Brannigan bookends the Cup Series

Atkin finishes off series undefeated

The NZ MTB Cup wrapped up in Napier. The venue added some variability with weather and race course conditions over the three days of competition - the major rain storm covering New Zealand on Wednesday left challenging conditions in the Pan Pac Eskdale Forest which didn't completely dry out. Adaptation was the key for all competitors, and all category winners displayed an ability to react quickly to the constantly changing race courses.

The elite men's category has provided close and extremely tight racing right through the New Zealand MTB Cup this summer, and Napier's race was no exception. The level and depth of the field was again high this weekend, despite several of New Zealand's World Cup athletes not competing - eight different nationalities represented with many of these athletes travelling onto South Africa for the start of the 2012 UCI World Cup.

Local riders George Brannigan (Devinci Global Racing) and Brook MacDonald (MS Mondraker) are always strong on their home course, and both showed that they would be the riders to beat with top seeding times.

The race followed a familiar theme, with successive riders chipping away at the best race time to briefly hold the leaders position - Brannigan was the rider able to make a gain that would be good enough for the win, but by the slimmest of margins from MacDonald. Kawerau's Matt Walker locked in third place, and the NZers were able to hold off the European challenge this weekend, Markus Pekoll (Austria) and Fabian Cousine (France) fourth and sixth respectively. With this win Brannigan was able to bookend the series - he started in Queenstown in early January with a win at the first Cup round and completes the series with this win at the final in Napier.

The North Island and NZ MTB Cup champion in the elite men's category is Brook MacDonald after racing with great consistency - in his best five races winning twice and second three times.

Sarah Atkin raced the perfect NZ MTB Cup this summer, with a final win in Napier. Atkin is still unbeaten this season and although Napier's Madeline Taylor was able to challenge with a level of home track knowledge, Atkin is the runaway NZ MTB Cup champion in the elite women's category for 2012.

The U19 junior men's race in Napier produced a first time Cup winner this summer in Rotorua's Jake Robinson - racing a well calculated race to win over North Island and NZ MTB Cup champion Louis Hamilton and Guillame Cavin of France.

