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Tanguy and Simril win Mohican 100

Ryan O'Dell

NUE Series visits Ohio

NUE Champion Christian Tanguy and David "Tinker" Juarez in an early breakaway

NUE Champion Christian Tanguy and David "Tinker" Juarez in an early breakaway

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Under Ideal conditions, The Mohican 100 dispatched nearly 600 racers along some of the most popular singletrack trails Ohio has to offer on a grand single loop that spans the four counties that make up what is locally known as "Mohican Country".

The new start for this year's race included a stream crossing and offered racers several more miles of hilly pavement as a run out which helped spread racers before the course leads to miles of double track followed by many more miles of pristine singletrack in the forest. Two other course changes this year included a newly completed tunnel beneath SR62 on the Holmes County Trail for the 100-mile route and the relocation of Aid Station Three to Mohican Wilderness Campground which offered racer's more singletrack and the addition of a third brutal hike a bike about 45 miles into the race.

The first racer to crest at the city limit and finish the race is awarded a $200 cash prime courtesy of the Loudonville Visitors Bureau and Kim's Bikes. This year, 100k racer Jason Blodgett (Spin/Litzler Automation) took that honor before going on to finish fifth in the men's 100km.

"I was riding Tinker's (David "Tinker" Juarez) wheel," said Blodgett. "Tinker was riding directly behind the NUE Champion Christian Tanguy, who led out the race. I glanced back and noticed that the SiMonster (Michael Simonson, last year's winner) was creeping up from behind. It was at that moment that I decided to stand on the pedals and make a push for the city limits. Tanguy and Juarez did not respon, and I was able to get around them to reach the summit first."


In his first NUE race of this season, Christian Tanguy (Rare Disease Cycling) proved he could still turn up the heat when it counts after a long, cold, Michigan winter by finishing the Mohican in 6:55:44, one of just two racers who went sub-seven hours on the day.

"Coming from Detroit, the drive to Mohican 100 is always a little disconcerting," said Tanguy. "There are no hills to speak of, just very large fields on each side of the road. But even so, the Mohican 100 has some great trails and, yes there are hills that challenge legs and spirit. This year, with the birth of our second child, the racing front has taken a back seat so I came to this race not as prepared as I wished."

Tanguy hasn't done 100 miles in awhile and though he tried to go for the prime, it didn't work out.

"About 1.5 miles in, the second place rider had a flat and it was just the lead 100km rider, Steve Twinning, and me," said Tanguy. "For the first two miles of singletrack, we could see the chasers about 20 back, but we were riding fast enough that nobody reached back, except for Tinker Juarez. The three of us stayed together until the run-up before aid #3. Our guide, Steve Twinning, was fading so I kept going with Tinker right behind me."

Tanguy started to feel the effort later and he asked for help from Tinker, who declined to pull. "After 50 miles, I was wondering if I should start saving some energy for a sprint finish should the two of us keep our lead to the end," said Tanguy. "To answer my concerns, I simply asked him. He replied that he would be satisfied to finish second, and I deserved the win. It kind of re-motivated me when I needed it the most. I was satisfied with my effort. Every time I looked down at my computer it was at least 19mph."

The Lumberjack and Mohican 100 will be the only two 100 milers for Tanguy in 2014.

Inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, two-time US Olympian, David "Tinker" Juarez (Sho-Air/Cannondale) received a hero's welcome at the finish line, rolling into second place two seconds behind the NUE Champion at 6:55:46. Juarez has literally become a living legend in the mountain bike world.

Gerry Pflug (Rare Disease Cycling) finished third at 7:17:50. Following last year's incredible win at Mohican where he become the first racer to EVER to win the overall on a singlespeed, the five-time NUE singlespeed Champion returned, but this time, on a geared machine.

"My Rare Disease teammate, Christian Tanguy, and second place finisher, Tinker Juarez, rode a fast race together and I was never able to catch either of them by the finish. I'm very happy with my third place finish, though, and I must admit that using a bike with more than one gear for this race was a lot of fun and made the ride much easier for me than doing it on a singlespeed."

