Neil Van Der Ploeg claims second Tour of Toowoomba stage win

Jack Haig secures overall victory as Avanti dominate race

Avanti's Neil Van Der Ploeg started the Tour of Toowoomba with a stage win and has ended the five stage event by winning the sprint ahead of Alistair Donohoe and Ryan MacAnally. Jack Haig finished safely in the bunch to secure overall victory in what is likely to be his last NRS race for Avanti while Mark O'Brien made it one-two on GC for the team.

The withdrawal of NRS overall leader Joe Cooper from the race due to a fractured pelvis saw Tim Roe (BudgetForklifts) move up into third overall, 1:49 minutes down on Haig.

"It's good to finish the Tour in the lead," said Haig. "I got to do a fair bit of the lead out for Neil today so it was great to get him up for the win and repay him for all the hard work he did for me during the week.

"It makes it all the more special to have a teammate take out the final stage.

"After racing last season it was all still very new for me, and the whole season was really taxing," said Haig who also rode the Tour Down Under on the UniSA team. "Now that I have more racing under my belt it's a little bit easier and I'm ready to take the next step up in Europe, I'm really looking forward to that."

Haig’s next race is the UCI 2.2 Tour de Korea before he joins Australia's under 23 development team, the Jayco-AIS World Tour Academy for a stint of racing in Europe.

For Van der Ploeg, the stage win was special as he also won the final stage of the 2013 event.

"Last year it was my first ever NRS win so that was huge for me, it's pretty special to come back and do the double," said van der Ploeg.

"Having Cooper injured is a massive dampener, but it is fantastic to have Jack and Mark go one-two on the General Classification and for the team the get four of five stage wins is awesome."

Despite a late race crash in the race, Donohoe recovered to finish on the podium.

"With five laps to go I followed my teammate Oliver [Kent-Spark] to the left of the road and a rider swung into me and I bounced off Oli onto the ground," said Donohoe. "I took a lap out to replace my wheel and regain my thoughts and re-joined the bunch with a lot of adrenaline.

"I've got a third and a second place, but I haven't quite got onto that top step which will hopefully come this year."

For MacAnally, third place was just reward for his persevere after crashing out of the two previous NRS events he entered.

"It's good to find some legs on the last day, especially two days before I leave for Europe. I was fifth out of the last corner but I managed to finish third, it feels like I'm back."

MacAnally heads to Belgium to join his Bianchi DCM Arbitrage teammates for a stint of overseas racing.

Despite his withdrawing from the race due to his injury, Cooper retains his lead in the overall NRS standings Haig and Roe with Haig and Roe both 10 points in arrears.


