Great Britain tops men's team pursuit qualifying, France fastest in men's team sprint

Great Britain women set the standard in team pursuit, team sprint qualifying

Great Britain wrapped up the first day of competition with three gold medals at the European Track Championships. The women's team nabbed the top honours in the team pursuit and team sprint, while the men topped the team pursuit standings.

France fell to Germany in the men's team sprint final, while the eastern Europeans took gold in the points race, with Russian Evgeniya Romanyuta winning the women's race and Poland's Rafal Ratajczyk taking the men's.


In the run-up to the European Track Championships, which gives vital qualification points for the 2012 Olympic Games, British Cycling’s head coach, Shane Sutton, had been talking about his plans for Great Britain to dominate the competition – and in the first session of the first day, it looked like his plans were working – until the French fought back.

The competition kicked off with the women’s team pursuit, and the reigning world champions, Great Britain, were the clear favourites. Recently, their main rivals have been New Zealand, Australia and the USA – and with the team of Dani King, Joanna Rowsell and Laura Trott all experienced in the art of winning, the only surprise was how fast they qualified – at 3:22.414, a second faster than their winning race at the world championships, raced on the same track. Germany was second at 3:27.778, and will face Great Britain in the final, while Ukraine will race Belarus for bronze. There was disappointment for the home nation as the Netherlands finished fifth, out of the medals.

In the men’s team pursuit, the pattern was repeated, as Great Britain once again qualified fastest and will face Denmark in the race for gold, while Spain and Russia will battle it out for bronze.

Next up on the track was the women’s team sprint, and once more, it was Great Britain’s pair of Victoria Pendleton and Jessica Varnish who qualified fastest, going through to the final against Ukraine's Lyobov Shulika and Olena Tsos, while Russia will ride against Germany for third place. Once again, the Netherlands team finished an unexpected 5th place, taking them out of the competition.

It seemed as though Sutton’s wish was on the way to coming true, until the men’s team sprint. France were racing without team sprint world champion, Gregory Baugé, but Mickael Bourgain, François Pervis and Kévin Sireau still finished fastest at 44.636, just fractions of a second ahead of Germany. The Netherlands regained some pride, finishing fourth fastest – they will be hoping to beat Poland and take at least one medal. Great Britain had appealed its fifth place result, after Jason Kenny’s wheel apparently was caught in the starting gate, but the appeal was denied, and the team will not be in the hunt for a medal.

The final races of the session were the qualifying rounds of the men’s points race – Spain’s David Muntaner Juaneder winning the first race, while in the second race, Ioannis Tamouridis of Greece was the only rider that morning to gain a lap, sending him straight through to the final. They’ll be joined by 18 other riders, but without any of this year’s world championship medallists – Colombia’s Edwin Alcibiades Avilá and Australia’s Cameron Meyer obviously not racing, while the bronze medallist, Morgan Kneisky of France choosing to ride the Amsterdam Six-Day instead – leaving the European Olympic qualifying points up for grabs.

The evening session will be interesting – can Great Britain live up to their qualifying success, or will their rivals leave them with silver? Is France unbeatable in the men’s team sprint? And with the men’s and women’s points races always good value for the spectators, will there be riders in Amsterdam wishing they were in Apeldoorn after all?

