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Ockerby wins maiden Austral crown

Cycling News

Young Tasmanian outsmarts his elders in Melbourne

Luke Ockerby added his name to the Austral Wheelrace winners' list after taking out the 113th edition of the world's oldest bike race in front of a sold out crowd at the Darebin International Sports Centre Velodrome in Melbourne.

The 19-year-old, who hails from a cycling 'dynasty' in his native Tasmania started the race off a mark of 45m and took the lead with just two of the eight laps remaining. He held off his more fancied rivals and event favourites, Victorian Rick Sanders and South Australia's Glenn O'Shea in a sprint to the line.

The field of 20 riders for the 2,000m Austral Wheelrace final was determined from four heats held earlier in the evening's session, with Sanders and O'Shea confirming their favouritism by taking out their respective heats.

Ockerby was too strong in the final however, becoming the first Tasmanian to win the prestigious event since Darren Young claimed back-to-back victories in 2002 and 2003.

"It is pretty unbelievable, to be honest," said Ockerby after raising the famous Austral trophy.

"I was pretty surprised by it; I knew someone was there but I didn't look back, so I was pretty happy when I crossed the line first.

"I thought Rick [Sanders] was going to get there, but he got swamped by the backmarkers on the final lap, and I was just lucky I had a good mark to start off with," he added.

Sanders was aiming to become the third in the family to take out the famous event after his father Dave's victory in 1978 and brother Ben, who took out last year's Wheelrace at Hisense Arena.

"It was another one of those nights where your lungs feel good and your legs feel good, but everything has to go right in this race to get it," said the younger Sanders.

"It was tight and hard to get out at the end there and when I finally got out, I just didn't have the speed at the finish," he added.

Sanders who will represent Australia at the UCI Junior World Championships in Moscow later this year.

O'Shea, who made a comeback to cycling last month after a long layoff due to illness, was happy to be back racing in his former home state after moving to Adelaide last year to follow his coach Tim Decker.

"It's always nice to race here at DISC and I am happy with tonight's race," said O'Shea, who took gold in the team pursuit at the Australian championship in Sydney last month.

"I was a long away back with two laps to go, but I have never say die attitude and had good run, but was not quite there," said O'Shea.

The Bendigo native was back on the podium less than an hour later after winning the Victorian elite men's scratch race championships ahead of Bendigo's Jamie Crass and Blackurn's Brent Nelson.

"I'm still a Victorian," said O'Shea after receiving the gold medal. "It's a really exciting time in my life and it's great to be back on the bike," he added.

Earlier in the session, Bendigo's Braeden Dean won the Hilton Manufacturing Junior Austral after a daring breakaway just inside three laps from the finish. He held on to win ahead of Shepparton's Jay Castles and Blackburn's Alistair Donohue.

Perkins powers as Edmondson sweeps all before her

In other events, Victoria's Shane Perkins averaged 72.572km/h to set a new DISC standing lap record of 12.401 seconds.

"It gets a bit hairy on the back of a motorbike at that speed, but it's a bit of fun and I was just running on adrenalin," said Perkins, who reached a maximum speed of 80km/h.

South Australia's Annette Edmondson completed a clean sweep in the women's events, taking out all events on offer including the Victorian's women's scratch race championships in sensational fashion.

Edmondson, who claimed the Australian omnium and scratch race crowns at the national championships held in Sydney earlier this month, lapped the field in the afternoon's combined elite and under 19 race, along with Victoria's Antonia Abbisogni and fellow South Australian Jessica Mundy.

In the 'Legends Austral' Stephen Pate, Danny Clark, David Sanders and Laurie Venn, who combined claimed a total of ten wheelraces between 1977 and 1999, put on a great show for the sold-out crowd.

Four-time winner Pate just edged triple winner Clark on the line, with Sanders taking out third place despite being helped midway through the race by son Ben who gate crashed the race, riding on the track mid way through.