Napier Round Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1George Brannigan0:02:22.25 
2Brook MacDonald0:00:00.16 
3Matt Walker0:00:01.30 
4Markus Pekoll0:00:02.33 
5Rupert Chapman0:00:04.40 
6Fabian Causinie0:00:04.55 
7Bryn Dickerson0:00:05.19 
8Richard Leacock0:00:05.43 
9Kieran Bennett0:00:05.46 
10Daniel Meilink0:00:07.61 
11Sam Perry0:00:08.01 
12Daniel Heads0:00:08.96 
13Reon Boe0:00:09.08 
14Luke Stevens0:00:09.35 
15Thomas Jeandin0:00:11.07 
16Stefan Gardner0:00:12.13 
17Jamie Lyall0:00:13.35 
18Hayden Lee0:00:16.57 
19Sam Stevens0:00:22.40 
20Remi Gauvin0:00:23.33 
21Kuhn Martin0:00:23.36 
22Ben Crundwell0:00:30.26 
23Ben Mundy0:00:30.34 
DNSThomas Mathews  
DNSKazuki Shimizu  
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Atkin0:03:01.74 
2Madeline Taylor0:00:06.83 
3Sophiemarie Bethell0:00:18.03 
4Adrienne Hooper0:00:22.90 
DNSVeronique Sandler  
U19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jake Robinson0:02:30.27 
2Guillaume Cauvin0:00:00.82 
3Louis Hamilton0:00:01.22 
4Leo Sandler0:00:03.03 
5Lawrence Cawte0:00:03.40 
6Reece Potter0:00:03.91 
7Kyle Lockwood0:00:06.18 
8Nick Roydhouse0:00:08.11 
9Zach Baker0:00:08.55 
10Kurt Summerfield0:00:10.32 
11Jamahl Stringer0:00:10.51 
12Michael Melles0:00:11.69 
13Harrison Redshaw0:00:11.97 
14Jack Dodd0:00:16.94 
15Danie Kattenberg0:00:21.11 
16Cole Smith0:00:22.75 
17Aled Dunn0:00:30.58 
18Alex Kennett0:00:31.81 
19Jordan Burns0:00:34.45 
20Thomas Witkowski0:00:49.08 
21George Wrenn0:00:52.21 
22JD Devlin0:01:06.29 
23Adam Walsh0:01:14.82 
24Jack Futter0:03:01.57 
25Jack Arnopp0:03:29.32 
26Callum Sprosen0:11:15.21 
DNSAyden Biggs  
DNSDan McCombie  
U17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
4Jack Humphries0:02:44.77 
5Tane Wilson0:02:50.63 
6Kale Edwards0:02:58.02 
7Matt Lawton0:03:00.38 
8Jordan Titchmarsh0:03:00.63 
9Nathan Saunders0:03:03.25 
10Aaron Ewen0:03:06.27 
11Thomas Goodman0:03:06.36 
12Nick Goodson0:03:13.74 
13Moss Cruickshank0:03:22.23 
14Matt Tunbridge0:03:26.96 
15Matt Chiverrell0:03:36.52 
DNFHayden Melles  
DNSBraiden Palmer  
DNSDylan Morrison  
Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carl Edmondson0:02:32.63 
2Tyler Perrin0:00:03.30 
3Scott McGregor0:00:03.96 
4Adam Lawrence0:00:04.56 
5Mike Langford0:00:05.38 
6Tyler Brooker0:00:06.57 
7Kurt McDonald0:00:07.62 
8Asher Ellery0:00:07.73 
9Brendon Lumsden0:00:09.32 
10Mitchell Townsend0:00:09.53 
11Vaughan Woolhouse0:00:10.69 
12Ollie Knight0:00:11.36 
13Florian de Vires0:00:12.47 
14Sam Fisher0:00:12.72 
15Thilo Rucknagel0:00:12.83 
16Adam Ahmed0:00:13.85 
17Steven Pattle0:00:14.12 
18Joel Tunbridge0:00:16.06 
19Devlin Montana0:00:17.58 
20Henry D'Ath0:00:18.03 
21Eugene Black0:00:18.12 
22Rhys Dunn0:00:20.60 
23Russell Archer0:00:20.86 
24Ryan Hunt0:00:23.07 
25Matt Goodgame0:00:23.34 
26Brendan Regan0:00:24.34 
27Mark Davidge0:00:25.76 
28Phillip Marfell0:00:27.46 
29Andy Sherratt0:00:28.11 
30Keita Mochizuki0:00:29.11 
31Luke Wheeler0:00:32.03 
32Scott Taylor0:00:35.24 
33Craig Tomsett0:00:36.26 
34Ben Johnson0:00:38.29 
35Jason Gurr0:00:46.57 
36Karl Cattanach0:00:49.34 
37Tom Humphries0:01:11.58 
38Zac Chandler0:01:33.12 
39Aaron Chan0:01:56.64 
DNSFelix Morgenstern  
DNSRobert Chappell  
DNSTristan Ratcliffe  
DNSCole Titchmarsh  
DNSBenjamin Kamp  
Master 1 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Campbell Wilson0:02:52.05 
2Liam O'Keeffe0:00:03.06 
3Shaun Hodges0:00:18.08 
Master 2 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Williamson0:02:53.04 
2Dave Hamilton0:00:01.68 
3John Baddiley0:00:08.29 
4Luke Simmons0:00:12.32 
DNSClayton Villars  
DNSGreg Larsen  
Hardtail men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Torran Kean0:04:23.76 
DNSMark Te Aho  
Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kaytee Campbell0:03:49.82 
DNSLucy Brandon  
U15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ihakara Pene0:03:07.47 
2Jack Hale0:00:06.13 
DNSJunya Nagata  

