Video: Riders reveal their biggest mistakes as a neo-pro

When Bradley Wiggins met Mario Cipollini

You’ve been putting in the hard miles and getting the results, and finally a team recognises your talent and you land your first professional contract. That’s it, you’ve finally made it, but no matter how good you are and how much promise you have, there is still a lot to learn when you take the step to becoming a neo-pro.

Bradley Wiggins, Chris Horner, Tyler Farrar and Ben Swift have all been through the trials and tribulations of the new professional. From Farrar training too hard to Wiggins having a run-in with Mario Cipollini, they tell Cyclingnews their biggest mistakes in their first years as professionals.

With a collective 45 seasons and counting in the profession peloton, the four have had their fair share of experiences and give their advice to this year’s crop of neo-pros.

“Keep your eyes open,” Farrar tells Cyclingnews. “You learn so much in your first years as a pro that it changes you as a rider if you learn all the lessons from it.”

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