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Tirreno-Adriatico stage 4 re-routed due to weather

Cycling News
March 09, 2012, 18:27 GMT,
March 09, 2012, 19:42 GMT
Second Edition Cycling News, Friday, March 9, 2012
Tirreno-Adriatico, Stage 4
A snowy pass during stage 5 of the Tirreno Adriatico

A snowy pass during stage 5 of the Tirreno Adriatico

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Passo Lanciano descent deemed hazardous

Organisers of Tirreno-Adriatico announced this afternoon that route of stage 4 will be altered due to "hazardous weather conditions". The stage from Amelia to Chieti will skip the Passo Lanciano, and the planned king of the mountain points will instead take place at the climb of Valico della Forchetta at kilometer 212.

There was a light dusting of snow on the mountain today, and with temperatures forecast to be below freezing, the descent from the mountain was deemed to be too dangerous.

"After Lettomanoppello, the stage will pass through Manoppello-Serramonacesca - Roccamontepiano and afterwards it will go back to its original itinerary," a race statement read.

The entire stage distance remains unaltered, and will be a total of 252 kilometers.

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