Final results

Women's points race final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Evgeniya Romanyuta (Russian Federation)19 pts
2Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland)14 
3Jarmila Machacova (Czech Republic)13 
4Aksana Papko (Belarus)10 
5Madeleine Sandig (Germany)8 
6Andrea Wolfer (Switzerland)7 
7Amy Pieters (Netherlands)5 
8Kelly Druyts (Belgium)5 
9Danielle King (Great Britain)5 
10Maaike Polspoel (Belgium)5 
11Elena Cecchini (Italy)3 
12Laura Van Der Kamp (Netherlands)3 
13Alzbeta Pavlendova (Slovakia)2 
14Anna Nagirnaya (Ukraine)2 
15Gloria Rodriguez Sanchez (Spain)2 
16Ana Usabiaga Balerdi (Spain)1 
17Stephanie Pohl (Germany)1 
18Aleksandra Sosenko (Lithuania)  
19Elena Lichmanova (Russian Federation)  
20Alena Dylko (Belarus)  
21Valentina Scandolara (Italy)  
22Eugenia Bujak (Poland)  
DNFVaida Pikauskaite (Lithuania)-15 
DNSElizaveta Bochkareva (Ukraine)  
Men's points race final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rafal Ratajczyk (Poland)43 pts
2Silvan Dillier (Switzerland)39 
3Milan Kadlec (Czech Republic)36 
4Sebastian Mora Vedri (Spain)30 
5Andreas Graf (Austria)26 
6Mykhaylo Radionov (Ukraine)24 
7Ivan Savitskiy (Russian Federation)13 
8Ioannis Tamouridis (Greece)12 
9Angelo Ciccone (Italy)12 
10Marcel Kalz (Germany)11 
11David Muntaner Juaneda (Spain)8 
12Lucas Liss (Germany)7 
13Andreas Müller (Austria)6 
14David O'loughlin (Ireland)5 
15Kevin Labeque (France)4 
16Adam Stachowiak (Poland)4 
17Wouter Haan (Netherlands)4 
18Loic Perizzolo (Switzerland)1 
DNFMoreno Depauw (Belgium)-10 
DNFMarek Mixa (Czech Republic)1 
Women's team sprint final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
 Kristina Vogel  
 Miriam Welte  
4(Russian Federation)0:00:33.820 
 Viktoria Baranova  
 Anastasia Voynova  
1(Great Britain)0:00:33.276 
 Victoria Pendleton  
 Jessica Varnish  
 Lyubov Shulika  
 Olena Tsos  
Women's team pursuit final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
 Alena Dylko  
 Aksana Papko  
 Tatsiana Sharakova  
 Elizaveta Bochkareva  
 Svitlana Galyuk  
 Lesya Kalitovska  
1(Great Britain)0:03:22.618 
 Danielle King  
 Joanna Rowsell  
 Laura Trott  
 Charlotte Becker  
 Lisa Brennauer  
 Madeleine Sandig  
Men's team sprint final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
 Maciej Bielecki  
 Kamil Kuczynski  
 Damian Zielinski  
 Roy Van Den Berg  
 Hugo Haak  
 Teun Mulder  
 Rene Enders  
 Robert Förstemann  
 Stefan Nimke  
 Mickael Bourgain  
 François Pervis  
 Kévin Sireau  
Men's team pursuit final
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
3(Russian Federation)0:04:04.508 
 Valery Kaykov  
 Ivan Kovalev  
 Evgeny Kovalev  
 Victor Manakov  
 Sebastian Mora Vedri  
 David Muntaner Juaneda  
 Eloy Teruel Rovira  
 Albert Torres Barcelo  
1(Great Britain)0:04:00.008 
 Steven Burke  
 Edward Clancy  
 Peter Kennaugh  
 Geraint Thomas  
 Michael Mørkøv Christiansen  
 Casper Folsach  
 Lasse Norman Hansen  
 Rasmus Christia Quaade  

