Talansky and Uran enjoy sunshine and altitude at Cannondale camp - Gallery

Team unite for two weeks of training on the island of Tenerife

Altitude training camps have become an integral part of most riders' seasons with many doing at least one throughout the year. There are many options when choosing the location for a team training camp but many have opted for Mt Teide on the island of Tenerife.

Cannondale is one of those teams that have travelled to the island in search of sunshine and altitude. The team brought all three of their main general classification riders Andrew Talansky, Pierre Rolland and Rigoberto Uran to the two-week camp. Cyclingnews joined them on their final day’s training, a seven and a half hour ride through the mountains.

It started off in poor conditions with fog enveloping the top of the mountain but the sun finally broke through after an hour of riding. It ended with some fun too as Rolland and Joe Dombrowski attacked each other at the top of Mt Teide.

Most of the riders will head home on Tuesday as they finalise their preparations for the Tour de Romandie.

Flick through the gallery above to take a look at Cannondale’s training ride.

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