Stage 5 Result
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC) Avanti Racing Team1:07:42 
2Alistair Donohoe (VIC) Cycling Team  
3Ryan MacAnally (QLD) FKG Invitational Team  
4Ben Grenda (TAS) Team Polygon Australia (PGN)  
5Joshua Taylor (NSW) CharterMason Giant Racing  
6Patrick Shaw (VIC) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
7Jordan Stannus (VIC) Jayco/John West/VIS  
8Ryan Thomas (NSW) GPM Stulz  
9Shaun O’Callaghan (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team  
10Brendan Canty (VIC) Cycling Team  
11Caleb Jones (NSW) GPM Stulz  
12Timothy Roe (SA) Avanti Racing Team  
13Angus Tobin (NSW) Cycling Team  
14Keagan Girdlestone (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing  
15Jason Spencer (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team  
16Nathan Bradshaw (NSW) Subaru NSWIS Development Team0:00:05 
17Chad Elliston (NZL) Team Scody Downunder  
18Jeremy Cameron (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team  
19Tamas Allenby (NSW) SUVelo Racing  
20Brendon Meney (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
21Ronald Visser (NSW) SUVelo Racing  
22Ryan Cavanagh (QLD) Jayco/John West/VIS  
23Jack Haig (VIC) Avanti Racing Team  
24Jackson Mawby (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
25Tim Rush (NZL) Racing Kangaroos  
26Brodie Talbot (NSW) Team Budget Forklifts  
27Nicholas Miller (QLD) Team Scody Downunder  
28Correy Edmed (QLD) Data#3 Symantec Racing Team  
29Mark O’Brien (VIC) Avanti Racing Team  
30Chris Hamilton (VIC) Avanti Racing Team  
31Michael Vink (NZL) Team Budget Forklifts  
32Mathew Marshall (QLD) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
33Oliver Kent-Spark (VIC) Cycling Team  
34Jonathan Bolton (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
35Jordan Payne (NSW) Subaru NSWIS Development Team  
36Dylan Sunderland (NSW) Cellarbrations Racing Team  
37Daniel Bonello (NSW) GPM Stulz  
38Oscar Stevenson (VIC) Jayco/John West/VIS  
39Tristan Cardew (NSW) SUVelo Racing  
40Joshua Prete (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts  
41Conor Murtagh (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing  
42Freddy Ovett (VIC) Jayco/John West/VIS  
43Mitchell Carrington (NSW) Paradice Investment Cycling Team0:00:13 
44Darcy Woolley (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team  
45Sam Allen (QLD) Team TLD0:00:15 
46Christopher Maycock (QLD) Team TLD  
47Stuart Smith (VIC) Cycling Team0:00:18 
48Gerald Evans (TAS) Team Polygon Australia (PGN)  
49Sean Grimes (QLD) FKG Invitational Team  
50Joel Walsh (NSW) Racing Kangaroos  
51Jordan Davies (NSW) St. George Merida0:00:22 
52Samuel Burston (NSW) SUVelo Racing  
53Fraser Gough (NZL) Data#3 Symantec Racing Team  
54Samuel Witmitz (VIC) Team Budget Forklifts  
55Aden Reynolds (NSW) SUVelo Racing  
56Tyler Spurrell (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team  
57Sam Crome (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing  
58Oliver Martin (TAS) Team Polygon Australia (PGN)  
59Matthew Warner-Smith (NSW) Paradice Investment Cycling Team  
60Aaron Watts (NSW) Racing Kangaroos  
61Todd Buschkuehl (VIC) Team Scody Downunder  
62Josh Berry (NSW) Cellarbrations Racing Team  
63Morgan Smith (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing  
64David Melville (QLD) Data#3 Symantec Racing Team0:00:30 
65Jay Dutton (NSW) St. George Merida  
66Harrison Wiles (NSW) St. George Merida  
67Michael Gallagher (VIC) Jayco/John West/VIS  
68Darren Rolfe (QLD) Team TLD  
69Trent West (QLD) Team TLD0:00:34 
70Alex Quirk (QLD) Racing Kangaroos0:00:36 
71Mitch Neumann (QLD) FKG Invitational Team0:00:37 
72Mitchell Mulhern (QLD) FKG Invitational Team0:00:41 
73Michael Cupitt (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts0:01:11 
74Ben Marshall (ACT) Paradice Investment Cycling Team  
75James Thompson (QLD) Team TLD0:02:46 
76Samuel Volkers (QLD) Team Scody Downunder0:03:10 
77Liam Hill (VIC) Team Scody Downunder0:06:20 
78Isaac Probert (TAS) Team Polygon Australia (PGN)  
79Patrick Sharpe (NSW) SUVelo Racing  