Full Results

Junior Boys 11-13 8 Lap Heart Starter 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Thomas Benton (CAR) 0:03:18.098  
2 Nathan Bof (BWK)    
3 Riley Hart (BWK)    
4 Isaac Buckell (BGO)    
5 Ronin Munro (TAS)    
6 Godfrey Slattery (BBN)    
Junior Girls 11-13 8 Lap Heart Starter 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Charlotte Thompson (EM)    
2 Mietta Greighurtig (CAR)    
3 Sarah Gigante (BWK)    
4 Georgia O'Rourke (TAS)    
5 Rochelle Liston (BS)    
6 Jemma Heraper (SA)    
7 Anna Charlotta O'Rourke (TAS)    
Junior Women 8 Lap Heart Starter 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Courtney Field (CAR) 0:03:03.313  
2 Emma Bilston (BS)    
3 Emily Dunk (CAR)    
4 Greta Curran (BWK)    
5 Kellie Schouten (TAS)    
Women 10 Lap Heart Starter 2500m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Annette Edmondson (SA) 0:03:27.363  
2 Shannon Mccurley (LTC)    
3 Adele Sylvester (CAR)    
4 Antonia Abbisogni (CSL)    
5 Imogen Jelbart (BGO)    
6 Laine Hammond (NOR)    
7 Jessica Mundy (SA)    
8 Emy Huntsman (HAW)    
9 Caitlin Ward (BBN)    
10 Emma Waldron (CSL)    
11 Marquessa Jelbart (BGO)    
12 Danielle Nyikos (ART)    
13 Lisa Cochrane (BBN)    
14 Alissa Maglaty (USA)    
15 Tess Spencergill (BGO)    
16 Jodi Uphill (AW)    
Men "C" 10 Lap Heart Starter 2500m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Phil Gallagher (WGL) 0:03:09.184  
2 Matthew Opperman (SA)    
3 Liam Harland (EM)    
4 David Mann (AW)    
5 Liam White (BS)    
6 Simon King (CAR)    
7 Callum Fryer (CAR)    
8 Sydney Anstee (BGO)    
9 Aaron Mills (AW)    
10 Alan Bolton (CAR)    
11 Tim Tyler (MTB)    
12 Ryan Kimberley (CAR)    
13 Greg Hunter (CAR)    
DNF Lawrence Naughton (BGO)    
DNF David Fairburn (BGO)    
Women Minor Place Scratch 2500m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Laine Hammond (NOR) 0:03:28.586  
2 Shannon Mccurley (LTC)    
3 Emma Waldron (CSL)    
4 Emy Huntsman (HAW)    
5 Caitlin Ward (BBN)    
6 Marquessa Jelbart (BGO)    
7 Adele Sylvester (CAR)    
8 Danielle Nyikos (ART)    
9 Jodi Uphill (AW)    
10 Lisa Cochrane (BBN)    
11 Tess Spencergill (BGO)    
12 Alissa Maglaty (USA) Sprint 200m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Shane Perkins (CAR) 0:00:10.922  
2 Alex Bird (ACT)    
Men "A" 12 Lap Heart Starter 3000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Scott Law (NSW) 0:03:26.250  
2 Glenn O'Shea (SA)    
3 Caleb Ewan (NSW)    
4 Luke Ockerby (TAS)    
5 Jamie Crass (BGO)    
6 Rick Sanders (CAR)    
7 Brent Nelson (BBN)    
8 Alex Edmondson (SA)    
9 Ed Bissaker (SA)    
10 Jack Cummings (CAR)    
11 Miles Scotson (SA)    
12 Peter Loft (TAS)    
13 Jackson Law (NSW)    
14 Jackson Leigh Rathbone (NSW)    
15 Brendan Schultz (BGO)    
16 Edrus Yunos (MAL)    
17 Hafiz Sufian (MAL)    
18 Jacob Schmid (CAR)    
19 Luke Parker (CAR)    
20 Robert Jon Mccarthy (SA)    
Men "B" 12 Lap Heart Starter 3000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tom Leaper (BBN) 0:03:39.069  
2 Stuart Vaughan (HAW)    
3 Mark Flood (BGO)    
4 Cameron Parlevliet (BBN)    
5 Richard Wood (SA)    
6 Jamie Shankland (CAN)    
7 Brendan Bailey (BWK)    
