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Sutton: Wiggins needs to support a Froome-led Sky at Tour de France

Cycling News
May 28, 2013, 03:23,
May 28, 2013, 04:23
First Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Tour de France
Chris Froome (Sky) wins the Tour de Romandie.

Chris Froome (Sky) wins the Tour de Romandie.

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Pair need to "forget the past," says performance advisor

Team Sky's performance advisor, Shane Sutton has urged Bradley Wiggins to support Chris Froome in his bid for the 2013 Tour de France.

Wiggins was forced to leave the Giro d'Italia through illness, saying he would aim "to being back to full strength for the Tour" which he won last season.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Sutton said that Froome, winner of the Tour of Oman, the Critérium International, and Tour of Romandie so far this year deserves to be the team's nominated leader for the French Grand Tour.

"I think that, at this moment in time, you base it on the evidence before you and Froome will be the nominated rider," he said. "Bradley will just have to settle for a support role. Froome has won continually this year. I think just about every race he has ridden he has won. Brad hasn't had a win since last August so I think the team will very much be getting behind Chris, as Chris did with Brad last year."

Leadership of the team for the Tour has been a source of speculation since Froome appeared to attack Wiggins during last year's edition of the race on Stage 11. Earlier this month, after Wiggins suggested he had aspirations for the Giro-Tour double, forcing Froome to issue a personal statement claiming that he was to be the leader in July and that he had the full backing of the team, Sky principal Sir Dave Brailsford confirmed that the Grand Boucle was indeed for the Kenyan-born Briton.

"If Brad is riding the Tour and is over his illnesses and whatever, he will have to get behind the team," said Sutton. "I think, if we can get that good dynamic environment in there for us and they can forget the past, we can push for another win in the Tour."