DNFMitchell Lovelock-Fay (ACT) Avanti Racing Team  
DNFFraser Northey (SA) Data#3 Symantec Racing Team  
DNFJulian Hamill (NSW) GPM Stulz  
DNFEdward White (NSW) GPM Stulz  
DNFAlastair Loutit (ACT) GPM Stulz  
DNFBen Comfort (ACT) Team Scody Downunder  
DNFJason Rigg (WA) Team Polygon Australia (PGN)  
DNFHarrison Munday (NSW) Paradice Investment Cycling Team  
DNFMatthew Payne (QLD) Racing Kangaroos  
DNFSebastian Scott (QLD) Team TLD  
DNFKarl Michelin-Beard (ACT) FKG Invitational Team  
DNFMatthew Slee (QLD) Cellarbrations Racing Team  
DNFCameron Fraser (NSW) Cellarbrations Racing Team  
DNSJoseph Cooper (NZL) Avanti Racing Team  
DNSTheodore Yates (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team  
DNSHarrison Carter (NSW) Subaru NSWIS Development Team  
Intermediate Sprints - Sprint #1 at 16 laps to go
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darcy Woolley (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team3 pts
2Angus Tobin (NSW) Cycling Team2 
3Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC) Avanti Racing Team1 
Sprint #2 at 8 laps to go
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Oliver Kent-Spark (VIC) Cycling Team3 pts
2Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC) Avanti Racing Team2 
3Angus Tobin (NSW) Cycling Team1 
Sprint #3 (Stage Finish)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC) Avanti Racing Team3 pts
2Alistair Donohoe (VIC) Cycling Team2 
3Ryan MacAnally (QLD) FKG Invitational Team1 
Stage Aggressor
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Samuel Volkers (QLD) Team Scody Downunder3 pts
2Joshua Prete (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts2 
3Morgan Smith (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing1 
Teams Stage Result
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult Cycling Team3:23:06 
2African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team0:00:05 
3GPM Stulz  
4CharterMason Giant Racing  
5Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:00:10 
6Avanti Racing Team  
7Jayco/John West/VIS  
8Team Budget Forklifts  
9SUVelo Racing0:00:15 
10Team Scody Downunder0:00:32 
11Team Polygon Australia0:00:40 
12Racing Kangaroos0:00:45 
13FKG Invitational Team0:00:55 
14Data#3 Symantec Racing Team0:00:57 
15Team TLD0:01:00 
16St. George Merida0:01:22 
17Paradice Investment Cycling Team0:01:46 
General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Haig (VIC) Avanti Racing Team10:12:14 
2Mark O’Brien (VIC) Avanti Racing Team0:00:22 
3Timothy Roe (SA) Avanti Racing Team0:01:49 
4Brendan Canty (VIC) Cycling Team0:01:52 
5Brodie Talbot (NSW) Team Budget Forklifts0:02:37 
6Chris Hamilton (VIC) Avanti Racing Team0:02:39 
7Jason Spencer (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team0:03:12 
8Keagan Girdlestone (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing0:03:15 
9Patrick Shaw (VIC) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:03:32 
10Ryan Thomas (NSW) GPM Stulz0:03:44 
11Daniel Bonello (NSW) GPM Stulz0:03:46 
12Shaun O’Callaghan (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team0:03:48 
13Freddy Ovett (VIC) Jayco/John West/VIS0:03:59 
14Alistair Donohoe (VIC) Cycling Team0:04:03 
15Brendon Meney (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:04:04 
16Correy Edmed (QLD) Data#3 Symantec Racing Team0:04:14 
17Ryan Cavanagh (QLD) Jayco/John West/VIS0:04:27 
18Joshua Prete (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts  
19Conor Murtagh (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing0:04:33 
20Jeremy Cameron (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team0:04:43 
21Oliver Martin (TAS) Team Polygon Australia (PGN)0:04:51 
22Caleb Jones (NSW) GPM Stulz0:05:03 
23Oscar Stevenson (VIC) Jayco/John West/VIS0:05:22 
24Ronald Visser (NSW) SUVelo Racing0:05:34 
25Tamas Allenby (NSW) SUVelo Racing0:05:41 
26Tim Rush (NZL) Racing Kangaroos0:05:42 
27Nicholas Miller (QLD) Team Scody Downunder0:05:49 
28Sam Crome (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing0:05:50 
29Darren Rolfe (QLD) Team TLD0:06:04 
