Mantecon wins opening stage in Lanzarote

Bigham kicks off race with women's stage victory

Pre-race favourite Spanish Sergio Mantecón (Wild Wolf Trek Pro Racing) took his first victory of 2013 in the 38km stage 1 of the Club La Santa Four-Day race. He finished the relatively flat stage in 1:21:47. Sally Bigham won the women's stage.

It was a strategic race, with all the favorites at the front except for Germans Stefan Sahm and Karl Platt from Team Bulls. They finished up 1:27 after Mantecon.

Mantecón set the pace of the lead group which also included his teammates Carlos Coloma and Juan Pedro Trujillo and Simon Stiebjahn, Tiago Ferreira, Jesus del Nero, Pedro Romero and Ismael Ventura.

At 5km from the finish, Mantecón managed to escape the others and rode to a solo victory, with a 15-second advantage over runner-up Stiebjahn and 30 seconds over del Nero. Ferreira came in fourth and Coloma was fifth.

"I felt better than I expected, almost too good at this point of the season," said Mantecón. "It's the first victory of the year, the best outcome that could happen. This victory is dedicated to Iñaki Lejarreta, Burry Stander and all other anonymous cyclists who have lost their lives on the road!"

Coloma said he felt good and was pleased with the team's work. "I am also very happy because I have had a sore knee and it seems fine now."


Sally Bigham seemed to have no trouble racing to victory among the women.

On her blog, she wrote, "This is my third year taking part in the race, and I'm hoping that the saying 'third time lucky' will accurately describe my experience over the next few days - I'm yet to win the overall race!"

"The course was a little longer than last year due to protected birds choosing to lay their eggs on the original course. The additional kilometres were on more technical terrain and longer race times reflected these changes."

Bigham took a cautious start, not wanting to crash in the enthusiastic scramble of the start. "It meant that I had a little work to do once we hit the first off-road section, but this was fine because it's good training. There was a fair bit of wind so staying in a group was pretty helpful. I seemed to be alone more often than I was in a group - sometimes you need a little luck to get a good group - but again, I didn't mind because working into the wind, I told myself, was great power training."

Bigham compared the trails ot those of the Cape Epic, which she is targeting in March.

Stage 2

Stage 2 will cover 60km through a volcanic landscape in the Natural Park of Timanfaya.