Qualifying results

Men - Team Pursuit qualifying
1Great Britain0:04:01.475 
 Steven Burke  
 Edward Clancy  
 Peter Kennaugh  
 Geraint Thomas  
 Michael Mørkøv Christiansen  
 Casper Folsach  
 Lasse Norman Hansen  
 Rasmus Christia Quaade  
 Sebastian Mora Vedri  
 David Muntaner Juaneda  
 Eloy Teruel Rovira  
 Torres Barcelo  
4Russian Federation0:04:07.170 
 Valery Kaykov  
 Ivan Kovalev  
 Evgeny Kovalev  
 Victor Manakov  
 Levi Heimans  
 Jenning Huizenga  
 Tim Veldt  
 Arno Van Der Zwet  
 Oleksandr Lobov  
 Maksym Polishchuk  
 Vitaliy Popkov  
 Vitaliy Shchedov  
 Dominique Cornu  
 Moreno Depauw  
 Ingmar De Poortere  
 Gijs Van Hoecke  
 Nikias Arndt  
 Henning Bommel  
 Stefan Schäfer  
 Jakob Steigmiller  
 Vivien Brisse  
 Julien Duval  
 Julien Morice  
 Laurent Pichon  
 Pawel Brylowski  
 Dawid Glowacki  
 Mateusz Nowaczek  
 Mateusz Nowak  
11Czech Republic0:04:12.296 
 Jiri Bares  
 Jan Kaduch  
 Alois Kankovsky  
 Ondrej Vendolsky  
 Cyrille Thièry  
 Silvan Dillier  
 Claudio Imhof  
 Loic Perizzolo  
 Omar Bertazzo  
 Alessandro De Marchi  
 Giairo Ermeti  
 Elia Viviani  
Men - Team Sprint qualifying
 Mickael Bourgain  
 François Pervis  
 Kévin Sireau  
 Rene Enders  
 Robert Förstemann  
 Stefan Nimke  
 Maciej Bielecki  
 Kamil Kuczynski  
 Damian Zielinski  
 Roy Van Den Berg  
 Hugo Haak  
 Teun Mulder  
5Great Britain0:00:44.933 
 Matthew Crampton  
 Christopher Hoy  
 Jason Kenny  
6Russian Federation0:00:45.090 
 Sergey Borisov  
 Denis Dmitriev  
 Sergey Kucherov  
 David Alonso Castillo  
 Hodei Mazquiaran Uria  
 Juan Peralta Gascon  
8Czech Republic0:00:46.064 
 Filip Ditzel  
 Pavel Kelemen  
 Denis Spicka  
 Artem Frolov  
 Andrii Kutsenko  
 Andrii Vynokurov  
 Balázs Juhász  
 Sándor Szalontay  
 Barnabás Tóth  
Men - Points Race qualifying: Heat 1
1David Muntaner Juaneda (Spain)9pts
2Kevin Labeque (France)7 
3Milan Kadlec (Czech Republic)6 
4Moreno Depauw (Belgium)5 
5Adam Stachowiak (Poland)4 
6Silvan Dillier (Switzerland)2 
7Andreas Graf (Austria)2 
8David O'Loughlin (Ireland)1 
9Wouter Haan (Netherlands)-6 
10Lucas Lib (Germany)-8 
11Aliaksandr Lisouski (Belarus)-9 
12Mathias Møller Nielsen (Denmark)-12 
13Sergiy Lagkuti (Ukraine)-14 
14Michele Scartezzini (Italy)-19 
Men - Points Race qualifying: Heat 2
1Ioannis Tamouridis (Greece)27pts
2Rafal Ratajczyk (Poland)8 
3Ivan Savitskiy (Russian Federation)7 
4Sebastian Mora Vedri (Spain)6 
5Marcel Kalz (Germany)6 
6Loic Perizzolo (Switzerland)5 
7Mykhaylo Radionov (Ukraine)4 
8Angelo Ciccone (Italy)3 
9Andreas Müller (Austria)1 
10Marek Mixa (Czech Republic)-4 
11Yauheni Shamsanou (Belarus)-9 
12Justin Van Hoecke (Belgium)-11 
13Roy Eefting (Netherlands)-15 
DNFEerik Idarand (Estonia)  
Women - Team Pursuit qualifying
1Great Britain0:03:22.414 
 Danielle King  
 Joanna Rowsell  
 Laura Trott  
 Charlotte Becker  
 Lisa Brennauer  
 Madeleine Sandig  
 Alena Dylko  
 Aksana Papko  
 Tatsiana Sharakova  
 Elizaveta Bochkareva  
 Svitlana Galyuk  
 Lesya Kalitovska  
 Ellen Dijk,Van  
 Vera Koedooder  
 Kirsten Wild  
 Jessie Daams  
 Jolien D'Hoore  
 Kelly Druyts  
 Ciara Horne  
 Sinead Jennings  
 Caroline Ryan  
 Edyta Jasinska  
 Katarzyna Pawlowska  
 Malgorzata Wojtyra  
 Vaida Pikauskaite  
 Aleksandra Sosenko  
 Ausrine Trebaite  
 Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro  
 Gloria Rodriguez Sanchez  
 Ana Usabiaga Balerdi  
11Russian Federation0:03:36.607 
 Aleksandra Goncharova  
 Lidia Malakhova  
 Irina Molicheva  
 Simona Frapporti  
 Gloria Presti  
 Silvia Valsecchi  
Women - Team Sprint qualifying
1Great Britain0:00:33.559 
 Victoria Pendleton  
 Jessica Varnish  
 Lyubov Shulika  
 Olena Tsos  
3Russian Federation0:00:33.884 
 Viktoria Baranova  
 Anastasia Voynova  
 Kristina Vogel  
 Miriam Welte  
 Yvonne Hijgenaar  
 Willy Kanis  
 Sandie Clair  
 Clara Sanchez  
 Tania Calvo Barbero  
 Helena Casas Roige  
 Gabriele Jankute  
 Simona Krupeckaite  
 Angeliki Koutsonikoli  
 Dimitra Patapi  
 Elisa Frisoni  
 Manuela Grillo  
 Natalia Rutkowska  
 Malgorzata Wojtyra  


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