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June 01, Elite Men: Philadelphia - Philadelphia 192km

Reijnen repeats as Philly Classic champion

Kirsten Frattini
June 01, 2014, 21:33 BST,
June 02, 2014, 4:52 BST

UnitedHealthcare rider victorious on Manayunk Wall

Kiel Reijnen (UnitedHealthcare) points to the sky and holds his hand over his chest as his wife always tells him to race with his heart

Kiel Reijnen (UnitedHealthcare) points to the sky and holds his hand over his chest as his wife always tells him to race with his heart

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Kiel Reijnen (UnitedHealthcare) celebrated his birthday with a second consecutive win at the UCI 1.1 Philadelphia Cycling Classic on Sunday in Pennsylvania. He sprinted to the top of Manayunk Wall ahead of Jure Kocjan (Team SmartStop) and Dion Smith (Hincapie Sportswear Development).

"My teammates dragged me all the way round the last lap and dropped me off at the bottom of the climb," said Reijnen, who won the sprint to the top of the climb by multiple bike lengths. "I didn't know that I had won by such a big gap, I didn't look back. It's nice to win on my birthday but the goal coming into the race was to win for the team."

Joseph Rosskopf (HIncapie Sportswear Development) won the King of the Mountain (KOM) award, Joshua Berry (Team SmartStop) earned the sprint award and Jacob Rathe (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis) the young rider competition.

Birthday boy wins on Manayunk Wall

Newly crowned national road champion, Eric Marcotte (Team SmartStop) rolled up to the Manayunk Wall start line in all smiles and wearing a brand new stars-and-stripes kit that he won a week prior at the USA Cycling Professional Championships in Chattanooga, positioning himself beside defending champion, Reijnen.

The men competed 10 laps of a 19.2km circuit for a total of 192km. The course included attractions such as Strawberry Mansion, Lemon Hill, Kelly Drive and the start-finish line on the wild Manayunk Wall.

An early breakaway set off that included Jonny Clarke (UnitedHealthcare), Rosskopf and Robin Carpenter (Hincapie Sportswear Development), Tom Zirbel (Optum presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies), Blaz Jarc (Team NetApp-Endura), Clay Murfet (Astellas), Alex Wohler (Team Budget ForkLifts), who later fell out of the breakaway, and David Williams (5-Hour Energy p/b Kenda).
The gap held at just under two minutes for the first five laps.

Rosskopf, who was third in the race last year and won the Redlands Bicycle Classic earlier this year, picked up the bulk of KOM points on Lemon Hill and Manayunk Wall on each lap and eventually locked up that award.

"I like Manayunk," Rosskopf said. "It's steep and good for my abilities. The first lap some people were thinking about points but I made it clear that I was going to do whatever I had to do to get the points. It was a good break to go for the KOM points because we didn't have any chance of staying away to the end, we didn't have the numbers and some teams were missing."

Temperatures started to rise mid-race and the peloton welcomed an annually featured watering hole on Manayunk Wall that sprayed over the riders. Fans crowded the sides of the streets and draped over the fencing with the race-symbolic plastic red beer cups in hand, ringing bells, many of them who had been cheering for the women's peloton earlier that morning.

The gap continuously drop from four laps to go, down to a minute and then 30 seconds as teams Drapac, Team SmartStop and Jamis-Hagens Berman set a quick pace from the front of the peloton while UnitedHealthcare sat close behind waiting for its moment in the finale.

The pace continued to pick up, and the main field shattered into smaller groups along the course each time over Manayunk and Lemon Hill. Rosskopf picked up his last KOM points on Manayunk before the breakaway was caught with two laps to go.

A counter move went on the "fall off the wall" with Isaac Bolivar (UnitedHealthcare), Joseph Smalz (Hincapie Sportswear Development), Serghei Tvetcov (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis), Joshua Berry (Team SmartStop) and Bruno Langlois (5-Hour Energy p/b Kenda).

Langlois made the most of what was left of the late-race breakaway and attacked on Manayunk into the start of the last lap, though he thought it was the finish and threw his arms in the air in a mistaken victory salute, as the main field hurled themselves over the steep climb in pursuit.

A 40-rider main peloton approached the last climb over Lemon Hill intact and led by UnitedHealthcare. Jacob Kauffmann (Garneau-Quebecor) jumped ahead of the field for a short-lived move along Kelly Drive on the return to main street Manayunk. The field stormed into the base of Manayunk Wall all together with UnitedHealthcare working for Reijnen.


# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Kiel Reijnen (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team 4:28:35  
2 Jure Kocjan (SLO) Team SmartStop    
3 Dion Smith (NZL) Hincapie Sportswear Development Team    
4 Luca Benedetti (ITA) Amore & Vita - Selle Smp    
5 Daniel Alexander Jaramillo Diez (COL) Jamis - Hagens Berman    
6 Toms Skujins (LAT) Hincapie Sportswear Development Team    
7 Javier Megias Leal (ESP) Team Novo Nordisk    
8 Ryan Roth (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling Team    
9 Jacob Rathe (USA) Jelly Belly P/B Maxxis    
10 Will Routley (CAN) Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies    
11 Jonathan McEvoy (GBR) Team Netapp - Endura    
12 Frantisek Padour (CZE) Team Netapp - Endura    
13 Jesse Anthony (USA) Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies 0:00:16  
14 Michael Olheiser (USA) Incycle-Predator Components Cycling Team    
15 Serghei Tvetcov (ROU) Jelly Belly P/B Maxxis    
16 Adam Matthew Farabaugh (USA) Garneau - Québecor    
17 Bernard Sulzberger (AUS) Drapac Professional Cycling    
18 Ryan Anderson (CAN) Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies    
19 Leonardo Pinizzotto (ITA) Amore & Vita - Selle Smp    
20 Matteo Dal-Cin (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling Team    
21 Steve Fisher (USA) Jelly Belly P/B Maxxis    
22 Taylor Sheldon (USA) 5-Hour Energy P/B Kenda    
23 Jon Hornbeck (USA) 5-Hour Energy P/B Kenda    
24 Eric Marcotte (USA) Team SmartStop 0:00:30  
25 Brodie Talbot (AUS) Team Budget Forklifts 0:00:33  
26 Viesturs Luksevics (LAT) Amore & Vita - Selle Smp    
27 Elliot Doyle (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling Team    
28 Joseph Lewis (AUS) Hincapie Sportswear Development Team    
29 Sam Bassetti (USA) 5-Hour Energy P/B Kenda 0:00:41  
30 Robbie Hucker (AUS) Drapac Professional Cycling    
31 Joseph Schmalz (USA) Hincapie Sportswear Development Team    
32 Griffin Easter (USA) Airgas Cycling    
33 Robbie Squire (USA) Jamis - Hagens Berman    
34 Michael Vink (NZL) Team Budget Forklifts    
35 David Lozano Riba (ESP) Team Novo Nordisk    
36 Benjamin Chaddock (CAN) Garneau - Québecor 0:00:52  
37 Chad Beyer (USA) 5-Hour Energy P/B Kenda    
38 Joshua Berry (USA) Team SmartStop    
39 Brecht Dhaene (BEL) Astellas Cycling Team    
40 Tommy Nankervis (AUS) Team Budget Forklifts 0:01:01  
41 Aurélien Passeron (FRA) Silber Pro Cycling Team    
42 Fred Rodriguez (USA) Jelly Belly P/B Maxxis 0:01:10  
43 Robin Carpenter (USA) Hincapie Sportswear Development Team 0:01:17  
44 Travis Mccabe (USA) Team SmartStop    
45 Ian Crane (USA) Jamis - Hagens Berman    
46 Carson Miller (USA) Jamis - Hagens Berman    
47 John Anderson (AUS) Drapac Professional Cycling    
48 Stephen Leece (USA) Jamis - Hagens Berman    
49 Ralf Matzka (GER) Team Netapp - Endura    
50 John Murphy (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team 0:01:29  
51 Jacob Kauffmann (AUS) Garneau - Québecor 0:01:43  
52 Oscar Clark (USA) Hincapie Sportswear Development Team 0:02:02  
53 Joseph Rosskopf (USA) Hincapie Sportswear Development Team    
54 Gregory Obando Brenes (CRC) Jamis - Hagens Berman 0:02:13  
55 Tyler Wren (USA) Jamis - Hagens Berman 0:02:17  
56 Martijn Verschoor (NED) Team Novo Nordisk 0:02:22  
57 Tyler Magner (USA) Hincapie Sportswear Development Team 0:02:26  
58 Jeffry Louder (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team    
59 Christopher Jones (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team    
60 Sean Mazich (USA) Jelly Belly P/B Maxxis 0:02:48  
61 Alexander Candelario (USA) Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies 0:02:57  
62 James Stemper (USA) 5-Hour Energy P/B Kenda 0:03:16  
63 Ken Hanson (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team 0:04:35  
64 Nicolas Lefrancois (FRA) Team Novo Nordisk    
