Time goes pro for 2008

After a successful 2007 season, the Time Factory Development Team will evolve from a six-rider elite...

After a successful 2007 season, the Time Factory Development Team will evolve from a six-rider elite amateur squad into a twelve-rider UCI Continental team for 2008. With the new status comes a new name, Time Pro Cycling, while the main focus of the team remains the same: teaching the sport of cycling to young riders and bringing them to the next level.

The management team of James Bennett, Erik Saunders and Pat Raines remain committed to the goals of the team. "When we went into forming this team last year we wanted to do something completely new," said Saunders. "Looking back on all the things that happened in each of our careers the theme seemed to be lack of guidance and mentorship and plain old indifference to development. It was important to us that we do the team for the guys who are right in that spot where they need a little guidance to be great."

In its first year, the team won two medals at the U23 National Road Race Championships (2nd and 4th), one medal in the 17-18 National Criterium Championships (3rd), scored two National Calendar Race top ten finishes and a host of regional wins.

The team was able to show its riders on the national stage and two of them were picked up by established programs where their career can begin. At the end of their first year with the team Eric Bennett graduated to Team Successful Living, and Chris Monteleone to the US National Team. "Our team is the youngest pro team in the US. Our goal is to give young riders the support and mentorship that they need to perform in the nation's top events, launch a career in cycling, and move on to bigger programs. We are obviously very proud of these two guys and happy that we are successful in our mission earlier than we had hoped," said Bennett.

The competitive focus will hinge on U23 Nationals, the Tour of Pennsylvania, the USA Crits Series, and selected other events.

2008 Roster:, Andy Baker (19), Jackie Simes (20), Nick Frey (21), Eric Barlevav (22), David Duncan (23), David Guttenplan (23), Mike Stoop (24), Jered Gruber (25), Tom Soladay (25), Captains: Daniel Ramsey (30), Jon Hamblen (33), Adam Myerson (36)

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