Robic vs. Wyss in RAAM

Team Type 1 pulls ahead in 8-person event

Four days into the Race Across America, four-time winner and defending champion Jure Robič holds a relatively slim lead over Swiss rider Dani Wyss. Not to be confused with BMC professional Danilo Wyss, the RAAM competitor lags behind his Slovenian counterpart just under an hour behind Robic at the halfway point.

With 1,500 miles of racing behind them, only 57 minutes separates the top two contenders in the men's solo division.


In the eight-person division, Team Type 1 has taken the lead over Team ViaSat on the first day of racing in that category. The all-diabetic octet is averaging 26.74 mph to ViaSat's 25.58 mph.

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