McNulty wins Giro di Sicilia

Rally UHC help American defend race lead on Mount Etna

Brandon McNulty (Rally UHC) secured overall victory at the Giro di Sicilia after a confident and assured defence of the race lead on the final mountain finish on the slopes of Mount Etna volcano.

The American's closest rivals tried to attack on the steepest section of the 20km climb but Rally UHC set a constantly high pace for much of the climb and then McNulty took over, even going on the attack at one point, to scare off his rivals.

Guillaume Martin (Wanty Groupe-Gobert) made the strongest attack in the final two kilometres to win the stage but McNulty finished just 14 seconds behind the Frenchman to ensure the overall winner's red and yellow jersey was his.

Martin finished second overall, 42 seconds down on McNulty, with Italy's Fausto Masnada (Androni Giocattoli) third at 56 seconds.

McNulty set up overall victory by winning stage 3 in the rain to Ragusa on Friday with a solo attack in the final 15km. He gained 55 on his nearest rivals giving him and Rally UHC a vital cushion of time on the pure climbers before the long climb to the Rifugio Sapienza.

That was the first professional for the 21-year-old from Arizona. Now he has added overall victory. Cyclingnews understands McNulty has been in talks with UAE Team Emirates and so may step up to WorldTour level in 2020.

"I knew what I had to do and I think I used my time trialing ability skills to defend. The attacks went but it was with one kilometre to go and you can't gain much in that short distance. It was just steady Eddy the whole way," McNulty explained.

"It's one heck of a climb. It was a long climb. I think it was an epic last day."

"The team were incredible, they totally sold out for me and I was able to finish it off. It was a hue team effort that's for sure."

McNulty will now head to Portugal and then to Belgium to ride Flèche Wallonne.


Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Guillaume Martin (Fra) Wanty-Gobert3:37:34 
2Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:00:10 
3Dayer Quintana (Col) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:00:13 
4Brandon McNulty (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:00:14 
5Aleksandr Vlasov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:00:22 
6Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:00:36 
7Jan Polanc (Slo) UAE Team Emirates0:00:42 
8Matteo Badilatti (Swi) Israel Cycling Academy0:00:44 
9Michel Ries (Lux) Kometa Cycling Team0:00:47 
10Mauro Finetto (Ita) Delko Marseille Provence KTM0:01:11 
11Simone Petilli (Ita) UAE Team Emirates0:01:24 
12Odd Christian Eiking (Nor) Wanty-Gobert0:02:40 
13Alejandro Osorio Carvajal (Col) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:02:41 
14Edoardo Zardini (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM  
15Juan Pedro Lopez Perez (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team0:02:44 
16Simone Velasco (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:03:13 
17Krister Hagen (Nor) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team  
18Gavin Mannion (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:03:16 
19Manuel Senni (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:03:20 
20Johnatan Cañaveral Vargas (Col) Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman0:04:10 
21Federico Zurlo (Ita) Giotti Victoria  
22Aleksei Rybalkin (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:04:38 
23Davide Gabburo (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:04:57 
24Sindre Skjøstad Lunke (Nor) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team  
25Stefano Oldani (Ita) Kometa Cycling Team0:05:32 
26Rob Britton (Can) Rally UHC Cycling0:05:48 
27Lucas Eriksson (Swe) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:06:45 
28Marco Tizza (Ita) Amore & Vita-Prodir0:06:59 
29Paolo Totò (Ita) Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis  
30Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:07:03 
31Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec  
32Kyle Murphy (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:08:07 
33Marco Minnaard (Ned) Wanty-Gobert0:09:47 
34Andrea Bagioli (Ita) Team Colpack  
35Bart De Clercq (Bel) Wanty-Gobert  
36Paul Double (GBr) Team Colpack  
37Pierpaolo Ficara (Ita) Amore & Vita-Prodir0:10:43 
38Sebastian Schönberger (Aut) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:11:15 
39Alessandro Tonelli (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:12:09 
40Fabien Doubey (Fra) Wanty-Gobert0:12:48 
41Colin Joyce (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:13:46 
42Sergei Shilov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:13:50 
43Diego Pablo Sevilla Lopez (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team0:14:13 
44Delio Fernandez Cruz (Spa) Delko Marseille Provence KTM0:14:56 
45Edwin Avila (Col) Israel Cycling Academy0:15:36 
46Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:16:20 
47Manuel Belletti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec  
48Kristian Sbaragli (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy  
49Emanuele Onesti (Ita) Giotti Victoria  
50Ivan Martinelli (Ita) D'Amico Um Tools  
51Javier Moreno Bazan (Spa) Delko Marseille Provence KTM0:18:07 
52Ivan Rovny (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:18:14 
53Kristijan Durasek (Cro) UAE Team Emirates  
54Hamish Schreurs (NZl) Israel Cycling Academy  
55Andreas Nielsen (Den) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team  
56Oscar Adalberto Quiroz Ayala (Col) Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman  
57Matteo Montaguti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:19:55 
58Marco Bernardinetti (Ita) Amore & Vita-Prodir  
59Davide Baldaccini (Ita) Team Colpack  
60Viesturs Luksevics (Lat) Amore & Vita-Prodir  
61Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane  
62Vincenzo Albanese (Ita) Bardiani CSF  
63Lucas De Rossi (Fra) Delko Marseille Provence KTM  
64Franco Orocito (Arg) D'Amico Um Tools  
65Umberto Orsini (Ita) Bardiani CSF  
66Antonio Di Sante (Ita) Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis  
67Isaac Canton Serrano (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team  
68Denis Marian Vulcan (Rom) Giotti Victoria  
69Antonio Puppio (Ita) Kometa Cycling Team  
70Marco Maronese (Ita) Bardiani CSF  
71Sho Hatsuyama (Jpn) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane  
72Wesley Kreder (Ned) Wanty-Gobert  
73Federico Burchio (Ita) D'Amico Um Tools  
74Diego Fernando Cano Malaver (Col) Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman  
75Andreas Lorentz Kron (Den) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:21:42 
76Petr Rikunov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:23:19 
