Sauser leads team to marathon worlds

15 Swiss racers to compete in Graz, Austria, on Sunday

Christoph Sauser will lead the Swiss national team at the marathon world championships in Graz, Austria, on Sunday, as he attempts to regain the marathon championship he lost last year to Belgian Roel Paulissen. Sauser was the marathon world champion in 2007.

Sauser commented on the higher level of the competition in marathon racing. After completing the Eiger Bike Grindelwald on Sunday, he said, "With my race time, I would have won four years ago, when I raced (here) the last time. This year, the three podium finishers all smashed the race record time by about 10 minutes!" Alexander Moos won the race, in which Sauser finished fourth.

Sauser will be joined by eight teammates in the men's race. Ralph Näf, 2006 World Marathon Champion, was not listed as part of the men's team.

Veteran racer Petra Henzi, who was marathon world champion in 2007, and Esther Süss, who won the women's race at the Eiger Bike Grindelwald last weekend, will lead the Swiss women's team of six total riders. Henzi has also won a silver medal (2006) and a bronze medal (2005) at marathon worlds.

Swiss National team for Marathon World Championships

Stefan Roffler
Thomas Zahnd
Urs Huber
Thomas Stoll
Lukas Buchli
Christoph Sauser
Andreas Kugler
Friedrich Dähler
Lucien Peterhans

Esther Süss
Petra Henzi
Erika Dicht
Antonia Wipfli
Milena Landtwing
Catherine Lohri

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