbs
  2. 13:08:00 CEST

    The current race situation mirrors yesterday. We have three Frenchmen at the front, with Sylvain Chavanel (Cofidis), Freddy Bichot (Agritubel) and Beno
  3. 33km remaining from 195.5km

    13:10:00 CEST

    The gap is growing quickly. After 33 kilometres it is already over two minutes.
  4. 13:18:00 CEST

    There is a prominent guest in car number one of Tour director Christian Prudhomme today. It is Prince Albert II of Monaco, who gets a closer look at the riders. Too bad we couldn't wire him for the heart rate data! We are sure he is keen to check out how it all works. After all, the Tour starts in the principality of Monaco, which he happens to oversee.
  5. 13:24:00 CEST

    Today's stage finish in Super Besse is not that difficult, according to some. This is based on sprinter Djamolidine Abdoujaparov being in the front group there a dozen years ago. There is a lot at stake today and there are lots of interesting scenarios. It's best to get the full scoop from Cyclingnews' Shane Stokes, who gave today's stage a thorough preview.
  6. 44km remaining from 195.5km

    13:26:00 CEST

    The gap keeps growing. It is around the four-minute mark for three Frenchman now.
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