77Dario Puccioni (Ita) Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis0:26:41 
78Evan Huffman (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:27:11 
79Svein Tuft (Can) Rally UHC Cycling  
80Eduardo Estrada Celis (Col) Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman0:27:15 
81Rémy Rochas (Fra) Delko Marseille Provence KTM  
82Andrea Toniatti (Ita) Team Colpack  
83William David Muñoz Perez (Col) Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman  
84Niccolo' Salvietti (Ita) Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis  
85Ivo Oliveira (Por) UAE Team Emirates  
86Paolo Baccio (Ita) Team Colpack  
87Francesco Romano (Ita) Bardiani CSF  
88Alexander Porsev (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo  
89Roberto Ferrari (Ita) UAE Team Emirates  
90Iuri Filosi (Ita) Delko Marseille Provence KTM0:27:24 
91Jalel Duranti (Ita) Team Colpack0:27:45 
92Marino Kobayashi (Jpn) Giotti Victoria0:28:31 
93Riccardo Stacchiotti (Ita) Giotti Victoria  
94Igor Boev (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Guillaume Martin (Fra) Wanty-Gobert12 pts
2Aleksandr Vlasov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo11 
3Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec10 
4Dayer Quintana (Col) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM8 
5Brandon McNulty (USA) Rally UHC Cycling7 
6Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM5 
7Jan Polanc (Slo) UAE Team Emirates4 
8Matteo Badilatti (Swi) Israel Cycling Academy3 
9Manuel Belletti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec3 
10Michel Ries (Lux) Kometa Cycling Team2 
11Colin Joyce (USA) Rally UHC Cycling2 
12Mauro Finetto (Ita) Delko Marseille Provence KTM1 
13Rob Britton (Can) Rally UHC Cycling1 
Mountain - Maletto, 54.1km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fabien Doubey (Fra) Wanty-Gobert5 pts
2Francesco Gavazzi 9Ita) Androni Giocattoli3 
3Aleksei Rybalkin (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo2 
4Matteo Montaguti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec1 
Mountain 2 - Etna, 128km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Guillaume Martin (Fra) Wanty-Gobert20 pts
2Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec12 
3Dayer Quintana (Col) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM9 
4Brandon McNulty (USA) Rally UHC Cycling7 
5Aleksandr Vlasov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo5 
6Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM3 
7Jan Polanc (Slo) UAE Team Emirates1 
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM10:56:12 
2Kometa Cycling Team0:05:33 
3Rally UHC Cycling0:05:48 
4Wanty-Gobert Cycling Team0:08:57 
5Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:10:46 
6Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:11:25 
8UAE Team Emirates0:16:50 
9Israel Cycling Academy0:29:10 
10Delko Marseille Provence KTM0:30:44 
11Bardiani CSF0:31:54 
12Amore & Vita-Prodir0:34:07 
13Team Colpack0:35:59 
14Giotti Victoria0:36:55 
15Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman0:38:49 
16Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:39:01 
17Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis0:50:05 
18D'Amico Um Tools0:52:40 
Final general classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brandon McNulty (USA) Rally UHC Cycling18:07:24 
2Guillaume Martin (Fra) Wanty-Gobert0:00:42 
3Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:00:56 
4Aleksandr Vlasov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:01:11 
5Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:01:24 
6Jan Polanc (Slo) UAE Team Emirates0:01:34 
7Dayer Quintana (Col) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:02:02 
8Mauro Finetto (Ita) Delko Marseille Provence KTM0:02:03 
9Michel Ries (Lux) Kometa Cycling Team0:02:11 
10Simone Petilli (Ita) UAE Team Emirates0:02:16 
11Matteo Badilatti (Swi) Israel Cycling Academy0:02:21 
12Odd Christian Eiking (Nor) Wanty-Gobert0:03:25 
13Edoardo Zardini (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:03:33 
14Juan Pedro Lopez Perez (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team0:03:36 
15Alejandro Osorio Carvajal (Col) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:03:58 
16Simone Velasco (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:04:08 
17Manuel Senni (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:04:12 
18Gavin Mannion (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:04:47 
19Federico Zurlo (Ita) Giotti Victoria0:05:02 
20Johnatan Cañaveral Vargas (Col) Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman0:05:11 
21Sindre Skjøstad Lunke (Nor) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:06:14 
22Stefano Oldani (Ita) Kometa Cycling Team0:06:24 
23Davide Gabburo (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:07:07 
