Report: Hair and blood samples clear Wellens

Accused cyclo-cross star says it's proof of his honesty

Following persistent rumours of doping, a Belgian court took hair and blood samples from Bart Wellens which according to Gazet Van Antwerpen have returned in the cyclo-cross star's favour.

Wellens was taken to hospital with a high fever and heart and other organ problems the night before the Belgian cyclo-cross championships. He was in intensive care for a number of days. His personal physician Peter T. Seyen said while Wellens was hospitalised that the heart muscle inflammation was clearly due to a bacterial viral infection, denying that doping played a role.

"This allows us to now say with confidence that it is absolutely impossible that bad things have happened here, as has unfortunately been suggested. There is no indication so we strongly refute it. A virus is the cause of all misery."

Wellens’ house was also searched as part of a court-ordered doping investigation centred on Luc Van den Broeck, who produces the dietary supplement CONCAP.

The court began taking samples from Wellens on February 2 with the details released to the newspaper.

"This is proof that I had nothing to do and that I had always been honest", said Wellens.

Wellens' brother Geert and another rider Kevin Cant were also tested by the court. Their results were negative for doping products.


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