30Josh Berry (NSW) Cellarbrations Racing Team0:07:22 
31Mitchell Mulhern (QLD) FKG Invitational Team0:08:37 
32Stuart Smith (VIC) Cycling Team0:09:28 
33Jordan Davies (NSW) St. George Merida0:09:46 
34Michael Vink (NZL) Team Budget Forklifts0:10:06 
35Oliver Kent-Spark (VIC) Cycling Team0:10:11 
36Fraser Gough (NZL) Data#3 Symantec Racing Team0:10:15 
37Darcy Woolley (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team0:10:44 
38Morgan Smith (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing0:10:57 
39Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC) Avanti Racing Team0:12:36 
40James Thompson (QLD) Team TLD0:13:04 
41Todd Buschkuehl (VIC) Team Scody Downunder0:13:09 
42Michael Cupitt (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts0:13:31 
43Nathan Bradshaw (NSW) Subaru NSWIS Development Team0:14:19 
44Angus Tobin (NSW) Cycling Team0:14:20 
45David Melville (QLD) Data#3 Symantec Racing Team0:16:06 
46Samuel Burston (NSW) SUVelo Racing0:16:29 
47Jackson Mawby (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:17:30 
48Samuel Witmitz (VIC) Team Budget Forklifts0:18:00 
49Joshua Taylor (NSW) CharterMason Giant Racing0:19:03 
50Mathew Marshall (QLD) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:19:11 
51Gerald Evans (TAS) Team Polygon Australia (PGN)0:20:05 
52Mitch Neumann (QLD) FKG Invitational Team0:20:53 
53Dylan Sunderland (NSW) Cellarbrations Racing Team0:21:10 
54Ben Grenda (TAS) Team Polygon Australia (PGN)0:22:01 
55Mitchell Carrington (NSW) Paradice Investment Cycling Team0:22:23 
56Michael Gallagher (VIC) Jayco/John West/VIS0:22:29 
57Harrison Wiles (NSW) St. George Merida0:23:08 
58Aaron Watts (NSW) Racing Kangaroos0:23:21 
59Alex Quirk (QLD) Racing Kangaroos0:23:44 
60Jonathan Bolton (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:23:46 
61Matthew Warner-Smith (NSW) Paradice Investment Cycling Team0:24:01 
62Samuel Volkers (QLD) Team Scody Downunder0:24:41 
63Chad Elliston (NZL) Team Scody Downunder0:25:18 
64Christopher Maycock (QLD) Team TLD0:25:20 
65Ryan MacAnally (QLD) FKG Invitational Team0:25:42 
66Sam Allen (QLD) Team TLD0:25:50 
67Jordan Payne (NSW) Subaru NSWIS Development Team0:28:24 
68Ben Marshall (ACT) Paradice Investment Cycling Team0:30:39 
69Trent West (QLD) Team TLD0:30:58 
70Tristan Cardew (NSW) SUVelo Racing0:32:44 
71Jordan Stannus (VIC) Jayco/John West/VIS0:33:09 
72Aden Reynolds (NSW) SUVelo Racing0:33:33 
73Liam Hill (VIC) Team Scody Downunder0:34:38 
74Patrick Sharpe (NSW) SUVelo Racing0:38:07 
75Tyler Spurrell (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team0:38:35 
76Joel Walsh (NSW) Racing Kangaroos0:45:14 
77Jay Dutton (NSW) St. George Merida0:50:03 
78Sean Grimes (QLD) FKG Invitational Team0:50:28 
79Isaac Probert (TAS) Team Polygon Australia (PGN)1:01:44 
Sprint Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Oliver Kent-Spark (VIC) Cycling Team16 pts
2Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC) Avanti Racing Team15 
3Chad Elliston (NZL) Team Scody Downunder8 
4Darcy Woolley (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team6 
5Samuel Volkers (QLD) Team Scody Downunder5 
6Morgan Smith (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing5 
7Patrick Shaw (VIC) Satalyst Giant Racing Team4 
8Jack Haig (VIC) Avanti Racing Team3 
9Stuart Smith (VIC) Cycling Team3 
10Alistair Donohoe (VIC) Cycling Team3 
11Michael Cupitt (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts3 
12Angus Tobin (NSW) Cycling Team3 
13Brodie Talbot (NSW) Team Budget Forklifts2 
14Ronald Visser (NSW) SUVelo Racing2 
15Jackson Mawby (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team2 
16Michael Gallagher (VIC) Jayco/John West/VIS2 
17Timothy Roe (SA) Avanti Racing Team1 
18Brendan Canty (VIC) Cycling Team1 
19Tim Rush (NZL) Racing Kangaroos1 
20Ryan MacAnally (QLD) FKG Invitational Team1 
Hill Climb Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Oliver Kent-Spark (VIC) Cycling Team13 pts
2Jack Haig (VIC) Avanti Racing Team10 
3Samuel Volkers (QLD) Team Scody Downunder10 
4Timothy Roe (SA) Avanti Racing Team9 