24Aleksei Rybalkin (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:07:21 
25Lucas Eriksson (Swe) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:07:37 
26Marco Tizza (Ita) Amore & Vita-Prodir0:07:51 
27Paolo Totò (Ita) Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis  
28Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:08:34 
29Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:08:40 
30Andrea Bagioli (Ita) Team Colpack0:11:08 
31Pierpaolo Ficara (Ita) Amore & Vita-Prodir0:12:44 
32Paul Double (GBr) Team Colpack0:14:11 
33Fabien Doubey (Fra) Wanty-Gobert0:14:49 
34Sergei Shilov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:15:43 
35Bart De Clercq (Bel) Wanty-Gobert0:16:38 
36Colin Joyce (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:17:19 
37Rob Britton (Can) Rally UHC Cycling0:17:45 
38Delio Fernandez Cruz (Spa) Delko Marseille Provence KTM0:18:14 
39Javier Moreno Bazan (Spa) Delko Marseille Provence KTM0:18:59 
40Alessandro Tonelli (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:19:00 
41Oscar Adalberto Quiroz Ayala (Col) Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman0:20:07 
42Kristian Sbaragli (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy0:20:32 
43Matteo Montaguti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:20:47 
44Ivan Martinelli (Ita) D'Amico Um Tools0:21:12 
45Krister Hagen (Nor) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:21:13 
46Manuel Belletti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:22:53 
47Emanuele Onesti (Ita) Giotti Victoria0:23:11 
48Diego Fernando Cano Malaver (Col) Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman0:23:13 
49Antonio Puppio (Ita) Kometa Cycling Team0:24:07 
50Sebastian Schönberger (Aut) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:24:12 
51Andreas Nielsen (Den) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:25:16 
52Isaac Canton Serrano (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team0:25:17 
53Andreas Lorentz Kron (Den) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:25:51 
54Edwin Avila (Col) Israel Cycling Academy0:26:07 
55Wesley Kreder (Ned) Wanty-Gobert0:26:46 
56Denis Marian Vulcan (Rom) Giotti Victoria0:26:57 
57Kyle Murphy (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:27:48 
58Marco Minnaard (Ned) Wanty-Gobert0:27:50 
59Petr Rikunov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:28:03 
60Diego Pablo Sevilla Lopez (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team0:28:32 
61Ivan Rovny (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:29:47 
62Marco Bernardinetti (Ita) Amore & Vita-Prodir0:30:46 
63Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:31:15 
64Marco Maronese (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:32:01 
65Vincenzo Albanese (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:32:02 
66Davide Baldaccini (Ita) Team Colpack0:32:43 
67Antonio Di Sante (Ita) Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis0:33:44 
68Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:34:00 
69Sho Hatsuyama (Jpn) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane  
70Federico Burchio (Ita) D'Amico Um Tools0:34:32 
71Hamish Schreurs (NZl) Israel Cycling Academy0:36:17 
72Kristijan Durasek (Cro) UAE Team Emirates0:36:49 
73Viesturs Luksevics (Lat) Amore & Vita-Prodir0:37:56 
74Umberto Orsini (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:37:58 
75Lucas De Rossi (Fra) Delko Marseille Provence KTM  
76Dario Puccioni (Ita) Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis0:38:54 
77Franco Orocito (Arg) D'Amico Um Tools0:51:24 
Point classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Manuel Belletti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec25 pts
2Brandon McNulty (USA) Rally UHC Cycling19 
3Guillaume Martin (Fra) Wanty-Gobert14 
4Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM13 
5Sergei Shilov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo12 
6Aleksandr Vlasov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo11 
7Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec11 
8Odd Christian Eiking (Nor) Wanty-Gobert10 
9Paolo Totò (Ita) Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis10 
10Colin Joyce (USA) Rally UHC Cycling9 
11Jan Polanc (Slo) UAE Team Emirates8 
12Dayer Quintana (Col) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM8 
13Federico Zurlo (Ita) Giotti Victoria7 
14Marco Tizza (Ita) Amore & Vita-Prodir6 
15Krister Hagen (Nor) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team5 
16Andreas Lorentz Kron (Den) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team5 
17Matteo Montaguti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec5 
18Simone Petilli (Ita) UAE Team Emirates3 
19Matteo Badilatti (Swi) Israel Cycling Academy3 
20Emanuele Onesti (Ita) Giotti Victoria3 
21Vincenzo Albanese (Ita) Bardiani CSF3 