65 Rob Britton (CAN) Team SmartStop    
66 Bruno Langlois (CAN) 5-Hour Energy P/B Kenda    
67 Tom Zirbel (USA) Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies    
68 Gregory Ratzell (USA) Airgas Cycling    
69 Benjamin Johnson (AUS) Drapac Professional Cycling    
70 Daniel Summerhill (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team    
71 Wesley Sulzberger (AUS) Drapac Professional Cycling    
72 Connor McCutcheon (USA) Airgas Cycling    
73 Isaac Bolivar Hernandez (COL) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team    
74 Calixto Manuel Bello (USA) Incycle-Predator Components Cycling Team    
75 Zack Noonan (USA) Airgas Cycling    
76 Stephen Clancy (IRL) Team Novo Nordisk    
77 Patrick Kos (NED) Airgas Cycling    
78 Christopher Uberti (USA) Astellas Cycling Team    
79 Erick Rowsell (GBR) Team Netapp - Endura    
80 Blaz Jarc (SLO) Team Netapp - Endura    
81 Matt Cooke (USA) Jamis - Hagens Berman    
82 Scott Zwizanski (USA) Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies    
83 Charles Bradley Huff (USA) Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies    
84 Joonas Henttala (FIN) Team Novo Nordisk    
DNF Michael Woods (CAN) Amore & Vita - Selle Smp    
DNF Jonathan Clarke (AUS) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team    
DNF Matt Green (GBR) Astellas Cycling Team    
DNF Cortlan Brown (USA) Astellas Cycling Team    
DNF Clay Murfet (AUS) Astellas Cycling Team    
DNF David Williams (USA) 5-Hour Energy P/B Kenda    
DNF Jimmi Sorensen (DEN) Christina Watches - Kuma    
DNF Christopher Meacham (USA) Airgas Cycling    
DNF Sebastian Forke (GER) Christina Watches - Kuma    
DNF Eric Young (USA) Optum P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies    
DNF Johnathan Freter (USA) Jelly Belly P/B Maxxis    
DNF Kirk Carlsen (USA) Jelly Belly P/B Maxxis    
DNF Jonathan Cantwell (AUS) Drapac Professional Cycling    
DNF Christian Parrett (USA) 5-Hour Energy P/B Kenda    
DNF Joshua Lucas Galloway Prete (AUS) Team Budget Forklifts    
DNF Darren Lapthorne (AUS) Drapac Professional Cycling    
DNF Enrico Rossi (ITA) Christina Watches - Kuma    
DNF Stephen Hall (AUS) Incycle-Predator Components Cycling Team    
DNF Orlando Trinidad Garibay Contreras (MEX) Incycle-Predator Components Cycling Team    
DNF Kristofer Dahl (CAN) Team SmartStop    
DNF Ryan Aitcheson (CAN) Astellas Cycling Team    
DNF Adam Myerson (USA) Team SmartStop    
DNF Jake Tanner (GBR) Christina Watches - Kuma    
DNF Ian Burnett (USA) Jelly Belly P/B Maxxis    
DNF Antonio Di Battista (ITA) Amore & Vita - Selle Smp    
DNF James Gene Piccoli (CAN) Amore & Vita - Selle Smp    
DNF Jesse Kerrison (AUS) Team Budget Forklifts    
DNF Timothy Roe (AUS) Team Budget Forklifts    
DNF Simon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN) Garneau - Québecor    
DNF Alex Wohler (AUS) Team Budget Forklifts    
DNF Thomas Palmer (AUS) Drapac Professional Cycling    
DNF William Goodfellow (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling Team    
DNF Julian Kyer (USA) Team SmartStop    
DNF Benjamin Chartrand (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling Team    
DNF Charles Planet (FRA) Team Novo Nordisk    
DNF Sam Witmitz (AUS) Team Budget Forklifts    
DNF Stefan Schumacher (GER) Christina Watches - Kuma    
DNF Stephen Hyde (USA) Astellas Cycling Team    
DNF Samuel Hunter Snipe Grove (USA) Incycle-Predator Components Cycling Team    
DNF Kevin Gottlieb (USA) Airgas Cycling    
DNF Dean Hass (USA) Airgas Cycling    
DNF Robert Ralph (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling Team    
DNF Aaron Perry (NZL) Team Novo Nordisk    
DNF Jacob Rytlewski (USA) Astellas Cycling Team    
DNF William Blackburn (CAN) Silber Pro Cycling Team    
DNF Luke Ockerby (AUS) Garneau - Québecor    
DNF Jonah Joseph Tannos (USA) Incycle-Predator Components Cycling Team