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Richie Porte pledges support for Amy Gillet Foundation

Cycling News
January 10, 07:02,
January 10, 07:08
First Edition Cycling News, Friday, January 10, 2014
Cycling Australia Road National Championships
Richie Porte (Team Sky)

Richie Porte (Team Sky)

  • Richie Porte (Team Sky)
  • Amy Gillett

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Petition for 'a metre matters' gains crucial support

On Saturday morning Richie Porte, the 2013 Australian Road Cyclist of the year, will call upon his cycling comrades to ‘sign up for safer cycling’ on behalf of over 4 million Australians who regularly ride their bikes.

Porte has made the pledge having said in a press release that 'enough is enough' following a horrid 2013 that saw 48 bike riders lose their lives across Australia, including fellow Tasmanian Lewis Hendey on the eve of Christmas and has added his support to the launch of a Federal Petition to implement a metre matters as law.

The petition will call upon the Australian Government to implement changes to the Australian Road Rules mandating a minimum overtaking distance of one metre when drivers pass bike riders on the road.

"I'm going to put my name to this, on behalf of the families who are grieving over the loss of their loved ones in senseless bike-related tragedies, and the millions of Aussies who deserve to ride their bikes in a safer environment, whether for work, sport or play," said Porte in preparation for the weekend.

On Sunday he will compete in the Elite Men’s Australian Road Race Championship with Nathan Earle and CJ Sutton by his side.

"The Amy Gillett Foundation's a metre matters campaign has highlighted the need for legislation to drive safer behaviour on our roads," he said.

Supported by Andrew Nikolic MP, Federal Member for Bass, Cycling Tasmania is sponsoring the petition that will run for three months before being presented to the House of Representatives in May.

Symbolically, the launch will take place immediately prior to the start of the Australian Women’s Road Australian Race Championships – a pet event of Amy Gillett who was killed while cycling in 2005 when hit by an out-of-control driver.

B_Ugli 8 months ago
I have to say good on Richie Porte for supporting this - I think that when a prominent Pro rider can get behind something promoting road safety it really does add a lot of weight to the campaign. It would be great to see his UK team mates doing a similar thing in the UK - the condition of the roads and circumstances under which a lot of people ride bikes on public roads is criminal. Particularly in view of the upsurge in people taking to two wheels. Unfortunately a local authority that persistently neglects in its duty of care to maintain its roads is dealt with under Civil Law - in reality the worst offending authorities should be dealt with in a Criminal Court. No amount of compensation will bring back a loved one who hits one of these "road craters" and as such it shouldn't be passed off as simply a "Civil matter". In some instances pot holes are filled the day after someone has lost their life!
Ridley Rider 8 months ago
A metre matters; it really does! To have Richie Porte, and hopefully many more Aussie Pro Tour Riders come out and support this great cause maybe, just maybe, the momentum will build off the back of their high profile and we'll start to see some positive change here on Australian roads. We all have a right to share the road and need to respect each others' right to get to our destination safely. If we can, if necessary through legislation, build understanding and respect along with making sure our roads are safe to ride on then perhaps we'll all begin to feel safer on our regular rides. Well done Richie and the Amy Gillet Foundation and to all cyclists here in Aus, if you get the chance to add your name to the petition please do so because "a metre matters"!
Flowers075 8 months ago
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hfer07 8 months ago
Setting aside my dislike for the majority of SKY riders, I do applaud & support entirely what Porte is doing to promote safety & respect for cyclists in Australia.