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Bishop and Allen win Hampshire 100

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Plfug fastest among the singlespeeders

Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air Cannondale) got stronger as the race progressed

Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air Cannondale) got stronger as the race progressed

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The eighth annual Hampshire 100 featured several new course changes that resulted in finish times that were nearly one hour longer than last year. According to race director Randi Whitney, "We were not sure how the times would shake out with the necessary course revisions. As it turned out, the "painful, yet soulful section" once again won out. The fast new five start miles and, later, open dirt road pieces were no match in balancing out some of the softer resurrected woods trails. A dumping of up to five inches of monsoon rain the Wednesday before was also not helpful.


Persistence paid off for Liz Cabot Allen (Danielson Adventure Sports) who continued her rise at the Hampshire 100. In 2012, she finished fourth. In 2013, she stood second to Vicki Barclay. This year, she won in a time of 11:30:41.

"I never felt strong out there, but I'm attributing that to the terrain. This year's course was super tough with lots of soft loamy singletrack and mud," said Allen. "I went out hoping to improve my time over last year, but after the first 25 miles, I knew there was no way that would be possible. I knew I was in the lead, so my goal was just to hold it through to the finish."

Four minutes later, Ann Pike (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing P/B) now ranked second overall in the NUE Standings, claimed second in 11:34:11. "As my husband Dave Pike put it, in his Boston accent, ‘yesterday was wicked hard'! I was determined to not let the slow going drop my head too much and was sure everyone would have been having a tough day so any hopes of finishing times I knew would be long forgotten."

Pike dealt with a twig in her wheel that compromised her derailleur and a spoke, but she was able to get back going again thanks to a fellow racer who stopped to help her.

Lenka Branichova (Lapdogs Cycling Club) was the third and final women's finisher at 12:30:46 and is now ranked fourth overall in the NUE Series Standings.


2012 NUE Men's Open Champion Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air/Cannondale) earned his second straight win at the Hampshire 100 finishing unsupported with the best overall time at 8:22:44. This is Bishop's third NUE win following wins at both the Cohutta 100 and Wilderness 101. One additional win could put Bishop back on top as he attempts his second NUE Series title.

"My goal for the race was to be the first rider in history to win an NUE without outside food or water." Check! "The reason for this challenge is to prep for the Million Dollar MUNGA, a 1,000km race across the desert of South Africa held on December 3. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and having a super tough day on the bike like today might be bad normally, but I loved it!"

Highlights included running out of water with an hour to go, giving Bishop a taste of what it will be like to ride 100 miles between aid stations at the Munga. "It's an awesome feeling to make it back to the finish of Hampshire 100 first and I have achieved something I wasn't sure I could do. That is what a lot of riders here are going for, testing the limits!"

Rob Spreng (Rare Disease Cycling) claimed second in 8:39:37. Dan Timmerman (Nalgene P/B Mt. Bora) was third in 8:46:28, one of just four racers to go sub nine on the day.

Hall of Fame Mountain Biker and Two-Time US Olympian David "Tinker" Juarez (Sho-Air/Cannondale) who has second place finishes at both Mohican and Big Bear plus a third place finish at the High Cascades 100, was poised to take the lead in the NUE Series with a top finish at Hampshire before dropping out about halfway into the race. Just prior to the Hampshire 100, Juarez won the TETRA 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race in Brazil where he suffered from food poisoning. After a quick stop at home, he flew directly to the Hampshire 100 but was still suffering from the effects.

"I was off my game. I spent about 24+ hours on planes, in airports, and cars since Brazil and landed in New Hampshire at 12:30 am on Friday," said Juarez. "I was very sick from food poisoning in Brazil. I made it to North Conway Friday night but had to skip the 'Meet the Pros' event and had to bag the Mt Washington race, as well, on Saturday morning. I rode Saturday and felt a little better afterward but still felt very weak. I didn't know if I could race Sunday but, after all this travel and everything, I felt I had to try. I rode with the lead group for over 50 miles but, between being far from 100% and the course which was much tougher this year, I ran out of gas and had to bail."


Five-Time Singlespeed Champion Gerry Pflug (Team Rare Disease) returned to his singlespeed roots earning his second straight win at the Hampshire 100 as the only sub-nine singlespeed racer, 8:57:37. Pflug, who is current placed in both the geard and singlespeed NUE categories.

"Since I've done the Hampshire 100 the past two years, I knew it would be a hard 100-mile race," said Pflug, "but I didn't realize how much harder the race would be with the new course layout. Most riders had finishing times about an hour slower than previous years. This was due to the removal of about ten miles of rail-to-trail, the addition of some very freshly cut trail, and the course receiving about three inches of rain a couple of days before the event."

Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cycles/twin6/Was Labs) who now stands fourth in the NUE Series, placed second at 9:11:32. Eight minutes later, Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing) who currently stands third in the NUE Series, took third in 09:19:33 with Paul Simoes ( rolling in fourth place four minutes later and Crissman, who placed second at Mohican, taking fifth just six minutes later.