8 Ryan Pontelandolfo (BGO)    
9 Sam Crome (BGO)    
10 Robert Tidey (CAR)    
11 Chris Jehu (CLC)    
12 Hikari Arikawa (JPN)    
13 Damian Harris (FTY)    
14 Stephen Kilpatrick (AW)    
15 Todd Shintler (BGO)    
16 Emerson Harwood (BBN)    
DNF Brenton Jones (WGL)    
Men "C" 12 Lap Heart Starter 3000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Brett Rollinson (WGL) 0:03:47.298  
2 Liam Harland (EM)    
3 Liam White (BS)    
4 Matthew Opperman (SA)    
5 Luke Pretlove (ART)    
6 David Fairburn (BGO)    
7 Phil Gallagher (WGL)    
8 David Mann (AW)    
9 Aaron Mills (AW)    
10 Tim Tyler (MTB)    
11 Simon King (CAR)    
12 Alan Bolton (CAR)    
13 Ryan Kimberley (CAR)    
14 Trevor Perry (HAW)    
15 Sydney Anstee (BGO)    
16 Callum Fryer (CAR)    
DNF Lawrence Naughton (BGO)    
Women 12 Lap Heart Starter 3000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Annette Edmondson (SA) 0:04:07.647  
2 Shannon Mccurley (LTC)    
3 Imogen Jelbart (BGO)    
4 Antonia Abbisogni (CSL)    
5 Laine Hammond (NOR)    
6 Jessica Mundy (SA)    
7 Emma Waldron (CSL)    
8 Emy Huntsman (HAW)    
9 Marquessa Jelbart (BGO)    
10 Danielle Nyikos (ART)    
11 Adele Sylvester (CAR)    
12 Tess Spencergill (BGO)    
13 Lisa Cochrane (BBN)    
14 Jodi Uphill (AW)    
DNF Caitlin Ward (BBN)    
M17 "A" 12 Lap Heart Starter 3000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Braeden Dean (BGO) 0:03:35.575  
2 Alistair Donohue (BBN)    
3 Mathew Ross (CAR)    
4 Jack Hickey (CAR)    
5 Mitchell Barry (BBN)    
6 Callum Scotson (SA)    
7 Aidan Bowe (BGO)    
8 Callum Munro (TAS)    
9 Hugo Tolliday (BS)    
10 Braeden King (CAR)    
11 Sean Mciver (BWK)    
12 John Cochrane (BBN)    
13 Jay Castles (SHP)    
14 Brae Mapson (CSL)    
15 Nathan Hinkley (SA)    
16 Kyle Thompson (CAR)    
DNF Thomas Preston (CAR)    
M17 "B" 12 Lap Heart Starter 3000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tyson Breen (BWK) 0:04:04.032  
2 Andrew Hinkley (SA)    
3 Pierce Connor (BBN)    
4 Jerome Bechaz (LTC)    
5 Joshua Liston (BS)    
6 Jack French (HAW)    
7 Declan Dempster (AW)    
8 Liam Hood (BWK)    
Austral Wheelrace Heat 1 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Tom Leaper (BBN) 140m 0:02:08.758  
2 Brett Rollinson (WGL) 210m    
3 Liam White (BS) 190m    
4 Ryan Pontelandolfo (BGO) 140m    
5 Callum Fryer (CAR) 210m    
5 Simon King (CAR) 190m    
7 Sam Crome (BGO) 160m    
8 Chris Jehu (CLC) 170m    
9 Luke Pretlove (ART) 240m    
10 Matthew Opperman (SA) 230m    
11 Trevor Perry (HAW) 230m    
12 Robert Tidey (CAR) 170m    
13 David Mann (AW) 210m    
DNF Tim Tyler (MTB) 245m    
Austral Wheelrace Heat 2 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Rick Sanders (CAR) 70m 0:02:08.789  
2 Brenton Jones (WGL) 150m    
3 Jacob Schmid (CAR) 115m    
4 Robert Jon Mccarthy (SA) 110m    
5 Emerson Harwood (BBN) 135m    
6 Brendan Schultz (BGO) 75m    
7 Phil Gallagher (WGL) 190m    
8 Aaron Mills (AW) 220m    
9 Mark Flood (BGO) 110m    
10 Luke Parker (CAR) 90m    
11 Todd Shintler (BGO) 170m    
12 Alan Bolton (CAR) 205m    
13 David Fairburn (BGO) 220m    
14 Liam Harland (EM) 190m    
15 Sydney Anstee (BGO) 220m    