Final North Island Cup standings

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brook MacDonald252 pts
2Matt Walker218 
3Richard Leacock191 
4Bryn Dickerson173 
5George Brannigan167 
6Sam Perry163 
7Remi Gauvin149 
8Luke Stevens148 
9Daniel Meilink147 
10Daniel Heads146 
11Fabian Cousinie143 
12Thomas Jeandin136 
13Markus Pekoll133 
14Kieran Bennett120 
15Sam Stevens115 
16Rupert Chapman113 
17Reon Boe105 
18Hayden Lee97 
19Jamie Lyall91 
20Jarrah Davies90 
21Junya Nagata87 
22Kazuki Shimizu78 
23Martin Kuhn75 
24Matthew Scoles69 
25James Dodds64 
26Wyn Masters60 
27Reuben Olorenshaw57 
28Stefan Gardner46 
29Glenn Hayden43 
30Kuhn Martin38 
31Ben Crundwell36 
32Ben Mundy35 
33Octavio Teixeira35 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Atkin267 pts
2Sophiemarie Bethell213 
3Adrienne Hooper212 
4Madeline Taylor153 
5Gabby Molloy84 
6Veronique Sandler72 
U19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Louis Hamilton256 pts
2Jake Robinson219 
3Lawrence Cawte205 
4Kurt Summerfield182 
5Jamahl Stringer176 
6Michael Melles161 
7Jack Futter155 
8Kyle Lockwood154 
9Harrison Redshaw147 
10Reece Potter140 
11Callum Sprosen126 
12Cole Smith125 
13Jack Dodd123 
14Zach Baker117 
15Jackson Hine110 
15Alex Kennett110 
17JD Devlin105 
17Nick Roydhouse105 
19Leo Sandler101 
20Dan McCombie94 
21Andy Wilson92 
22Jack Arnopp91 
23Danie Kattenberg88 
24Jordan Burns77 
24Guillaume Cauvin77 
26Guillaune Cauvin75 
27Jeremy Clegg74 
28Aled Dunn70 
29James Shipp64 
30Lloyd Jenks51 
31Robert Havill49 
32Russell March45 
33Will Keay40 
34Luke Hooper40 
35Reuben Stovold39 
36George Wrenn38 
37Thomas Witkowski37 
38Daniel Corbett36 
39Adam Walsh33 
40Kierren Grant26 
41Sakramyn Jenner10 
U17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Izac Anderson245 pts
2Carl Goodwin238 
3Scott Dockary208 
4Kale Edwards188 
5Jack Humphries178 
6Josh McCombie160 
7Matt Lawton158 
8Nick Goodson147 
9Hayden Melles139 
10Ezra Adams122 
11Nathan Saunders113 
12Jordan Titchmarsh109 
12Jordan Titchmarsh109 
14Thomas Goodman98 
15Daniel Horgan97 
16Aaron Ewen96 
17Toa Palanihi92 
18Logan Henry90 
19Tane Wilson80 
20Peter Bethell54 
21Moss Cruickshank50 
22Luke Small49 
23Nick Disher48 
24Matt Tunbridge47 
25Matt Chiverrell46 
26Daniel Sinclair39 
27Paddy MacKenzie39 
28Jonathon Kennett23 
29Caleb Scott16 
30Dylan Morrison16 
Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carl Edmondson243 pts
2Scott McGregor201 
3Tyler Perrin199 
4Asher Ellery188 
5Tyler Brooker175 
6Steven Pattle156 
7Devlin Montana146 
8Phillip Marfell140 
9Adam Ahmed139 
10Andy Sherratt134 
11Thilo Rucknagel133 
12Kurt McDonald131 
13Florian de Vires130 
14Tristan Ratcliffe125 
15Tom Humphries122 
16Ryan Hunt122 
17Joel Tunbridge112 
18Mitchell Townsend109 
19Ollie Knight107 
20Sam Fisher107 
21Jason Lang96 
22Brendon Lumsden89 
23Keita Mochizuki88 
24Nick McConachie81 
25Cole Titchmarsh70 
26Eugene Black68 
27Adam Lawrence65 
28Mike Langford61 
29Brendan Regan56 
30Mark Davidge52 
30Rhys Dunn52 
32Jourdan Leithbridge50 
33Aaron Chan49 
34Leonard Sonntag49 
35Scott Taylor47 
36Vaughan Woolhouse46 
37Luke Wheeler46 
38Benjamin Kamp43 
39Jayden Harris43 
40Zachary Small40 
41Leith Christensen40 
42Zac Chandler39 
43Henry D'Ath38 
44Mason Jenkins37 
45Mitchell Lucas36 
46Jason Gurr35 
47Craig Tomsett34 
48Russell Archer32 
49Matt Goodgame32 
50Troy Newton30 
51Matthew Ridd30 
52Jason Conner27 
53Shanan Whitlock22 
54Chris Old21 
55Daniel Oosterbaan20 
56Ben Johnson19 
57James Robbins17 
58Karl Cattanach16 
59David Robbins10 
60Jaco Keyser9 
61Jack Sharland7 
61Dayne Scott7 
63Kyle Stannard2 
64Elliot Jenkins1 
Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kaytee Campbell270 pts
2Julie Berry162 
Master 30+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Liam O'Keeffe200 pts
2Jamie Nicoll168 
3Craig McGinnity154 
4Campbell Wilson152 
5Jeremy Jones133 
6Mathew McGovern130 
7Shaun Hodges125 
8Kevin Warner104 
9Adam King90 
10Clinton Williams63 
11Ewan Baron59 
12Andrew Kourochkin57 
13Mark Harrowfield56 
14Tim Warner51 
15Marcos Barbosa50 
15Kerry Halse50 
15Leon Duggan50 
Master 40+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Baddiley218 pts
2Darryn Henderson177 
3Michael Williamson161 
4Luke Simmons135 
5Rod Bardsley84 
5Dave Hamilton84 
7Clayton Villars74 
8Greg Larsen66 
9Vaughan Love23 
Hardtail men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dom Stulen90 pts
1Torran Kean90 
U15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ihakara Pene267 pts
2Jack Hale165 
3Bryn Clarke81 
4Cole Lucas74 
5Simon Janssen68 

