WADA opens Contador investigation

The World Anti Doping Agency has opened an investigation on Alberto Contador (Discovery Channel),...

The World Anti Doping Agency has opened an investigation on Alberto Contador (Discovery Channel), winner of this years Tour de France, and his alleged involvement in Operation Peurto. WADA is working with ex-Liberty Seguros rider Jörg Jaksche, who admitted that he worked with the Spanish doctor while he was a team-mate of Contador at Liberty Seguros, after it received documents from German Professor Werner Franke that supposedly links the Spaniard to Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes.

Documents seized in the case are said to contain the letters A.C., which is allegedly the initials of Alberto Contador. Jaksche's initials are also present on the document along side the doping products that he has admitted to using. "I don't know if Contador was a client of Fuentes," said Jaksche. "I only know that I used those doping products that are shown on that document."

With this action, WADA is overturning the UCI's earlier decision to acquit Contador of any involvement in the case.

Johan Bruyneel, Contador's team manager, has serious doubts of the integrity of Professor Franke. "'He defended Danilo Hondo, when he was caught in the Tour of Murcia for using the banned substance Carphedon, if you ask me he only speaks the language of the person paying him," said Bruyneel.

Molecular biologist Franke made his career in Germany through his investigation into systematic doping use of athletes in the former East-Germany. Franke, who has called Contador's victory the "the greatest swindle in sporting history", was forced earlier this year to with draw his comments over Jan Ullrich when the former cyclist took him to court.

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