Just minutes separated fourth through sixth place. Finishing fourth was Andrew Dillman (Blazing Saddles Racing) in 7:29:26. Anthony Grinnell (Dirty Harry's/Highland Training) finished in 7:31:02. Derek Treadwell took the final podium spot in sixth place at 7:32:12.


Following a third place finish at Mohican last year, Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) won the Mohican 100 for the first time in 8:49:01 and was the only woman to go sub-nine hours on the day. For Simril, this marks six years of competing at Mohican and she has now racked up 41 NUE race finishes since she began racing with NUE. With her early season win at Cohutta and her win at Mohican, Simril now leads all women in the NUE Race Series.

Fourteen minutes behind Simril, Carla Williams (Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team) finished second in 9:03:37. Linda Shin (Blacksmith Cycles) finished third in 9:23:06. "Mohican 100 is probably my favorite 100 miler. It's a good mix of terrain and really sweet singletrack that's so much fun to ride!."

"The course felt a bit tougher than in 2012 when I first raced it, as my time was longer but I finished with a better position this year and so I am super happy," said Williams.

Since winning the 2012 Ohio OMBC Race Series, Shannon Tenwalde (Paradise Garage Racing) has excelled in the longer NUE Series races, finishing seventh overall last season. She finished fourth at Mohican this year in 9:41:11. Tenwalde was more than an hour faster and improved on her fifth place finish last year.

Fifth place went to Anne Pike (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing), in 9:43:30 and sixth place to Simona Vincenciova (Vanderkitten VIP), who finished 9:56:44.


Joe Malone (Pro Bikes Mountain) smoked the competition this year with a commanding lead to finish 7:24:22, one of just two singlespeed racers to go sub-8.

"Having never raced a NUE 100-miler before, I had no idea how I'd feel racing for a hundred miles," said Malone. "I knew it was going to hurt, and it did, a lot. At the start, a few of us tried to line up as close to the front as we could, as we squeaked in and looked around I realized I was lined up right next to Mr. Tinker Juarez. The day could have ended there, with that super cool moment I'll never forget."

Fifteen minutes later, Will Crissman (B2C2/Commonwealth) secured second in 7:49:30. Ten minutes later, Trevor Rockwell (Team Noah Foundation) finished third overall at 8:00:57.

"I finally got the monkey off my back of the last two years of cramp-filled Mohican 100s, putting together a pretty good race this year," said Rockwell. "I had a smile on my face the whole first 30 miles riding the kick butt single track of Mohican State Park with Daniel Rapp of Toasted Head Racing who would finish fifth SS overall. I will be back next year again."

Three minutes later, Jason Pruitt (LAS Peoples Brewing) claimed fourth in 8:03:02. Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing) took fifth in 8:08:29.


Roger Masse (Rare Disease Cycling) finished 8:10:29, one of just seven masters to go sub-9 on the day. After a tough start, Masse tried to be patient and work with the riders around him.

"By mile 30, I was running on all cylinders and by mile 50, I felt like I had what it takes to win. Unfortunately, right then I missed a turn and did an extra several miles before returning to my miss queue and getting back on course," said Masse. "This mishap dropped me to, probably, third position as I know that, at least, David Jolin and Marland Whaley got by. Fortunately, I had the legs to chase and was able to reel them both in to regain the lead and eventually the win. This is my first win here at Mohican. I'm thrilled!"

NUE Defending Champion, Marland Whaley (Hammer Nutrition) finished eight minutes behind the leader at 8:18:49 in his first attempt at Mohican. Local favorite, David Jolin (Stark Velo) finished third in 8:31:09. Jolin, who trains on the Mohican trails, finished second overall in the NUE Race Series last season.

Next Stop NUE #6

On June 14, The NUE Series heads west for the series debut of the Bailey Hundo in Bailey, Colorado. The sold out race is a fundraiser for Trips for Kids and the Colorado High School Cycling League. Starting from the heart of Bailey, the race features over 45 miles of singletrack as it winds from Bailey through the Buffalo Creek Trail system and along the Colorado Trail to the South Platte, to Deckers up Stony Creek Pass, to Wellington Lake.


# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Christian Tanguy (Rare Disease Cycling) 6:55:44  
2 David Tinker Juarez (Sho-Air Cannondale) 0:00:02  
3 Gerry Pflug (Team Rare Disease) 0:22:06  
4 Andrew Dillman (Blazing Saddles Racing) 0:33:42  
5 Anthony Grinnell (Dirty Harry's / Highland Training) 0:35:18  
6 Dereck Treadwell (Dr Naylor-Pbmracing) 0:36:28  
7 Nathaniel Cornelius (Toyota Of Lexington P/B Sword) 0:39:26  
8 Andy Rhodes (North Mountain Woodworks/Black Dog Bikes) 0:43:17  
9 Matthew Farquharson (Tuf Rack/Poc) 0:49:13  
10 Greg Kuhn (Rbs Cycling Team) 0:51:04  
11 Brent Goetz (Revolution Racing) 0:59:26  
12 Jesse Kelly (Rare Disease Cycling ) 1:01:21  
13 Alexander Kurland (Bike Factory Racing, Maxxis, First Endurance) 1:05:05  
14 Joe Fish (Bon Secours/Endorphin Fitness) 1:05:50  
15 Brian Roggeveen (Momentum Racing) 1:11:12  
16 John Petrylak (Bike Factory Elite Racing/Maxxis/Mtbcoach.Com) 1:12:01  
17 Ryan Heerschap (Cycle Craft/Bulldogs) 1:13:52  
18 Joe Johnston (Black Bear Cycling) 1:15:08  
19 Michael Simonson (616Fab.Com) 1:16:55  
20 Scott Morman (Stark Velo) 1:17:07  
21 Dan Kotwicki (Rbs Cycling Team) 1:20:11  
22 Matthew Merkel (Riverside Racing) 1:22:40  
23 James Mayuric (Toasted Head Racing) 1:23:04  
24 Joe McDaniel (Team Lake Effect) 1:24:12  
25 Charles Moore 1:24:33  
26 Frank Yeager (Team Carytown Bicycle Company) 1:28:21  
27 Joe Fraas (West Liberty Cycles/ Maxxis Tires) 1:28:22  
28 David Pike 1:30:53  
29 Jonathan Modig (Ness- New England Shimano) 1:32:37  
30 Kelly Sugg (Rochester Cycling Team) 1:32:38  
31 Justin Sotdorus (The Bike Shak Cycling Team) 1:34:04  
32 Joshua Martin 1:39:38  
33 Stewart Staton (Plum Grove Cyclery) 1:42:28  
34 scott kearley (Portage Cyclery) 1:45:12  
35 Lynn Gray (East Bank Cyclery) 1:49:35  
36 Ed Serrat 1:50:16  
37 Chris Lane (Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team) 1:51:05  
38 Russell Schmidt (Unattached) 1:51:06  
39 lee simril (Motor Mile Racing) 1:53:20  
40 Jeffrey Brown (Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team) 1:56:49  
41 Bradley Smith (Orrville Cycling Club) 1:59:29  
42 Michael Gottfried (Team Defiance) 2:03:09  
43 Tony Mellott (Backroom Coffee Roasters) 2:03:27  
44 Brent Thompson (Was Labs Cycling) 2:05:02  
45 Tom Stritzinger 2:10:27  
46 Steve Fields 2:13:09  
47 John Willse (Spin Bike Shop / Second Sole) 2:13:11  
48 Raymond Willard (Empire Brewing-Syracuse Bicycle) 2:18:23  
49 Jay Click (Cycletherapy Specialized Racing) 2:18:24  
50 Patrick Warren 2:20:15  
51 Ryan Burnette 2:20:31  
52 Thomas Novitsky (Racing Greyhounds) 2:20:56  
53 Michael Banks (The Edge Outdoors) 2:26:49  
54 rafal doloto (Midwest Cycling Community/Twin Six) 2:29:08  
55 Tom Haines (Design Physics Racing/Coqui Cyclery) 2:29:24  
56 DENNIS GEHRKE (Team 180) 2:29:28  