philjthommo More than 1 year ago
I think we almost had a full week without an article about Team Sky's leadership. Sky's PR team have been slacking off.
ceramiccyclist More than 1 year ago
Yeah, I think it's all a publicity stunt too.
FabiquesAnquetillara More than 1 year ago
Does CN really write article about every hiccup within team Sky? Does CN knows that there are other teams? One would be scared to open tin of sardines because there might be Sky as well, since they are really everywhere. Maybe there is explanation for all these Skyuberalles supporters that can't stand and understand that someone does not likes Sky. This might be also why.
Lightening Toke More than 1 year ago
Uhmm. Isn't CN pretty much British run? So, why would you be unnerved if they focus on Sky?
Jesus from Cancun More than 1 year ago
Maybe you might want to read the Mexican cycling websites. They are still talking about Raul Alcala
Uncle_Tod More than 1 year ago
Shane Sutton is wrong about Froome winning every bike race he's ridden this year, every bike race he's ridden that had Vincenzo Nibali in it he has lost. Remember Tirreno-Adriatico? Remember the Giro di Trentino where Brad bit the dust against... you guessed it, Vincenzo Nibali? Granted it was a mechanical that likely cost him, but it only made it easier for Nibali to win. You silly Sky boys think you've won it all this season. Contador will be keen on spoiling Froome's dreams at the Tour as well. We'll see how it goes though, could be an entertaining TdF to watch this year.
philjthommo More than 1 year ago
Sutton is quoted as saying 'i think just about every race he has ridden he won'. This is not in itself incorrect, he just failed to remember Froome's came in 2nd place to Nibali in Terrino-Adriatico (as you mentioned). Froome has beaten Contador in 2 early season race's (Oman & Terrino- Adriatico) and is in some solid form that does deserve Team Sky to be excited about. However, my personal feeling(and it is only a feeling) is that Contador is the #1 fav to win purely due to his incredible GT record and gutsy attacks (2012 vuelta) that will hopefully break up the boring style of riding that we see from Team Sky.
JamesT More than 1 year ago
Contador will beat Froome, that's for sure! Saxo's Kreuziger, Roche and Rogers will beat Sky's Porte and Wiggins to0!!
Cance > TheRest More than 1 year ago
Lets hope so, although i'm not to sure about AC being on his previous top level. If he reaches Giro 2011 level, FroomeDog will have no chance - it definitely would make my summer if SkyHigh and their big Dog is beaten!
TANK91 More than 1 year ago
Puhhh lease, come back in July dude you will be wrong Froome will destroy Alberto, look at last year in the TDF Froome was puling Wiggins everywhere and still beat riders of the class of Nibali, just imagine the advantage they all had when Froome was setting tempo and he still got 2nd , he lost over 1 min on a flat stage aswell due to a mechanical.
Drissmalet More than 1 year ago
I think Froome goes as number rider to beat, but Contador just has the "it" factor that wns Grand Tours as previous poster commented. I don't think Contador was really in form early due to getting married, getting a bit overweight and really totally 100% focused on the tour. I also believe Froome peaked early and has given his best so far to make SURE he shows eveyone AT SKY that he is worthy of captain at the tour. Bottom line we have seen the BEST of Froome but we haven't seen the BEST of Contador. They will clash and i believe Contador will take it in the 3rd week as that is where he ALWAYS detonated races.
TANK91 More than 1 year ago
Hey Drissmalet, bottom line is we have seen the best of Contador 2009 2011, he as been winning GT's since 2007 he is not old but every rider peaks at different times so for you to say their is still more to come just WOW. Froome beats Contador in the TDF all being equal no mechanical's etc. 1stFroome 2ndContador +1'30"
Almon Poole More than 1 year ago
Froome will not be within two minutes of Contador. Remember, Alberto just won a Vuelta against Froome with multiple big mountain stages in it. The guy gained a little weight because he was off after his Vuelta win, then when he started to train hard he had a bad case of the flu which messed him up. He has been hitting the high mountains this spring and he will be the man to beat at the Tour. Froome can podium if he has a good year.
Uncle_Tod More than 1 year ago
I will just have to tell you to agree to disagree. Froome from what I saw in the mountain stages in the Vuelta does not have the power to stay with Contador's stinging attacks when it gets very steep, cause that's where he says alright, let's give her the beans shall we and let's see what happens. Just wait and see. The stage to the Alpe d'Huez will blow the GC wide open. Wiggins said he was gonna win the Giro like it was nothing a few weeks ago, 2 weeks later he pulls out due to "illness" Yeah right. Sky sure knows how to put themselves in the spotlight though.
argyllflyer More than 1 year ago
'just about every race' is fair enough when you've won 3 out of 4 stage races and come 2nd in the other!
DaleUK More than 1 year ago
You have it wrong Uncle Tod, Tour of Oman featured Nibali, he lost to Froome. Nibali finished 7th. Which in fairness you would expect with the likes of Contador and Purito racing as well. He didnt really have much competition in the Giro after Wiggins withdrew, I expect he will duck the Tour this year.
GreaseMonster More than 1 year ago
He didn't have any competition before Wiggins withdrew either.
malknight More than 1 year ago
He didn't have competition with Wiggins in it either. If he truly thought he was capable of the Giro-Tour double he is delusional.
Terrence Martineau More than 1 year ago
has reading comprehension gone down that much in the last little while??? he never said that Froome has one every "every bike race he's ridden this year," he said ">>>JUST ABOUT
The Flying Beckana More than 1 year ago
Shane Sutton is rarely wrong.....
vonsenden More than 1 year ago
Perhaps the UCI need to consider a salary cap for teams, to more evenly distribute the top riders and possibly avoid boring Tours like last years? Imagine a Grand Tour with Wiggins, Evans, Nibali, Froome, Contador, Porte, Uran, and an in-form Andy Schleck all riding for different teams! It would be a sight to behold.
mandeep gulati More than 1 year ago
Yes, that will be an amazing sight, all of them fighting to see who's the true champion, but you what that means. That means that other races will see even less of them, when they start focusing on The Tour only.
malknight More than 1 year ago
Turn it into F1. Fixed tires, limited food, One bike a season. I think it is fine as it is. Sponsorship is the salary cap in this sport. Tour racing is to important to the sponsors to throw it all on one guy.
Pedal Pusher More than 1 year ago
