Spanish cycling federation president welcomes Operation Greyhound

Castaño says it is good to clean up all sports

The president of the Spanish Cycling Federation is not happy about the latest doping investigation in Spain, but insisted it is good that “we are cleaning up sports, cycling, athletics, and all the cases we have.”

Carlos Castaño, made the remarks at the presentation of the Spanish Cyclo-Cross championship, to be held in January.

Operation Greyhound” sparked the arrest of a number of athletes, coaches and doctors, including Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes. The only cyclist named so far was former mountain biker Alberto Leon.

The case "is another of the operations carried out by the state anti-doping agency, implicating famous athletes,” he said. "The rules are enforced very strictly.”

Fuentes was at the centre of Operación Puerto in 2006 but escaped prosecution because there was no anti-doping law in place in Spain at the time. He has been arrested during Operation Greyhound but has been released. Castaño said that if he were found to be a part of the alleged doping ring, “this will be the second error this gentleman will have committed and he will pay for it. "

Castaño concluded that "in Spain there is the presumption of innocence, so one cannot assume a crime has been committed, until someone has gone on trial and the verdict has been made public, because in that sense too much damage has been done to cycling. "

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