USWCDP mentor, Dotsie Bausch, joins forces with JETCycling

US Women's Cycling Development Program (USWCDP) Mentor and Professional Cyclist, Dotsie Bausch, has...

US Women's Cycling Development Program (USWCDP) Mentor and Professional Cyclist, Dotsie Bausch, has joined forces with JETCycling to serve as the Vice President of Athletic Development. This is a key role were she will be looking at the overall strategy and development of juniors within the JETCycling program.

Jet Tanner, founder of JETCycling, was exited about the opportunity with Bausch. "She brings an enormous wealth of talent and know-how." This is due in part to the relationship JETCycling has with the USWCDP. "The USWCDP helps provides mentoring to JETCycling and this only enhances our value to our riders," commented Tanner, "Our partnership with the USWCDP is very important to us. They have a network of talented riders that can mentor and give back to the sport. Our juniors need role models, and we are excited to have Dotsie as part of our team from the USWCDP."

The USWCDP founder and director Michael Engleman welcomed the news. "Dotsie has been a great mentor to the young USWCDP riders and I know she will be prove to be just as valuable to the athletes at JETCycling. Jet Tanner has a great program for juniors, and Dotsie is a perfect fit. To be able to present her international experience at the junior level is exactly what is needed to help young cycling talent develop."

With this new position, Dotsie has her sights set high on helping juniors succeed in cycling. Her main focus is to see JETCycling become a premier program in the US. Bausch was excited about the opportunity. "JETCycling is a program I truly believe in with my heart and soul. It has been such an honour to work with these kids throughout the summer. It is inspirational to me to ride with them. They keep me fresh and on my toes. I really look forward to the future with these budding stars and the JETCycling program."

Throughout 2007, the JETCycling program has had some great success in Southern California. With the backing of the USWCDP, Specialized, and Rock-n-Road Cyclery in Orange County, it has become one of the strongest junior cycling clubs in the area. Its focus has been to build the foundation of junior competitive road cycling, working with juniors between the ages 10 to 18. Its programmes take hands-on approaches to coaching, backed with education and a pillar of ethics for our juniors.

USWCDP has a diary at Cyclingnews.

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