Tilford repeats as US masters 'cross champion

Butler on top in first race back

Full Results

Men - Master - 60-64
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Charles Townsend (Bianchi/Grand Performance/St Paul Bicycle Racing Club)0:32:15 
2Fred Wittwer (ALAN North America Cycling)0:00:23 
3D Douglas Long (360 Racing)0:00:57 
4David Beals (Team NYCROSS.com/nycross.com)0:00:58 
5Landon Beachy (Twisted Spokes Racing Team)0:01:51 
6Gregory Pautsch (Planet Bike)0:01:53 
7Tom Palmer (Brazen Dropouts)0:01:56 
8Dan Meyer (Loon State Cyclists)0:02:23 
9Albert Weigel (Verdigris-Village CX Team/Village-Verdigris Cycling)0:02:45 
10Richard Pearson (Team Kaos Cycling)0:03:21 
11Thomas Doucette (Northeast Bicycle Club (NEBC))0:03:22 
12Kerry Shields (Mock Orange Bikes)0:04:37 
13Charles South (Men of Steel Racing /Men Of Steel Racing LLC)  
14Robert Dillon (1K2GO-Onion River Sports/Green Mountain Bicycle Club)0:04:40 
15Michael Spak (Schwab Cycles Racing Team)0:05:50 
16Michael Kurtz (Team Army-USAC)0:05:51 
17Richard Sachs (Connecticut Yankee BC)0:08:21 
18Jerry Pearce (Hampshire Cycle Club)0:10:43 
19Edward Reed (The Pony Shop)0:10:59 
20Thomas Silbernagel (Team Extreme)0:11:11 
21Harry Fortney (DMOS Racing Team/Des Moines Cycle Club)0:16:18 
22 (-1 lap)Norman Wellings  
23Walter Stoops (ABD Cycling Club)  
24David Mcfadden (Spin Doctor Cyclewerks/Spin Doctor Cyclewerks Cycling Club)  
25Chris Canfield (Boulder Cycle Sport)  
DNSWalt Rider (901 Racing)  
DNSRit Booth (Hampshire Cycle Club)  
DNFHunter Smith (Boulder Cycle Sport)  
Men - Master - 65-69
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Leone Pizzini (First State Velo Sport)0:33:35 
2Lewis Rollins (CONTENDER BICYCLES/The Contender Club)  
3Robert Ogren (Kenwood Racing)0:01:29 
4Allan Marvin (Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co)0:01:51 
5Rick Abbott (Excel Sports Boulder)0:04:03 
6Ken Burst (Team Momentum)0:04:41 
7Julian Coupland (Verdigris-Village CX Team/Village-Verdigris Cycling)0:06:07 
8John Adamson (Twisted Spokes Racing Team)0:07:45 
9Larry Mayse0:10:04 
DNFJames Briggs (Allegheny Cycling Association)  
Men - Master - 75-79
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ronald Riley (Bike Station Aptos)0:46:33 
Men - Master - 80-84
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Frederic Schmid (Jubilee Subaru)0:42:23 
2Walter Axthelm (NoTubes Endurance Racing)0:01:37 
Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Master - 50-54
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephen Tilford (TradeWind Energy Cycling Team)0:50:11 
2Jeffrey Appeltans (MAMBO CX/GoCycling/Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org)0:01:05 
3Ron Huebner (Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster)0:01:40 
4John Paul Mccarthy (SRAM Factory)0:02:39 
5Samuel Morse (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)0:03:04 
6Donald Seib (Bikeman.com)0:03:34 
7Danny Warner (Verdigris-Village CX Team/Village-Verdigris Cycling)0:03:37 
8Dave Eckel (KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin/Team Wisconsin)0:03:51 
9Tim Hacker (Planet Bike)0:04:01 
10John Shull (Alberto's Sport)0:04:27 
11Derek Griggs0:04:29 
12Robert Reuther (Bike Line)0:04:49 
13Scott Stahl (SEAVS/Haymarket)0:04:58 
14Jim Bell (Revolution Cycle/Twin Six)0:05:39 