Yeh sure Wiggins is going to ride to support Froome. He will likely wait till after the ITT's and then abandon the race when it's obvious that Froome is better positioned.
Lightening Toke More than 1 year ago
Hats off, Sir. Royal freakin' cyncism.
simo1733 More than 1 year ago
Very hard for a Tour de France champion to put the same level of commitment into riding as a super dom.Normally they spit the dummy at some point.
philjthommo More than 1 year ago
That's what i call character. . . some people have it and other do not.
agostinho More than 1 year ago
I'm just waiting to see Tim Kerrison saying that Wiggins is ready to win the Tour. It's always the same: one week one person says one thing, the other another person says another thing. Team Sky is predictable as MacGyver.
TMDoll More than 1 year ago
This won't work out well for SKy. You can tell that Wiggins is pissed off. It's important to remember that he is basically being told that he can't defend the yellow jersey, that would mess with most riders minds. At the same time many consider his win boring and seem to condemn him for this despite his awesome TT's and the lead out on the final stage. He was a great champion in my eyes. If Froome can distance him early on then perhaps things can run smoothly, but Wiggins won't forget Froome messing around in the mountains last year. I expect a SKy implosion and a Contador win. Too many chiefs, very simple diagnosis.
Dr_Stav More than 1 year ago
Can't help but think of all the other past teams that have had two strong leaders, claimed they will see who's going strongest/will use a two leader attack/will use the previous winner only for support and come to; nought. With any team with two strong contenders (SKY, BMC, etc) I'm guessing that internal conflicts are more likely to outshine external conflicts with focused teams. Any team that says it has 2 strong leaders should have their odds of winning slashed to near zero,
popoleke More than 1 year ago
you mean like Wiggins and Froome last year at the Tour de France, who only were first and second ? Or like when Contador and Armstrong were in the same team, and did first and fourth (if I remember well) ?
Matt Hergert More than 1 year ago
1st and 3rd in 2009, though one of those results no longer counts...
Dr_Stav More than 1 year ago
Thinking more over the decades rather than just recently, (Jaja/Zulle on ONCE in the 90's, as well as Nibali/Basso in recent years). There have been a few team one-twos, mainly with first time winners (Riis-Ullrich, Wiggins-Froome etc) coming from strong whole team work and time gains from TTT's, but far more talk of double leaders and split teams fail than actual successful, planned, pre-emptive two leaders strategies. The teams that have either fielded a single team leader, or switch leader due to either an accident or failed form and have a already high placed GC contender, have done far better than splitting 7 men to support 2 leaders. SKY had to forfeit stages and lead-outs with Cav to give Wiggins six supporting riders. Splitting domestics between two leaders (GC or otherwise) always leads to a Jack of All, King of Nothing team. As much as I'd like to see another GB winner, 8 men supporting solely supporting Nibali or Contador is more likely to succeed than 3.5 men supporting Wiggins and 3.5 men supporting Froome (even if that's not the official line).
popoleke More than 1 year ago
it's just that saying that a team having 2 team leaders/switching team leaders have practically zero chances of winning is completely false. And if you have two strong riders, with one of them being the team leader, if this one fails, at least you've got an other one (like in this Giro. If Sky didn't have uran, it would have been a really bad Giro for them) And most of the time (but not always), when they are two team leaders, there is maximum one of them who is really a favorite. Look at Lampre or at BMC recently, liquigas some years ago who only had basso as top contender (except at the end, when Nibale became better), and a lot of other teams. Except Sky, no team as more than one men who could win a GT.
malknight More than 1 year ago
There is no such thing as a team with two leaders. And Sky is no different. One of them is more capable than the other. I'd say that only one of them is capable of winning this years' tour.
Nathan_Redfield More than 1 year ago
There has been successful teams with two leaders. There ones I know about: Renault '84 La Vie Claire '85 '86 Carrera 87 Giro Banesto 91 Telekom 96 97 I'm sure there's been many more.
malknight More than 1 year ago
Cav did the right thing. He's a first example of Sky team building cynicism.
MJBX101 More than 1 year ago
" It's important to remember that he is basically being told that he can't defend the yellow jersey, that would mess with most riders minds." -- That is probably what Telekom told Bjarne Riis in 1997.
marginalgain More than 1 year ago
Unless it was a gentleman's agreement between Brad and Chris can the team really expect the defending champ to not have a crack at defending. If Brad gave Chris his word that he would support him then I think it should occur. The team, however, has the prerogative to decide what they believe is best for the team at the time. I know I am telling you all something you already know but unless there was an agreement I feel Froome may be out in the cold unless his legs are far superior.
philjthommo More than 1 year ago
It is more a fact that Team Sky's best chance is with Froome (being the 2013 course is has more mountains) more than the a notion of Wiggins being allowed to have a 'crack' at defending his title.
ycpjoh More than 1 year ago
There is an interesting scenario which may settle it 'on the road'. The route for this year's tour goes first to the Pyrenees but there is really only one hard climb and it isn't a sharp or bouncy profile so chances are all the GC boys are together. And if Sky boss the TTT then Wiggins and Froome are together at the top. Then they have the ITT before going to the Alps. Wiggins beats Froome in the ITT and is in Yellow. therefore Froome has to ride for the maillot jaune. No choice, unless Wiggins just cracks.
sur la plaque More than 1 year ago
Interesting scenario.. and I for one hope something like this happens as it will make things more interesting!! I think the difference this year is that Froome won't be prepared to ride for a Wiggins maillot jaune... can't see him sitting back again this year, what has he got to loose? He's in the form of his life and needs to go for TdF... Sky have a lot to loose in not supporting Froome.. otherwise he could easily move to a rival team where he gets full support.
Toby Long More than 1 year ago
even if brad does take yellow in the TT (not likely as froome will drop him like a stone in the Pyrenees to show who's wearing the trousers) i am pretty sure dave b has the strength and authority to tell brad straight up he still has to work for froome.