22Federico Burchio (Ita) D'Amico Um Tools3 
23Michel Ries (Lux) Kometa Cycling Team2 
24Marco Maronese (Ita) Bardiani CSF2 
25Davide Baldaccini (Ita) Team Colpack2 
26Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane2 
27Viesturs Luksevics (Lat) Amore & Vita-Prodir2 
28Mauro Finetto (Ita) Delko Marseille Provence KTM1 
29Rob Britton (Can) Rally UHC Cycling1 
30Diego Pablo Sevilla Lopez (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team1 
31Marco Bernardinetti (Ita) Amore & Vita-Prodir1 
Mountain classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec27 pts
2Guillaume Martin (Fra) Wanty-Gobert20 
3Brandon McNulty (USA) Rally UHC Cycling12 
4Aleksandr Vlasov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo12 
5Simone Petilli (Ita) UAE Team Emirates10 
6Dayer Quintana (Col) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM9 
7Fabien Doubey (Fra) Wanty-Gobert5 
8Isaac Canton Serrano (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team5 
9Diego Pablo Sevilla Lopez (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team5 
10Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM3 
11Jan Polanc (Slo) UAE Team Emirates3 
12Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec3 
13Krister Hagen (Nor) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team3 
14Aleksei Rybalkin (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo2 
15Viesturs Luksevics (Lat) Amore & Vita-Prodir2 
16Dario Puccioni (Ita) Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis2 
17Juan Pedro Lopez Perez (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team1 
18Matteo Montaguti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec1 
19Andreas Lorentz Kron (Den) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team1 
Young rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brandon McNulty (USA) Rally UHC Cycling18:07:24 
2Aleksandr Vlasov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:01:11 
3Michel Ries (Lux) Kometa Cycling Team0:02:11 
4Odd Christian Eiking (Nor) Wanty-Gobert0:03:25 
5Juan Pedro Lopez Perez (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team0:03:36 
6Alejandro Osorio Carvajal (Col) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:03:58 
7Simone Velasco (Ita) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:04:08 
8Federico Zurlo (Ita) Giotti Victoria0:05:02 
9Johnatan Cañaveral Vargas (Col) Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman0:05:11 
10Stefano Oldani (Ita) Kometa Cycling Team0:06:24 
11Lucas Eriksson (Swe) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:07:37 
12Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:08:40 
13Andrea Bagioli (Ita) Team Colpack0:11:08 
14Paul Double (GBr) Team Colpack0:14:11 
15Colin Joyce (USA) Rally UHC Cycling0:17:19 
16Oscar Adalberto Quiroz Ayala (Col) Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman0:20:07 
17Emanuele Onesti (Ita) Giotti Victoria0:23:11 
18Diego Fernando Cano Malaver (Col) Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman0:23:13 
19Antonio Puppio (Ita) Kometa Cycling Team0:24:07 
20Sebastian Schönberger (Aut) Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM0:24:12 
21Andreas Nielsen (Den) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:25:16 
22Isaac Canton Serrano (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team0:25:17 
23Andreas Lorentz Kron (Den) Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:25:51 
24Denis Marian Vulcan (Rom) Giotti Victoria0:26:57 
25Petr Rikunov (Rus) Gazprom–Rusvelo0:28:03 
26Diego Pablo Sevilla Lopez (Spa) Kometa Cycling Team0:28:32 
27Marco Maronese (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:32:01 
28Vincenzo Albanese (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:32:02 
29Davide Baldaccini (Ita) Team Colpack0:32:43 
30Federico Burchio (Ita) D'Amico Um Tools0:34:32 
31Hamish Schreurs (NZl) Israel Cycling Academy0:36:17 
32Umberto Orsini (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:37:58 
33Lucas De Rossi (Fra) Delko Marseille Provence KTM  
34Dario Puccioni (Ita) Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis0:38:54 
35Franco Orocito (Arg) D'Amico Um Tools0:51:24 
Team classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM54:28:21 
2Kometa Cycling Team0:06:02 
3Rally UHC Cycling0:08:10 
4Wanty-Gobert Cycling Team0:10:02 
5Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:11:22 
6Riwal Readynez Cycling Team0:15:07 
8Delko Marseille Provence KTM0:32:14 
9UAE Team Emirates0:33:01 
10Israel Cycling Academy0:34:33 
11Bardiani CSF0:39:23 
12Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman0:42:22 
13Amore & Vita-Prodir0:45:12 
14Team Colpack0:45:56 
15Giotti Victoria0:49:01 
16Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane1:05:49 
17Sangemini-Trevigiani-Mg.K Vis1:06:00 
18D'Amico Um Tools1:20:38 

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