15Tedd Jacobson (KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin/Team Wisconsin)0:05:41 
16Shawn Downing (Charm City Cycling LLC)0:06:16 
17Gregory Goblirsch (Loon State Cyclists)0:06:20 
18Bill Okeefe (Charm City Cycling LLC)0:06:28 
19Joseph Piscitello (PA Masters RC)0:06:48 
20Mark Featherman (Guys Racing Club)0:07:03 
21Gregory Anderson (Spin Doctor Cyclewerks/Spin Doctor Cyclewerks Cycling Club)0:08:53 
22Kenneth Smith (Oklahoma City Velo Club)0:09:15 
23Mark Mastoras0:09:21 
24Jon Suyko (The Pony Shop)0:09:46 
25Paul Warloski (My Wife Inc)0:10:16 
26Jon Hicks (Sportif Coaching Group/Western Howard County Cycling)0:10:38 
27 (-1 lap)Randal Warren (xXx Racing)  
28 (-2 laps)Mitchell Moses (CCR)  
29Todd Andersen (Men Of Steel Racing LLC)  
30 (-3 laps)Dwayne Letterman (MSG Cyclocross/Tri Cities Road Club)  
31Rick Bass (Momentum Racing LLC - MO)  
32Thomas Thornquest (Kenwood Racing)  
DNSSteel Bokhof (The Pony Shop)  
DNSDavid Bartol (MBRC/Flanders/Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club)  
DNSTim Godby  
DNSJeffrey Hilligoss (Angry Catfish)  
DNSPhillip Kenealy (University of New Hampshire)  
DNSDavid Luczynski (Spin Doctor Cyclewerks/Spin Doctor Cyclewerks Cycling Club)  
DNSWilliam Koehler (BELGIANWERKX)  
DNSMike Robinson  
DNSThomas Price (Trek Cyclocross Collective)  
DNSEric Swenson (Crossniacs)  
DNSJeffrey Walker  
DNSCharles Stearns (Bobs Bicycles Cycling Club)  
DNFStephen Songer (360 Racing)  
Men - Master - 55-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Robert Downs (Planet Bike)0:40:01 
2Henry Kramer (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized/California Giant Cycling)0:00:28 
3Scott Paisley (MVC/Blue Wheel/Monticello Velo Club)0:00:51 
4Norman Kreiss (California Giant Cycling)0:00:52 
5Randy Shields (Hearts Racing Club)0:01:19 
6Brad Young (Woodstock Bicycle Club)0:01:44 
7Russell Thorstrom (Intermountain Cycling Organization)0:01:50 
8John Thompson (Team Plan C)0:02:07 
9Lennard Zinn (Boulder Cycle Sport)0:02:17 
10Brook Watts (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing)0:02:50 
11Alan Blanchard (Century Road Club Assoc)0:03:00 
12Edwin Rambuski (Team Rambuski Law/Team Rambuski Law)0:03:06 
13Thomas Prehn (Boulder Running Company Cycling Team)0:03:14 
14William Kuster0:03:15 
15Dag Selander (Team Plan C)0:03:19 
16Jim Gentes (buy-cell.com)0:04:13 
17Paul Curley (Spin Arts Cycling)0:04:22 
18Geoffrey Chandler (Speedway Wheelmen)0:04:26 
19John Adamik (Riverside Racing)  
20John Bliss (Team Kappius)0:04:37 
21William Stevens (Spin Arts Cycling)0:05:17 
22George Smith (The 99%ers)0:05:48 
23Glen Jones (Trek Midwest Team)0:05:50 
24Tom Mahaney0:06:03 
25Darryl Mataya (MadCity Velo Club)  
26Jeffrey Schepper (Speedway Wheelmen)0:06:38 
27Mark Mcgeen (Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD)0:06:42 
28Hardwick Gregg (MG & G Racing)0:07:23 
29Mike Bown (V.C. Bikesport)0:07:45 
30Michael Larson0:08:10 
31Bruce Porter (St Paul Bicycle Racing Club)0:08:11 
32James White (Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts (ICE))0:09:56 
33Jeffrey Brown (Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling)0:11:05 
34 (-1 lap)Randall Silva (Nob Hill Velo)  
35Paul Sadoff (Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross)  
36James Hopson (Mercy-Specialized/Iowa City Cycling Club)  
37Jeff Huser  
38Mark Considine (Goosetown Racing Club)  
