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Sánchez thinks there is still a chance to race in 2014

Alasdair Fotheringham
January 30, 17:58,
January 30, 16:57
First Edition Cycling News, Friday, January 31, 2014
Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel - Euskadi)

Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel - Euskadi)

  • Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel - Euskadi)
  • Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez (Euskaltel-Euskadi) in time trial mode
  • Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel)
  • Samuel Sanchez and Alejandro Valverde point to the location of Santiago de Compostela where the 2014 Vuelta concludes with a 10km time trial

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2008 Olympic champion still gunning for a team

Former Olympic road race champion and Tour de France King of the Mountains Samuel Sánchez says that the next few weeks will be crucial in his search for a team in 2014 but that he is hopeful that he will be able to sign for a squad in the next few weeks.

"There is some hope, these days are crucial because there is a possibility [of a team]," Sánchez told Cyclingnews on Thursday. "But we're getting to the point where it's really 'now or never'. This is the last window of opportunity."

Left high and dry when the Euskaltel-Euskadi squad folded and the Basque team's negotiations with the new Fernando Alonso-backed squad failed to work out, Sánchez is working closely with his new manager, former pro Joona Lauka - the first Finnish rider to finish the Tour back in the 1990s - to try and seal the last minute deal .

He is also training hard despite the current rough weather in his native Asturias, often with the only fellow pro in the region, Dani Navarro (Cofidis), for the upcoming season.

"Joona is doing a great job, and things are moving. There is some hope, but if it's not'll be really complicated. I hope we can sign a contract. There may yet be a possibility."

Anonymous 6 months ago
I really hope it works out for HIm. I think he still has the legs for some good results.
PCM Geek 6 months ago
I hope it works out for him too. It really is sad to see so many riders with no contract and facing the possibility of a forced retirement...
boombastic 6 months ago
glasgow wheelers still recruiting
Karl Von Drais 6 months ago
How much was he asking for when EE first folded? He could always ride for a Pro-Conti team or a Conti team and prove that he's still worth it and move up to WT later.
Jancouver 6 months ago
Thats what happen when you dedicate all your career to Euskaltel-Euskadi. Hope he can find a good team soon!
Manuel Schoel 6 months ago
They all thought Alonso would step in, but he did not. Even Igor Anton - who is much younger - struggled to find a team at first. Because when FACT (Fernando Alonso Cycling Team) was announced to ride in 2015 and not 2014 almost every WT-team was already full. So it is not his fault entirely.
Chromking 6 months ago
Let's help him. We need to have a plan. Which teams are available? Which guys should we contact through social media?
Modemfearer 6 months ago
NetApp would be great, as he could ride the TdF.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I agree. It gives them a serious Stage Win Hunter. Plus he could still post a top 10.
mroli74 6 months ago
Would get them a vuelta invite prob too...
veterinar 6 months ago
Yes, but they have Konig as their GT candidate. Don't think they can support 2.
filipo 6 months ago
Sammy to Katusha, pls
Broth3r 6 months ago
Cofidis, maybe? They have always had interests in Spain, they'll definitely need extra muscle if they don't want to embarrass themselves at the Tour, he could give them a chance to get a Vuelta wild card, and Navarro could help with the process. Just brainstorming, here.
Strydz 6 months ago
Navarro did a pretty good job by himself at the Tour and Dauphine last year so maybe Samu could help him ;) But yes I agree Cofidis would be a good fit
montani3semper 6 months ago
His fellow Asturiano, his paisano; a dude by the name FA, farted on the Vascos. Period
veterinar 6 months ago
So you mean he should have poured a lot of HIS money there, yet letting the crappy old management keep running things, right? what a stupid comment...
Gassed 6 months ago
I would like to se him at OGE. His dynamic with Weening, Albasini and Santaromita would enable OGE to be more than just a one dimensional team. I am far from saying they would be GC material but at least they would get more respect in the peleton and they would definitely be contenders in more stages.
Cance > TheRest 6 months ago
Can't see him fitting in on Greenedge. But as long as he gets a contract, almost everything seems good enough. I hope he will join Tinkoff Saxo though. He and AC would make a great duo