Sørensen won't let Clenbuterol cases change his eating habits

Saxo Bank-SunGard rider won't put life on standby

The recent number of doping cases involving Clenbuterol said to come from contaminated meat won't cause Chris Anker Sørensen to change his eating habits. The Danish Saxo Bank-SunGard rider will continue eating steaks.

Alberto Contador was cleared by the Spanish cycling federation on the doping charges, but others have not been so lucky. Li Fuyu was given a two-year ban and Alessandro Cobo was given one-year suspension, among others, with all of them claiming to have eaten contaminated food.

“I will still go to a restaurant when I want and I will also order a steak if I feel like it," Sørensen told the Ritzau news agency.

“It would be a little like putting your life on standby if it is something you must go and think about, though it certainly has been a frustrating situation for Contador and others.”

The 26-year-old won't automatically eat every piece of beef he sees, though.

“If I'm outside of Europe, I will think more about it, and I will also consider a second time if I want to buy the steak from Argentina, located in a supermarket refrigerated display.”

“It would be crazy if it came to a point where you'll have to save a corner of each steak you eat in order to reject doping accusations. But people will still eat steak.”

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