DNF Greg Hunter (CAR) 205m    
Hilton Manufacturing Jnr Austral H1 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Hugo Tolliday (BS) 65m 0:02:21.032  
2 John Cochrane (BBN) 45m    
3 Jerome Bechaz (LTC) 120m    
4 Callum Munro (TAS) 95m    
5 Alistair Donohue (BBN) 15m    
6 Brae Mapson (CSL) scr    
7 Mitchell Barry (BBN) 25m    
8 Tyson Breen (BWK) 110m    
9 Thomas Preston (CAR) 70m    
10 Joshua Liston (BS) 130m    
11 Declan Dempster (AW) 185m    
12 Aidan Bowe (BGO) 75m    
13 Sean Mciver (BWK) 80m    
Hilton Manufacturing Jnr Austral H2 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Braeden Dean (BGO) 60m 0:02:20.096  
2 Jay Castles (SHP) 65m    
3 Pierce Connor (BBN) 125m    
4 Jack Hickey (CAR) 40m    
5 Jack French (HAW) 120m    
6 Andrew Hinkley (SA) 180m    
7 Braeden King (CAR) 75m    
8 Callum Scotson (SA) 15m    
9 Nathan Hinkley (SA) 90m    
10 Mathew Ross (CAR) 20m    
11 Kyle Thompson (CAR) 70m    
DNF Liam Hood (BWK) 95m    
Austral Wheelrace Heat 3 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Brent Nelson (BBN) 50m 0:02:10.517  
2 Jamie Crass (BGO) 70m    
3 Miles Scotson (SA) 70m    
4 Cameron Parlevliet (BBN) 115m    
5 Jackson Law (NSW) 25m    
6 Peter Loft (TAS) 90m    
7 Edrus Yunos (MAL) 105m    
8 Stuart Vaughan (HAW) 160m    
9 Stephen Kilpatrick (AW) 170m    
10 Richard Wood (SA) 170m    
11 Jamie Shankland (CAN) 130m    
12 Hikari Arikawa (JPN) 150m    
13 Ryan Kimberley (CAR) 180m    
DNF Jay Callaghan (QLD) 100m    
DNF George Tansley (SA) 50m    
DNF Alex Bird (ACT) 90m    
Austral Wheelrace Heat 4 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Glenn O'Shea (SA) scr 0:02:08.510  
2 Caleb Ewan (NSW) 25m    
3 Luke Ockerby (TAS) 60m    
4 Alex Edmondson (SA) 40m    
5 Jackson Leigh Rathbone (NSW) 10m    
6 Brendan Bailey (BWK) 140m    
7 Jack Cummings (CAR) 75m    
8 Scott Law (NSW) 15m    
9 Ed Bissaker (SA) 60m    
10 Lou Pascuzzi (CAR) 150m    
11 Hafiz Sufian (MAL) 110m    
12 Charles Martin (BS) 160m    
DNF Andrew Shannon (SVC) 125m    
DNF Peter Loft (TAS) 90m    
DNF Damian Harris (FTY) 160m    
Women Handicap 1500m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Annette Edmondson (SA) scr 0:01:47.265  
2 Imogen Jelbart (BGO) 35m    
3 Emy Huntsman (HAW) 70m    
4 Laine Hammond (NOR) 70m    
5 Antonia Abbisogni (CSL) 55m    
6 Jessica Mundy (SA) 55m    
7 Emma Waldron (CSL) 85m    
8 Danielle Nyikos (ART) 115m    
9 Tess Spencergill (BGO) 130m    
10 Jodi Uphill (AW) 165m    
11 Alissa Maglaty (USA) 105m    
12 Lisa Cochrane (BBN) 150m    
13 Adele Sylvester (CAR) 15m    
14 Shannon Mccurley (LTC) 15m    
15 Caitlin Ward (BBN) 30m    
16 Marquessa Jelbart (BGO) 130m    
Hilton Manufacturing Jnr Austral 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Braeden Dean (BGO) 60m 0:02:17.974  
2 Jay Castles (SHP) 65m    
3 Alistair Donohue (BBN) 15m    
4 Jack French (HAW) 120m    
5 Brae Mapson (CSL) scr    
6 Jack Hickey (CAR) 40m    
7 Jerome Bechaz (LTC) 120m    
8 Hugo Tolliday (BS) 65m    
9 Mitchell Barry (BBN) 25m    
10 Braeden King (CAR) 75m    
11 Andrew Hinkley (SA) 180m    
12 Callum Munro (TAS) 95m    
13 John Cochrane (BBN) 45m    