57 chad marn (Bike Ohio) 2:31:43  
58 Jon Clous (Combo Race Team/Whole Foods Market/Roll) 2:35:58  
59 Jeff Rodelas (Left 4 Dead) 2:36:04  
60 Robert Koblinsky (Morning Glory Cc) 2:36:56  
61 Joseph Tavani (Svvc) 2:37:13  
62 Jarom Thomas 2:40:41  
63 dan marshall (Eager Beaver 100) 2:40:46  
64 John Tenwalde (Paradise Garage Racing) 2:41:53  
65 Rodney Reed 2:43:43  
66 Randy Larrison (Cadre Racing) 2:47:31  
67 Ryan Miracle (Marietta Aventure Company) 2:52:02  
68 Steven Boggs (Racing Greyhounds) 2:52:38  
69 david wagoner 2:58:39  
70 Michael Bonsby (Team Mt Airy) 2:59:35  
71 Scott Tickner 3:03:09  
72 Michael Chapman (Was Labs Cycling) 3:06:21  
73 Peri Garite (Team Pc) 3:11:38  
74 Todd Blumerick (Mom & Pop Racing/ Sweet Bikes) 3:11:53  
75 Christopher Chartier (Bikefix) 3:13:29  
76 Mathieu SERTORIO (Trek Store Cincinnati) 3:18:40  
77 Mike Egnot (Combo Race Team) 3:19:14  
78 Greg Davison (Cobc/ National Engineering) 3:19:56  
79 Jarod Lawver 3:22:09  
80 Peyton Randolph (Team Thunderbird Energetica) 3:22:54  
81 Jason Sparks (Racing Greyhounds) 3:23:06  
82 Rob Mitzel (Team Rjr / Hometown) 3:29:05  
83 Victor Gasior (Stanky Creek Cycling) 3:30:25  
84 Jeremy Michalke 3:31:29  
85 Grant Cunningham (Kcv Cycling - Racing For Riley) 3:36:56  
86 Ken Kazmierczak (Ellicottville Bike N Bean) 3:41:42  
87 Karl Emmerich (Racing Greyhounds) 3:47:46  
88 Jeff Hartz (Kcv Cycling / Racing For Riley) 3:48:38  
89 Alfonso Barenca 4:04:49  
90 Jeff Roesner (Kcv Cycling - Racing For Riley) 4:05:40  
91 Terrence Gleason (Totalcyclist Race Team) 4:10:58  
92 Aaron Oswald (Trek Store Cincinnati) 4:16:56  
93 Brad Hawk (Twin Six / Hammer Nutrition) 4:17:32  
94 Allen Loy (Paradise Garage Racing) 4:19:17  
95 Paul Freibert 4:24:29  
96 Neil Mowbray 4:24:54  
97 Barry Thoman 4:32:38  
98 Felbert Edrada (J&R Cycle) 4:36:12  
99 Chris Karpowicz (Pirate Cycling League/ Hammer Nutrition) 4:40:13  
100 EMMANUEL, JR. TINGA (Daddy On Call) 4:41:01  
101 Lucas Seitz 4:42:02  
102 Rob Taniwa 4:44:52  
103 Arron Fonte 4:48:00  
104 Roy Huber (Cadre Racing) 4:49:06  
105 Christopher Barkow (Cheese Sammich) 4:52:42  
106 Ruperto Caminar 4:56:09  
107 Thomas Swallow (Swallow Bicycle Works) 4:56:13  
108 Jason Izworski 4:58:26  
109 Jodah M. Mazur (Cadre Racing) 5:06:22  
110 Tim McGrath (Little Ades/Team 312) 5:07:18  
111 Rex Alexandre (Bikesource) 5:11:38  
112 Josh Kunz (Mohican Malabar Bike Club / Kim's Bikes) 5:12:45  
113 Adam Susong (Left4Dead) 5:14:58  
114 christopher seeley (Off Camber Cycling) 5:19:04  
115 Russell Spaulding (Tfm_Bc) 5:20:00  
116 Ken Krebs 5:25:07  
117 Jonathan Jalowiec 6:04:28  
118 Aaron Brlas (Ohio Fat Tires) 6:04:30  
119 Thomas Mankovich (Cbbc) 6:06:39  
120 Shawn Duffy (Base Tri Fitness) 6:44:45  
121 Ross Krieg 6:49:39  