Final New ZealandDownhill Cup standings

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brook MacDonald421 pts
2Richard Leacock315 
3Kieran Bennett304 
4Matthew Scoles295 
5Matt Walker294 
6Bryn Dickerson289 
7George Brannigan287 
8Rupert Chapman270 
9Sam Perry269 
10Thomas Jeandin226 
11Reuben Olorenshaw224 
12Daniel Heads221 
13Jarrah Davies210 
14Wyn Masters190 
15Hayden Lee187 
16Joseph Nation175 
17Reon Boe158 
18Sam Stevens149 
19Remi Gauvin149 
20Luke Stevens148 
21Daniel Meilink147 
22Fabian Cousinie143 
23Octavio Teixeira143 
24Dan Sims134 
25Markus Pekoll133 
26Justin Leov131 
27Thomas Mathews130 
28Jerome Clementz127 
29Jed Rooney107 
30Chris Patton104 
31Martin Kuhn103 
32Sam Baker98 
33Jamie Lyall91 
34Jared Graves89 
35Junya Nagata87 
36James Rennie84 
37Troy Murdoch80 
38Kazuki Shimizu78 
39James Dodds64 
40Emyr Davies55 
41Daniel Franks54 
42Stefan Gardner46 
43Glenn Hayden43 
44Nicolas Walser42 
45Kuhn Martin38 
46Fabian Kuettel36 
46Ben Crundwell36 
46Eugen-Maxi Dickerhoff35 
46Ben Mundy35 
50Dario Takada33 
51Nick Bygate15 
52Tom Winwood11 
Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sarah Atkin450 pts
2Sophiemarie Bethell349 
3Veronique Sandler273 
4Adrienne Hooper212 
5Harriet Latchem191 
6Alanna Columb160 
7Madeline Taylor153 
8Amy Liard137 
9Gabby Molloy84 
U19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Louis Hamilton399 pts
2Reece Potter381 
3Lawrence Cawte342 
4Kurt Summerfield310 
5Dan McCombie307 
6Leo Sandler306 
7Jamahl Stringer283 
8Zach Baker265 
9Andy Wilson227 
10Jake Robinson219 
11Michael Melles212 
12Kyle Lockwood209 
13Callum Sprosen202 
14JD Devlin196 
15Tom Burns194 
16Alex Kennett193 
17Connor Harvey167 
18Jack Futter155 
19Harrison Redshaw147 
20Lloyd Jenks137 
21Raphael Kammlein-Cut126 
22Cole Smith125 
23Harry Chapman124 
24Jack Dodd123 
25Sheldon Kneale114 
26Jackson Hine110 
27Luke Hooper107 
28Nick Roydhouse105 
29Troy Stewart103 
30Jack Arnopp91 
31Jackson & Ro Green90 
32Caelab Drummond89 
33Danie Kattenberg88 
34Robert Havill85 
35Hunter Jenkenson80 
36Jordan Burns77 
36Guillaume Cauvin77 
38Guillaune Cauvin75 
39Jeremy Clegg74 
40Aled Dunn70 
41Will Keay68 
42Cameron Kerr67 
43Thomas Gornall66 
44James Shipp64 
45Lukas Chalmers64 
46Donovan Isted53 
47Caleb Smith45 
47Russell March45 
49Jono Ross44 
50Jake Paddon40 
51Elliot Davison40 
52Reuben Stovold39 
53George Wrenn38 
54Campbell Liddell37 
55Thomas Witkowski37 
56Bradley Dent36 
57Ben Walker36 
57Daniel Corbett36 
59Adam Walsh33 
60Kierren Grant26 
61Sakramyn Jenner10 
62Ethan Burgess8 
