Team Sky apologise for nearly mowing down amateur cyclist in Wales

Bus driver makes a close call while overtaking

The Team Sky bus is a popular attraction at the Tour of Britain, with hundreds of fans gathering around in hopes of scoring an autograph, but one amateur cyclist got a closer than desired look at the bus in Denbighshire, as it narrowly missed hitting him as he cycled along the road.

Andy Rolfe posted a video of the dangerous maneuver on Twitter on Thursday morning, and later received an apology from the team.

According to the BBC, Team Sky called the bus driver's actions "unacceptable" and promised that the drivers would be "reminded of their responsibilities".

"Encouraging people to get out and on their bikes is a huge part of what we stand for as a team," the team's statement read.

"We are a team of cyclists and we know how important it is for us to set an example when it comes to ensuring cyclists are able to use the roads safely."

Rolfe acknowledged the apology on Twitter, writing: "Thanks to everyone who has supported my post, a lot of positive feedback, Team Sky have apologised, I just want motorists to be more patient.

"However, there are crazies out there posting ridiculous posts, like...stop making traffic & cycle in a park, or 'get on the path then'.nuts!"

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