Full Results for stage 1 and General classification after stage 1

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Spa) 1:21:49  
2 Simon Stiebjahn (Ger) 0:00:16  
3 Jesus Del Nero Montes (Spa) 0:00:25  
4 Tiago Ferreira (Por) 0:00:26  
5 Carlos Coloma Nicolas (Spa)    
6 Juan Pedro Trujillo Hernandez (Spa) 0:00:29  
7 Pedro Romero Ocampo (Spa) 0:00:30  
8 Christian Kreuchler (Ger) 0:00:38  
9 Ismael Ventura Sanchez (Spa) 0:00:42  
10 James Ouchterlony (GBr) 0:01:00  
11 Karl Platt (Ger) 0:02:35  
12 Calle Friberg (Swe)    
13 Stefan Sahm (Ger)    
14 Francisco Perez Sanchez (Spa) 0:02:36  
15 Alejandro Diaz De La Peña Lopez (Spa)    
16 Patxi Cia Apetzteguia (Spa) 0:03:38  
17 Ruben Calvo Gomez (Spa) 0:04:37  
18 Joan Pons Palacios (Spa) 0:05:50  
19 Jacob Reyes Mesa (Spa)    
20 Javier Ramos Dominguez (Spa)    
21 Francisco Jose Perez Cruz (Spa) 0:06:46  
22 Umbert Almenara Verges (Spa) 0:07:16  
23 Martin Knape (Ger) 0:07:20  
24 Fabián Molina Delgado (Spa) 0:08:33  
25 Oliver Vonhausen (Ger)    
26 Atle Hansen (Swe) 0:08:34  
27 Manuel De Leon Hernandez (Spa) 0:09:00  
28 Kris De Nef (Bel) 0:09:32  
29 Gerard Alvarez Ortega (Spa)    
30 Gerardo Ojeda Ponce (Spa)    
31 Antonio Yeray Ramos Ramos (Spa)    
32 Oliver Medina Moreno (Spa) 0:09:34  
33 David Voll (Ger) 0:09:39  
34 Simon Mollá Juan Jose (Spa) 0:10:01  
35 Wolfgang Mayer (Ger) 0:10:12  
36 Bruno Acosta Guerra (Spa)    
37 Michael Schuchardt (Ger) 0:10:35  
38 Ruben Leon Blazquez (Spa) 0:10:40  
39 Albert Rovira Cenar (Spa)    
40 Enrique Curbelo Gopar (Spa) 0:11:13  
41 Jim Thijs (Bel) 0:11:14  
42 Anthony White (GBr) 0:12:29  
43 Israel Nuñez Baticón (Spa) 0:12:33  
44 David Puig Pujol (Spa)    
45 Juan Carlos Delgado Vera (Spa)    
46 Adriano Cordovés Dorta (Spa) 0:12:34  
47 Xavier Cuadrado Serrano (Spa) 0:12:35  
48 Danny Flies (Bel) 0:12:55  
49 Marco Almeida (Por) 0:12:59  
50 Steve Ferguson (GBr) 0:13:24  
51 Christian Bank (Ger) 0:14:31  
52 Thomas Nyvang Hansen (Den) 0:14:32  
53 Néstor Rodríguez Díaz (Spa) 0:14:59  
54 Laurent Gouverneur (Bel)    
55 Ezequiel Gonzalez Gonzalez (Spa) 0:15:00  
56 Marti Anglas Tarrats (Spa) 0:15:06  
57 Ricardo Rodriguez De La Sierra Trugillo (Spa) 0:15:42  
58 Joan Cabrera Esplugas (Spa) 0:15:57  
59 Kasper Nielsen (Den) 0:16:05  
60 Moises Esteban Heras (Spa)    
61 Rudo Pinckaers (Ned) 0:16:09  
62 Santiago Fernandez Facorro (Spa) 0:16:12  
63 Jose Angel Lemes Clavijo (Spa) 0:16:13  
64 Melcior Ubeda Larralde (Spa) 0:16:30  
65 Lauritz Jakobsen (Den) 0:17:16  
66 Derek Waight (GBr)    
67 Thomas Goossens (Spa) 0:17:19  
68 Paul Mccarter (Irl) 0:17:20  
69 Thomas Atkinson (GBr) 0:17:23  
70 Niall Frost (GBr) 0:18:32  
71 Victor De Leon Tejera (Spa)    
72 Daniel Casanova Exposito (Spa) 0:19:50  
73 Benoit Sépult (Bel) 0:20:34  
74 Daniel Hausmann (Spa) 0:20:45  
75 Juan Carlos Benasco Guillén (Spa) 0:21:28  
76 André Van T'hof (Ned) 0:21:44  
77 Elwin Van Groningen (Ned)    
78 Jacobo Fernández Morales (Spa) 0:21:52  
79 Fernando Chissotti (Ita) 0:22:26  
80 Yorelby Camacho (Spa) 0:22:29  
81 Jorge Espinel Cejas (Spa) 0:22:32  
82 Jose Luis Camacho Tejera (Spa)    
83 Kjell Friberg (Swe)    
84 Silverio Rodríguez Moreno (Spa) 0:23:05  
85 Darragh Mccarter (Irl) 0:23:58  
86 Javier Santiago Nuñez Díez (Spa) 0:24:32  
87 Edmundo Esplugas Ramos (Spa)    
88 Juan Francisco Betancort Robayna (Spa) 0:24:40  
89 Marcelo Javier Ramirez Perez (Uru) 0:27:09  
90 Markus Kuttenkeuler (Ger) 0:27:25  
91 Samuel Cabrera Ramirez (Spa) 0:28:18  