5Neil Van Der Ploeg (VIC) Avanti Racing Team9 
6Brendan Canty (VIC) Cycling Team6 
7Josh Berry (NSW) Cellarbrations Racing Team5 
8Mark O’Brien (VIC) Avanti Racing Team5 
9Brodie Talbot (NSW) Team Budget Forklifts4 
10Michael Cupitt (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts4 
11Joshua Prete (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts2 
12Jackson Mawby (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team2 
13Darcy Woolley (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team1 
Young Rider Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Haig (VIC) Avanti Racing Team10:12:14 
2Brendan Canty (VIC) Cycling Team0:01:52 
3Chris Hamilton (VIC) Avanti Racing Team0:02:39 
4Keagan Girdlestone (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing0:03:15 
5Ryan Thomas (NSW) GPM Stulz0:03:44 
6Shaun O’Callaghan (VIC) African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team0:03:48 
7Freddy Ovett (VIC) Jayco/John West/VIS0:03:59 
8Alistair Donohoe (VIC) Cycling Team0:04:03 
9Brendon Meney (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:04:04 
10Ryan Cavanagh (QLD) Jayco/John West/VIS0:04:27 
Aggressive Rider Aggregate
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Oliver Kent-Spark (VIC) Cycling Team9 pts
2Samuel Volkers (QLD) Team Scody Downunder5 
3Joshua Prete (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts2 
4Stuart Smith (VIC) Cycling Team2 
5Michael Cupitt (QLD) Team Budget Forklifts2 
6Brodie Talbot (NSW) Team Budget Forklifts1 
7Morgan Smith (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing1 
8Jackson Mawby (WA) Satalyst Giant Racing Team1 
9Michael Gallagher (VIC) Jayco/John West/VIS1 
Teams General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Avanti Racing Team30:37:19 
2Team Budget Forklifts0:08:05 Cycling Team0:10:09 
4Satalyst Giant Racing Team0:10:55 
5African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team0:11:06 
6GPM Stulz0:11:56 
7CharterMason Giant Racing0:12:02 
8Jayco/John West/VIS0:13:06 
9Team Scody Downunder0:19:47 
10SUVelo Racing0:26:06 
11Data#3 Symantec Racing Team0:26:36 
12Team Polygon Australia0:36:54 
13Team TLD0:38:55 
14Racing Kangaroos0:51:53 
15FKG Invitational Team0:52:56 
16St. George Merida0:58:14 
17Paradice Investment Cycling Team1:14:14 
NRS Teams Aggregate
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Avanti Racing Team98 pts
2Team Budget Forklifts69 Cycling Team41 
4CharterMason Giant Racing39 
5African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team38 
6Drapac Professional Cycling27 
7Satalyst Giant Racing Team26 
8Data#3 Symantec Racing Team14 
9GPM Sultz13 
10Bianchi DCM Arbitrage9 
11SUVelo Racing8 
12Team Scody Downunder7 
13Jayco/John West/VIS5 
14St. George Merida4 
15Swiss Wellness Cycling Team3 
16Team Polygon Australia3 
17Paradice Investment Cycling Team3 
18Essendon Skoda Cycling Team2 
19Subaru Albion NRS Development Team2 
20Subaru NSWIS Development Team2 
21Cellarbrations Racing Team2 
22Wormall Civil CCS1 
23Team Direct Asia1 
24Racing Kangaroos1 
25Peloton Sports/Turramurra Cyclery Racing1 
26Pat's Veg-Thereabouts Racing Team1 
27SASI Cycling Team1 
28DH Racing1 
29Team Seight1 
30Anchor Point South Coast Cycling Team1 
31GDT Racing1 
32Hall Cycle Training1 
33Team NeilPryde-Mens Club in Japan1 
34Total Sports NeilPryde Team1 
NRS Aggregate
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joseph Cooper (NZL) Avanti Racing Team44 pts
2Jack Haig (VIC) Avanti Racing Team34 
3Timothy Roe (SA) Avanti Racing Team34 
4Mark O’Brien (VIC) Avanti Racing Team22 
5Brodie Talbot (NSW) Team Budget Forklifts18 
6Keagan Girdlestone (VIC) CharterMason Giant Racing17 
7Wesley Sulzberger (Tas) Drapac13 
8Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (ACT) Avanti Racing Team10 
9Travis Meyer (WA) Drapac9 
10Brendan Canty (VIC) Cycling Team8 
11Stuart Smith (VIC) Cycling Team8 
12Brenton Jones (VIC) Avanti8 
13Daniel Fitter (QLD) CharterMason Giant Racing8 
14Ben Dyball (NSW) Avanti7 
15Alistair Donohoe (VIC) Cycling Team7 


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