Scarponi continues with DNA offer for CONI

"I confirmed in front of the [CONI] lawyer that I am available to give my DNA," said Italian Michele...

"I confirmed in front of the [CONI] lawyer that I am available to give my DNA," said Italian Michele Scarponi to Adnkronos news agency after coming out of a two-hour meeting with Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) in Rome.

Scarponi was called in for questioning by anti-doping prosecutor Ettore Torri and his assistant, prosecutor Franco Cosenza, regarding his alleged involvement in Operación Puerto. The meeting started at 9.00 AM in room 208 of CONI's headquarters. The cyclist was accompanied by Paolo Viviani and Cristina Lancellotti.

"Nothing new came about," he continued. "I gave all the information that I had and I am very calm.

"I was heard in Italy because this year I took out an Italian racing license," said Scarponi, who joined Acqua & Sapone-Caffè Mokambo for 2007. "Last year I raced in Spain and they had also heard me there, but there are no new elements.

"Now it is up to the team to draw up the plan for the Giro d'Italia. Tomorrow, I will be back on my bicycle, seeing is how the Giro is coming near. I have not been suspended by my team and I expect to be selected for the [Giro] team."

Ivan Basso will be re-questioned this afternoon in light of new evidence that has been made available for the case that was shelved in October.

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