92 Jose Luis Agra Torres (Spa) 0:29:05  
93 Javier Guillen Romero (Spa) 0:29:10  
94 Antonio José Gutiérrez Vasco (Spa) 0:29:41  
95 Jose Luis Martinez Fernandez (Spa)    
96 David Picañol Villascusa (Spa) 0:29:50  
97 Marco Doorn (Ned) 0:29:56  
98 Mark Ellwood (GBr) 0:30:11  
99 Domenec Playa Figuls (Spa) 0:30:12  
100 Jaime Alexis González Cabrera (Spa) 0:30:13  
101 Vicente Mario Caballero Santana (Spa) 0:30:54  
102 Clive Caldwell (Irl) 0:31:01  
103 Juan Carlos Luis Ravelo (Spa) 0:31:13  
104 Daniel Kafunek (Den) 0:32:25  
105 Laurent Carlier (Bel) 0:33:06  
106 Jes Steen (Den) 0:33:10  
107 Marcos Hernández Guillén (Spa) 0:33:12  
108 Alejandro Abadía Fuster (Spa) 0:33:28  
109 Francisco Jose Garcia Alonso (Spa) 0:33:59  
110 Roberto Perez Socas (Spa)    
111 Yave Socas Alonso (Spa) 0:34:59  
112 Wim Wolfert (Ned) 0:35:39  
113 Rene Vis (Ned) 0:35:50  
114 Marcos Arufe Oviedo (Spa)    
115 Roberto Carlos Duarte Luzardo (Spa) 0:36:17  
116 Jose Vicente Diaz Corujo (Spa) 0:36:21  
117 Svein Inge Johnsen (Nor) 0:36:33  
118 Russell Findlay (GBr) 0:36:38  
119 Valentin Huerta Garcia (Spa) 0:38:02  
120 Jonathan Mariscal De La Casa (Spa) 0:38:36  
121 Geir Ole Reiakvam (Nor) 0:39:57  
122 Rafael Rodriguez Rodriguez (Spa) 0:41:40  
123 Jean Marie Colla (Bel) 0:42:30  
124 Josue Socas Alonso (Spa) 0:44:45  
125 Robert Baxter (GBr) 0:44:50  
126 Francisco Diego Fernandez Hernandez (Spa) 0:46:54  
127 Carles Mitja Sarvise (Spa) 0:47:09  
128 Juan Ramos Rosales (Spa) 0:47:27  
129 Alejandro Gonzalez Hernandez (Spa) 0:49:04  
130 Nello Piazza (Spa) 0:50:05  
131 Andres Manuel Cabrera Cabrera (Spa) 1:00:30  
132 Antonio Javier Rodriguez Suarez (Spa)    
133 Placido Cabrera Medina (Spa) 1:00:35  
134 Marcelino Gonzalez Elvida (Spa) 1:02:31  
135 Paul Cook (GBr) 1:11:03  
136 Luis Gonzalezhernandez (Spa) 1:12:14  
DNF Martin Hancock (GBr)    
DNS Francisco Nicolás Armas Moreno (Spa)    
DNS Francisco Javier Barrios Perez (Spa)    
DNS Jose Bartolome (Spa)    
DNS Sam Bolssens (Bel)    
DNS Carlos Cabrera (Spa)    
DNS Hugo Cantineau (Bel)    
DNS Jesus Emilio Castro Pèrez (Spa)    
DNS Herman Coertze (Zim)    
DNS Marco Fernandes (Por)    
DNS Alberto Flores Molina (Spa)    
DNS Moises Garcia Hernandez (Spa)    
DNS Francisco Javier Godoy Fernandez (Spa)    
DNS Claudio Gonzalez Bertocchi (Spa)    
DNS Vicente Gonzalez Fuentes (Spa)    
DNS Javier Gonzalez Lopez (Spa)    
DNS Ulises Hernández Martín (Spa)    
DNS Müller Horst (Ger)    
DNS Mark Korkman (Zim)    
DNS Ignacio Lorenzo García (Spa)    
DNS Jorge Marrero Ibáñez (Spa)    
DNS Juan Mesa Perez (Spa)    
DNS Brahim Mohamed Mizian (Spa)    
DNS Aitor Navarro Hita (Spa)    
DNS Eduardo Placeres Reyes (Spa)    
DNS Alfredo Portella Salord (Spa)    
DNS Jose Dario Sanchez Leon (Spa)    
DNS Søren Starup (Den)    
DNS Daniel Taboada Margalejo (Spa)    
DNS Juan Valenciano Placeres (Spa)    
DNS Stefan Van Dierendonck (Zim)    
DNS Benno Weber (Ger)    
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Sally Bigham (GBr) 1:30:50  
2 Sandra Santanyes (Spa) 0:14:34  
3 Mar Franco Peñuela (Spa) 0:20:56  
4 Lucia Funes Mendez (Spa) 0:27:45  
5 Judith Sanchez Sanchez (Spa) 0:32:46  
6 Maria Del Cristo Lugo Alonso (Spa) 0:35:03  
7 Tove Andersen (Den) 0:43:44  
8 Valerie Heeren (Bel) 0:59:10  
9 Jessica Gonzalez Hernandez (Spa) 1:28:01  
10 Judit Sanchez Rodriguez (Spa) 1:50:43  
DNS Muriel Bouhet (Fra)    
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