122 hunter stoneking (Ride 2 Recovery/Portage Cyclery) 6:50:13  
123 Mark Shellhamer 6:50:38  
124 Rodney Lucketti (Ksd) 7:53:00  
DNF Kevin Carter (Gripped Racing P/B Racedots)    
DNF David Cornett (Pro-Mountain Outfitters)    
DNF David Hodgson    
DNF David Hofmann    
DNF Tom Keeper (The North Face Cleveland)    
DNF jeff mozer    
DNF Mike Simpson    
DNF Donald Wieburg (Little Ade's/Team Goose Island 312)    
DNF Dave Hall (Edge Outdoors)    
DNF Kevin Jennings (St. Ignatius High School)    
DNF Dennis Kavish (Mountain Goat)    
DNF Grant Matthews (Toasted Head Racing)    
DNF Dave Norton (Thebonell)    
DNF Kevin Peterson    
DNF David Reid (Bon Secours Cycling Pb Endorphin Fitness)    
DNF John Rescigno (Blacksheep Mountain Bike Club)    
DNS Dan Atkins (Old Line Velo/Race Pace Bicycles)    
DNS Austin Francescone (Backroom Coffee Roasters)    
DNS Fraser Kitchell    
DNS Ryan Knapp (The Pony Shop)    
DNS Ezra Mullen (Team Mullen)    
DNS Auggie Plitt (Old Line Velo)    
DNS david spivey    
DNS Bruce Stauffer (Cycle Works)    
DNS JIM THACKER (Trek Store Cincinnati)    
DNS Gili TOROVEZKY (Sourceoutdoor.Com)    
DNS Christopher Vineyard (Klm Cold Stone Racing)    
DNS Billy Wood (92Fifty' Racing)    
DNF Devin DeBoer    
DNF Mark Quist    
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Brenda Simril (Motor Mile Racing) 8:49:01  
2 Carla Williams (Joe's Bike Shop Racing Team) 0:14:36  
3 Linda Shin (Blacksmith Cycles) 0:34:05  
4 Shannon Tenwalde (Paradise Garage Racing) 0:52:10  
5 Anne Pike (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing P/B Reynolds Gm/Subaru) 0:54:29  
6 Simona Vincenciova (Vanderkitten Vip P/B Hammer Nutrition) 1:07:43  
7 Emily Korsch (Team Noah Foundation) 1:07:46  
8 Mindy Fernando (Tecnu) 1:11:19  
9 Wendy Zamzow-Blumerick (Mom & Pop Racing/ Sweet Bikes) 1:18:38  
10 Beth DelGenio (Ellicottville Bike N Bean) 1:41:52  
11 Lenka Branichova (Lapdogs Cycling Club) 1:58:10  
12 Kim Ely (Eect/Live Love Velo) 2:03:26  
13 Heidi Shilling (Lady Gnar Shedders) 2:31:58  
14 Sarah Swallow (Swallow Bicycle Works) 3:02:54  
15 Melissa Cooper (Storm Racing Team) 3:10:45  
16 Cindy Copley (Toasted Head Racing) 4:28:50  
DNF Robyn Duke (Duke's Cycle Cannondale Lapdogs Race Team)    
DNF leslie keck (The Bike Lane)    
DNF Katie Ann Oswald (Trek Store Cincinnati)    
DNF Lisa Storey    
DNS Jocelyn Linscott (Toasted Head Racing)    
Singlespeed men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Joe Malone (Pro Bikes Mountain) 7:24:22  
2 Will Crissman (B2C2/Commonwealth) 0:25:08  
3 Trevor Rockwell (Team Noah Foundation/Decorah Bicycles) 0:36:35  
4 jason pruitt (Las, Peoples Brewing, Hodson Bay, Crc) 0:38:40  
5 Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing) 0:44:07  
6 Todd Ace (Racing Greyhounds) 0:51:32  