39Chris Black (Morgan Stanley /Specialized/Morgan Stanley Cycling Team)  
40Marshall Leininger (Stark Velo)  
41John Reimbold (Heckawee)  
42Don Carr (ISCorp Cycling/NCSF)  
43Peter Ackermann  
44David Mccollum  
45 (-2 laps)Thomas Wilson  
46Andrew Mishlove (Hampshire Cycle Club)  
47Michael Merulla (Iowa City Cycling Club)  
48Steven Vorderman (Don Galligher-DRT Consulting)  
DNFJeffrey Craft (Team Lake Effect/Lake Effect Cycling Team)  
DNFDavid Coar (Men of Steel Racing /Men Of Steel Racing LLC)  
Women - Master - 40-44
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Susan Butler0:41:08 
2Katrina Dowidchuk (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:01:03 
3Linda Sone (Crossniacs)0:01:28 
4Kristin Weber (Boulder Cycle Sport)0:01:47 
5Margell Abel (Tough Girl Cycling)0:02:26 
6Kimberly Flynn (USSC-Trek p/b Vantaggio/Scenic City Velo)0:03:34 
7Lisa Hudson (Feedback Sports Racing)0:04:04 
8Stephanie Uetrecht (WebCyclery.com/WebCyclery Racing)0:05:16 
9Julie Phelps (Big Ring Flyers)0:05:35 
10Heidi Beck (Twin Six)0:07:17 
11Kimberly Thomas (Velo City Cycles)0:09:11 
12Lara Marek (MAMBO CX/GoCycling/Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org)0:09:56 
13Carrie Hansen (Cycle Lodge)0:10:11 
14 (-1 lap)Suzanne Johnson (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team/Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing)  
15Meredith Rambow (Birchwood/GIS)  
16Gina Kenny (PSIMET Racing)  
Women - Master - 45-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shannon Gibson (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team)0:32:29 
2Antonia Leal (Planet Bike)0:00:33 
3Stacey Barbossa (Colavita Racing Inc.)0:00:42 
4Jeanne Fleck (Velo Duluth)0:00:51 
5Geraldine Schulze (Bio Wheels Racing)0:01:54 
6Michele Satrowsky (Blue Steel Cyclery /Blue Steel Cyclery)0:02:12 
7Tracy Yates (Tough Girl Cycling)0:03:00 
8Jennifer Kraut (Team TBB/Deep Blue)0:03:29 
9Katina Walker (Crankskins.com)0:04:53 
10Cynthia Milnick (Fort Collins Cycling Team)0:09:03 
11Dorothy Wong (The TEAM)0:11:09 
12 (-1 lap)Marnie Pearsall (Hollander RDC)  
Women - Master - 50-54
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Karen Brems (Team Rambuski Law/Team Rambuski Law)0:32:13 
2Kris Walker (The Contender Club)0:00:27 
3Lori Cooke (Cycle Lodge)0:01:33 
4Deirdre Garvey (BRAC)0:02:36 
5Diana Tanner (Boulder Cycle Sport)0:03:19 
6Catherine Walberg0:03:55 
7Nancy Heymann (Higher Gear Chicago Cycling Club)0:04:15 
8Susan Prieto (Blue Sky Velo)0:05:11 
9Kathleen Porter (Twisted Spokes Racing Team)0:12:53 
10 (-1 lap)Karen Tourian (Guys Racing Club)  
Women - Master - 55-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kathy Sarvary (Blue Steel Cyclery)0:34:36 
2Patricia Kaufmann (My Wife Inc)0:00:24 
3Melissa Behr (MadCity Velo Club)0:02:56 
4Beverly Enslow (Hammer Nutrition/CMG Racing Team/Hammer Nutrition-CMG Racing Team)0:11:01 
Women - Master - 60-64
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Diane Ostenso (Trek Midwest Team)0:35:49 
2Jane Geisse (Spin)0:02:31 
3Carol Ruckle (Team Redlands)0:05:52 
Women - Master - 65-69
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Julie O'Neill0:47:23 
Women - Master - 70-74
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Julie Lockhart (Northeast Bicycle Club (NEBC)0:45:43 
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