U17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh McCombie421 pts
2Carl Goodwin412 
3Izac Anderson245 
4Hayden Melles209 
5Scott Dockary208 
6Jonathon Kennett206 
7Gareth Burgess193 
8Kale Edwards188 
9Jack Humphries178 
10Matt Lawton158 
11Nick Goodson147 
12Michael Lea145 
13Connor Sandri142 
14Thomas Goodman128 
15Ezra Adams122 
16Jordan Shadbolt113 
16Nathan Saunders113 
18Jordan Titchmarsh109 
19DJ Holmes108 
20Daniel Horgan97 
21Aaron Ewen96 
22Toa Palanihi92 
23Logan Henry90 
24Tane Wilson80 
25James Minty69 
26Willam Todhunter62 
27Toby Walker59 
28Harlam Heydon56 
29Dan Prior56 
30=Marcelo Teiveira54 
30=Peter Bethell54 
32Rod Hall53 
33Richard Scandrett52 
34Taylor Bachop52 
35Moss Cruickshank50 
36Luke Small49 
37Nick Disher48 
38Matt Tunbridge47 
39Matt Chiverrell46 
40Daniel Sinclair39 
41Paddy MacKenzie39 
42Caleb Scott16 
43Dylan Morrison16 
44James Rattray15 
Senior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carl Edmondson377 pts
2Scott McGregor328 
3Nick McConachie280 
4Tyler Brooker272 
5Tyler Perrin246 
6Jake Boylett226 
7Thilo Rucknagel199 
8Leighton Kirk190 
9Asher Ellery188 
10James Hampton172 
11Devlin Montana169 
12Ben Tyas165 
13Kurt McDonald160 
14Ant Jackson159 
15Cameron Kay158 
16Steven Pattle156 
17Dylan Sanchez-Pins148 
18Phillip Marfell140 
19Adam Ahmed139 
20Andrew Bias136 
21Andy Sherratt134 
22Daryl Webb131 
23Florian de Vires130 
24Mat Prior128 
25Tristan Ratcliffe125 
26Tom Humphries122 
27Ryan Hunt122 
28Thomas Lamb115 
29Joel Tunbridge112 
30Mitchell Townsend109 
31Ollie Knight107 
32Sam Fisher107 
33Russell Archer105 
34Jason Lang96 
35Brendon Lumsden89 
36Keita Mochizuki88 
37Kyle Wilson85 
38Adam McClintock82 
39Colin Tocher80 
40Cole Titchmarsh70 
41Eugene Black68 
42Conor MacFarlane65 
43Adam Lawrence65 
44Jameie Chapman64 
44Dan Whearty64 
46Zac Williams63 
47Mike Langford61 
48James Horran60 
49Jimmy Pollard57 
50Brendan Regan56 
51Mark Davidge52 
51Rhys Dunn52 
53Sam Proctor51 
54Hendrik Schulze50 
54Jourdan Leithbridge50 
56Aaron Chan49 
57Andrew Paisley49 
57Leonard Sonntag49 
59Adrian Loo48 
60Russell Paver48 
61Scott Taylor47 
62Vaughan Woolhouse46 
63Luke Wheeler46 
64Josh Barnard44 
65Benjamin Kamp43 
66Matthew Wood43 
66Paul Johns43 
66Jayden Harris43 
69James Mulcahy42 
70Zachary Small40 
71William Mathieson40 
71Leith Christensen40 
73Jonas Meier39 
73Daniel Benn39 
73Liam Jack39 
73Phillip Walsh39 
77Zac Chandler39 
78Ryan Tritt38 
78Henry D'Ath38 
80Karl Shaw38 
81Mason Jenkins37 
82Mitchell Lucas36 
83Jarrah Healy36 
84Jason Gurr35 
85Craig Tomsett34 
86Sam Howey32 
