UnitedHealthcare train in Colombia - Gallery

Coffee and climbing ahead of Colombia Oro y Paz

The riders of the UnitedHealthcare Pro Continental squad have been enjoying a lengthy stay in the hills of Colombia, where the US squad have been training for the 2018 season near Medellin.

For the team's three Colombian riders, Janier Acevedo, Carlos Alzate and Daniel Jaramillo, it was a chance to ride in the midst of their compatriots. The rest of the team enjoyed the temperate climate, long climbs, rural roads and, most importantly, good coffee while training at altitude.

While Alzate took an early departure along with Alex Cataford, Eric Marcotte, Travis McCabe, Daniel Eaton, and Tanner Putt to race the Vuelta a San Juan, the rest of the team stayed on, preparing for the Colombia Oro y Paz race, which begins on February 6 in Palmira.

Enjoy the gallery of images above from the team camp in Colombia.

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