Kindree beats Sheppard at Test of Metal

Simms races to women's win

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neal Kindree (Can) Specialized / EMD2:34:24 
2Chris Sheppard (USA) Rocky Mountain0:04:18 
3Cory Wallace (Can) Kona / Kona Factory0:07:03 
4Greg Day (Can) Evolve Cycling Club0:10:17 
5Logan Wetzel (USA) Noble Bikes0:13:45 
6Carter Hovey (Can) MBC/Orbea/SMP0:13:59 
7Patrick Means (USA) Team S&M / Sellwood Cycle Repair0:14:44 
8Kevin Calhoun (Can) Rocky Mountain0:16:42 
9Thomas Skinner (Can) Norco/Oak Bay0:17:04 
10Jonathon Firth (Can) Honey stinger0:17:30 
11Brian Cooke (Can) bicyclecafe / caferacers0:17:59 
12Kelly Servinski (Can) SCOTT Bikes0:19:10 
13Peter Watson (Can) Balance Point Racing0:19:19 
14Dwayne Kress (Can) Devinci0:20:39 
15Michael Robinson (Can) Back in Action Physi0:21:30 
16Stefan Widmer (Can) Honey Stinger0:25:19 
17Travis Hauck (Can) Gericks/NRG/Shimano0:25:20 
18Drew Mackenzie (Can) Condo Group/Shimano0:30:20 
19Jeff Blair (Can) Louis Garneau0:32:13 
20Andy Traslin (Can) RydersEyewear/TNF/Os / Steed Cycles0:36:40 
21Seth Wells (Can) Dux helmet0:37:52 
22Pascal Wehr (Can) Sugoi0:38:10 
23Robert Whishaw (Can) Obsession Bikes0:38:20 
24Joshua Stott (Can) KHS0:41:18 
25Kris Yip (Can) CycleLogic-Cannondale0:41:26 
26Wai-Ben Wong (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycl0:47:59 
27Sean Babcock (USA) Kona / Kona Factory Team0:50:12 
DNFGeoffrey Homer (Can) Oak Bay Bikes  
DNFMichael Jordan (Can)  
DNFTim Sherstobitoff (Can)  
DNFColin Kerr (Can) Rocky Mountian Factory Team  
DNFKeith Stark (Can) Rocky Mountain Bikes  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wendy Simms (Can) Scott Bikes3:07:19 
2Kate Aardal (Can) Ridley's Cycle0:02:23 
3Brandi Heisterman (Can) Rocky Mountain / Team Whistler0:02:38 
4Mical Dyck (Can) Pro City Racing0:02:54 
5Natasha Hernday (USA) Mafia Racing NW0:15:03 
6Jennifer Schulz (Can) Fresh Air/Balance Point Racing0:17:08 
7Ann Yew (Can) Trek/Red Truck Racing0:17:55 
8Rua Read (Can) Corsa0:22:42 
9Cathy Zeglinski (Can) Northlands Medical0:24:20 
10Joele Guynup (Can) Condo Group/Shimano0:33:52 
11Megan Rose (Can) Norco/John Henry Bikes0:41:56 
12Linda Robichaud (Can) NS Ride0:43:20 
13Alana Heise (Can) Terrascape Racing0:54:55 
DNFMelanie Mcquaid (Can) Trek/Avia/Shimano  

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