7 Dwayne Goscinski (Team Noah Foundation) 0:56:41  
8 Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles, Twin 6, Was Labs) 0:59:45  
9 Chase Barnhart (Marietta Adventure Company) 1:05:31  
10 Jeff Bushong (Chicken Ranch Crew) 1:18:43  
11 Taylor Kruse (Paradise Garage Racing) 1:21:22  
12 Chris Hays (Toasted Head Racing) 1:30:48  
13 Samuel Dobrozsi (Swallow Bicycle Works) 1:31:09  
14 Rob Lochner (Pro Bikes) 1:37:30  
15 Joseph Stroz (Stroz Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, P.C.) 1:48:27  
16 Peat Henry (Team Noah Foundation/Free Awesome) 2:12:15  
17 Mark Peterman (Svvc) 2:31:09  
18 Chris Bryce (Wolfpak Racing) 2:32:04  
19 Dana Rapp (Toasted Head Racing) 2:32:41  
20 Adam Clarke (Team Noah Foundation) 2:35:00  
21 Wayne Lewis (Gigantic Hawk) 2:55:54  
22 Andy Cremeans (Pro Mountain Outfitters) 3:22:10  
23 Garry Blair (Champion City Cycling) 3:28:28  
24 Tyler Keuning (Village Mountain Bike Team) 3:36:48  
25 Daniel Kwasnowski 3:55:04  
26 Brian Bratney (Racing Greyhounds) 4:13:34  
27 Neil Nicholson (North Central College Cycling) 4:13:36  
28 John Reed 5:04:46  
29 John Meek (Team Sorba Chattanooga) 5:26:01  
DNF Craig Fleetwood (Blacksmith Cycles)    
DNF Larkin Kelly (Paradise Garage)    
DNF wilson Pyle (Sewickley Cycling)    
DNF Gordon Wadsworth (Blue Ridge Cyclery P/B Reynolds Gm Suburu)    
DNF Alex Powell    
DNS Scott Green (Toasted Head Racing)    
DNS scott radford (Hbi/ Pro Bikes)    
DNS kerry slotter (Saucon Valley Bikes / Weyerbacher)    
DNS Michael TreSSler (East End Ruff Ryders)    
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Roger Masse (Rare Disease Cycling) 8:10:29  
2 Marland Whaley (Hammer Nutrition/Red Barn Bicycles/Wtb) 0:08:20  
3 David Jolin (Stark Velo) 0:20:40  
4 anthony hergert (Reality Bikes Ambassador Team) 0:46:22  
5 Terry Blanchet (North American Velo) 0:47:13  
6 thomas franek (Team Lake Effect) 0:48:11  
7 Monte Hewett 0:48:28  
8 Chris Irving (Los Locos) 1:23:00  
9 Craig Morris (Racing Greyhounds) 2:02:08  
10 Jon Mullen (Team Mullen) 2:02:09  
11 Nick Perrow (Pamba/Bushwhackers) 2:08:14  
12 Tom Hanrahan (Dmba/Silentsports) 2:09:37  
13 andrerw Riess 3:32:25  
14 jeff smart (Fit Livin') 3:38:25  
15 Dennis Murphy (Founder's Racing) 3:51:12  
16 Mark Jones (Orrville Cycling Club) 4:24:15  
17 Mike Dietlin 5:05:40  
18 Peter Rajcani 5:57:19  
DNF Michael Bender (The Bike Lane)    
DNF Mark Drogalis (Toasted Head Racing)    
DNF Vern Randall    
DNF Robert Breedlove (Blue Sky Bicycles)    
DNF Stephen Buchwalder (Team Dayton Cycling/Relevant Works)    
DNF Samuel Osborne    
DNS Charles Buki (Rare Disease Cycling)    
DNS Robert Bussenger (Vandalay Industries)    
DNS Christopher Greene (J's Bikes/Ihop)    
DNS Henry McCullough (Team Trappe Door)    
DNS Tony Papandrea (Team Mt Airy / T.R. Racing)