14 Pierce Connor (BBN) 125m Keirin 200m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Shane Perkins (CAR) 0:00:10.423  
2 Alex Bird (ACT)    
3 Hafiz Sufian (MAL)    
4 Luke Parker (CAR)    
5 Ed Bissaker (SA)    
Austral Legends Race 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Stephen Pate 10M    
2 Danny Clarke    
3 David Sanders    
4 Laurie Venn    
Austral Wheelrace Final 2000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Luke Ockerby (TAS) 60m 0:02:03.777  
2 Rick Sanders (CAR) 70m    
3 Glenn O'Shea (SA) scr    
4 Jackson Law (NSW) 25m    
5 Caleb Ewan (NSW) 25m    
6 Jackson Leigh Rathbone (NSW) 10m    
7 Tom Leaper (BBN) 140m    
8 Brenton Jones (WGL) 150m    
9 Cameron Parlevliet (BBN) 115m    
10 Brett Rollinson (WGL) 210m    
11 Robert Jon Mccarthy (SA) 110m    
12 Simon King (CAR) 190m    
13 Emerson Harwood (BBN) 135m    
14 Jacob Schmid (CAR) 115m    
15 Jamie Crass (BGO) 70m    
16 Liam White (BS) 190m    
17 Callum Fryer (CAR) 210m    
DNF Ryan Pontelandolfo (BGO) 140m    
DNF Alex Edmondson (SA) 40m    
DNF Miles Scotson (SA) 70m    
DNF Brent Nelson (BBN) 50m    
M17 "B" 15 Lap Win/Out 3750m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Andrew Hinkley (SA) 0:05:14.561  
2 Tyson Breen (BWK)    
3 Liam Hood (BWK)    
4 Pierce Connor (BBN)    
5 Jack French (HAW)    
6 Declan Dempster (AW)    
7 Joshua Liston (BS)    
M17 "A" 15 Lap Moto 3750m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jack Hickey (CAR) 0:04:54.250  
2 Mitchell Barry (BBN)    
3 Thomas Preston (CAR)    
4 Jay Castles (SHP)    
5 Alistair Donohue (BBN)    
6 Kyle Thompson (CAR)    
7 Braeden Dean (BGO)    
8 Hugo Tolliday (BS)    
9 Callum Munro (TAS)    
10 Sean Mciver (BWK)    
11 Callum Scotson (SA)    
12 Braeden King (CAR)    
13 Mathew Ross (CAR)    
14 Aidan Bowe (BGO)    
15 Brae Mapson (CSL)    
16 Nathan Hinkley (SA)    
17 John Cochrane (BBN)    
Tandem Sprint 200m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Simon King/Kate Riley 0:00:13.853  
2 Paul Parker/Daryl Perkins    
DISC Lap Record 250m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Shane Perkins (CAR) 0:00:12.401  
Sprint Elimination H1 200m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Scott Law (NSW)    
2 Alex Bird (ACT)    
3 Rick Sanders (CAR)    
4 Caleb Ewan (NSW)    
5 Edrus Yunos (MAL)    
6 Luke Parker (CAR)    
Sprint Elimination H2 200m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Scott Law (NSW) 0:00:12.046  
2 Alex Bird (ACT)    
3 Caleb Ewan (NSW)    
4 Rick Sanders (CAR)    
Sprint Elimination Final 200m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Scott Law (NSW) 0:00:11.826  
2 Caleb Ewan (NSW)    
3 Alex Bird (ACT)    
Victorian Scratch Champs 15000m
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Glenn O'Shea (SA) 0:17:47.232  
2 Jamie Crass (BGO)    
3 Brent Nelson (BBN)    
4 Jackson Leigh Rathbone (NSW)    
5 Luke Ockerby (TAS)    
6 Brenton Jones (WGL)    
7 Tom Leaper (BBN)    
8 Ed Bissaker (SA)    
9 Brendan Schultz (BGO)    
DNF Hikari Arikawa (JPN)    
DNF Hafiz Sufian (MAL)    
DNF Stuart Vaughan (HAW)    
DNF Scott Law (NSW)    
DNF Mark Flood (BGO)    
DNF Peter Loft (TAS)    
DNF Brendan Bailey (BWK)