Masters 50+

52-year-old Alec Petro (Corner Cycle) crushed it again this year, winning his second straight Hampshire 100 with 24 minutes to spare at 9:16:22.

"The race course was REALLY hard, probably the toughest 100 miler I've raced here so far with 10,600 vertical climbing," said Petro. "Probably half of first 100km was trail. Mike Barton was leading overall but snapped a chain. Tinker was in the lead group until 50 miles and dropped. Cameron Cogburn DNF'd as well. The course was almost too hard (I can't believe I'm saying that) for 100 miles when considering the winning time of Bishop was 8:22."

Roger Masse (Rare Disease Cycling) took second in 9:40:02 and now leads the NUE Race Series in the Masters.

Odd-aage Bersvendsen (Top Notch Inn) captured third in 10:06:51.

What's next?

The NUE Series shifts to Virginia for the Shenandoah 100 on August 31.


# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air/Cannondale) 8:22:44  
2 Rob Spreng (Rare Disease Cycling) 0:16:53  
3 Dan Timmerman (Nalgene P/B Mt Bora) 0:23:44  
4 Matthew Merkel (Riverside Racing) 0:37:40  
5 James Mayuric (Toasted Head Racing) 0:56:48  
6 Ross Anderson (Pure Energy - Scott Elite Cycl) 0:59:29  
7 Dan Kotwicki (Rbs Cycling Team) 0:59:35  
8 David Pike (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing P/B) 1:04:54  
9 Jonathan Modig (New England Cycling Team Pb Ne) 1:06:55  
10 Jeff Mandell (Finkraft Cycling Team) 1:20:09  
11 Francois-Charle Dumas (Nativo Concept) 1:27:58  
12 Chris Michaloski (Halters Cycles (Un)Official Ra) 1:39:22  
13 Drew Jett (Team Rwb) 1:42:28  
14 Chris Gagnon (Mtbmind / Crosscycle Fitness) 1:51:13  
15 Gary Hoehne (Deathrow /Vassago Cycles) 1:57:17  
16 Mike Shields (Greenfield Trails Association) 2:02:40  
17 Brian Ladd (Noreast) 2:29:58  
18 Douglas Wilson 2:32:18  
19 Dan Giroux (The Bswc) 2:32:20  
20 Jonathan Sturm 2:36:31  
21 Dan Marshall (Www.Xcmarathon.Com) 2:40:52  
22 John Sumner (Nemba Racing) 2:41:28  
23 Alan Miner (Valley Stove & Cycle) 2:52:09  
24 Alby King (Bikeman.Com) 2:53:56  
25 Martin Simard (Nativo Concept) 2:55:03  
26 Peri Garite (Pc Racing) 2:56:00  
27 Tom Haines (Design Physics Racing/Coqui Cy) 3:09:32  
28 Mario Turgeon (Lessard Bicycles) 3:34:20  
29 David Smith 4:00:48  
30 Joseph Bulger 4:02:19  
31 Bill Brazier 4:03:57  
32 Shannon Surdam 4:24:15  
33 Kristopher Wyman (Little Lebowski Urban Achiever) 4:34:18  
34 Jeff Carlson (Cadre Racing) 4:35:42  
35 Tim Iwanowicz 4:38:52  
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Elizabeth Allen (Danielson Adventure Sports) 11:30:41  
2 Anne Pike (Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing P/B) 0:03:30  
3 Lenka Branichova (Lapdogs Cycling Club) 1:00:05  
Singlespeed men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Gerry Pflug (Team Rare Disease) 8:57:37  
2 Ernesto Marenchin (Pivot Cyclestwin 6 Was Labs) 0:13:55  
3 Daniel Rapp (Toasted Head Racing) 0:21:56  
4 Paul Simoes (Bikeman.Com) 0:26:10  
5 Will Crissman (B2C2 P/B Boloco) 0:31:46  
6 Calvin Decker 0:52:59  
7 Joseph Stroz (Stroz Physical Therapy & Sport) 1:21:34  
8 Nathan Whipple (Sho-Air/Cannondale) 2:06:39  
Masters men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Alec Petro (Corner Cycle) 9:16:22  
2 Roger Masse (Rare Disease Cycling) 0:23:40  
3 Odd-Aage Bersvendsen (Top Notch Inn) 0:50:29  
4 Mike Ramponi 1:24:51  
5 Terry Blanchet (North American Velo) 1:30:32  
6 Derek Griggs (Recycled Sports) 1:35:56  
7 Bruno Pare (Club Lessard Bicycles) 2:40:42  
8 David Wrona (2 Tired Cycling) 2:43:16  
9 Brian Mcinnis (Jra Cycles) 2:57:28  
10 Hans Fernsebner (Jra Cycles)