87Matt Goodgame32 
88William Guthrie31 
89Troy Newton30 
90Matthew Ridd30 
91Mark Johns29 
92Jason Conner27 
93Lorenzo Mukunda26 
94Matthew Plowman24 
94Peter Campbell24 
96Shanan Whitlock22 
97Chris Old21 
98William Lawrence20 
99Daniel Oosterbaan20 
100Greg Turner19 
100Ben Johnson19 
102James Robbins17 
103Ryan Lewis16 
104Karl Cattanach16 
105William Parata13 
106Jake Neaves13 
107Vinny Devereax12 
107Jonas Stout12 
109David Robbins10 
110Jaco Keyser9 
111Jack Sharland7 
111Dayne Scott7 
113Thomas Cohen6 
114Ben Eggleston6 
115Luis Affonso2 
115Kyle Stannard2 
117Elliot Jenkins1 
Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sophie Tyas270 pts
2Phoebe Coers243 
Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kaytee Campbell407 pts
2Julie Berry378 
3Adrienne Hooper265 
4Pippa Holdom125 
5Rosella Pellegrino104 
6Naomi Wilson84 
7Alanna Columb76 
8Carolin Friese68 
9Dawn Daley-Coers66 
10Teresa Blanpain65 
11Amy Freedman59 
12Indri Clendon59 
Master 30+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jamie Nicoll399 pts
2Derek Winwood267 
3Jeremy Jones244 
4Liam O'Keeffe200 
5Chris Mancey196 
6Marcos Barbosa194 
7Andrew Martin185 
8Shaun Hodges168 
9Kevin English159 
10Craig McGinnity154 
11Campbell Wilson152 
12Boyd Grinstead134 
13Cameron Bisset132 
14Mathew McGovern130 
15Teruaki Takahashi108 
16Kevin Warner104 
17Tom Francis102 
18Tony Boroviec99 
19Wolfram Schwertner92 
20Adam King90 
21Kelly McGarry81 
22Ricky Pincott78 
23Clinton Williams63 
24Mat Weir62 
25Ewan Baron59 
26Kyle O Brian58 
27Tristan Muirhead57 
27Andrew Kourochkin57 
29Mark Harrowfield56 
30Blair Christmas55 
31Mike Pretty51 
31Andy Chapman51 
31Tim Warner51 
34Kerry Halse50 
34Leon Duggan50 
36Craig Cox42 
37Wade Kenchington39 
38Justin Worth39 
39Simon Ward34 
40Adrian Main31 
41James Horan31 
Master 40+ men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darryn Henderson357 pts
2Michael Williamson323 
3John Baddiley218 
4Vaughan Love168 
5Luke Simmons135 
6Ashley Ruth130 
7Chris Sinclair128 
8Nick Dalton121 
9Christian Meuli90 
10Rod Bardsley84 
10Dave Hamilton84 
12John Boylett81 
13Clayton Villars74 
14Greg Larsen66 
15Vaughan Ellis64 
Hardtail m3n
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Paisley90 pts
1Dom Stulen90 
1Torran Kean90 
4Sam Proctor81 
U15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ihakara Pene267 pts
2Carlos Wilson253 
3Oliver Jarman177 
4Jack Hale165 
5Bryn Clarke81 
6Caleb Burgess76 
7Cole Lucas74 
7Matthew Gillan74 
9Simon Janssen68 
9Nils Heiniger68 

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