Prudhomme reacts to open letter

Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) president Christian Prudhomme reacted to an open letter to his...

Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) president Christian Prudhomme reacted to an open letter to his organisation which originated in Germany. The Tour de France director complimented the initiative and agreed with the letter that cycling is "in great danger."

Prudhomme, whose organisation has come into sharp conflict with the UCI after placing the currently running Paris-Nice under the sanctioning of the French Cycling Federation listed many reasons why a reconciliation with the UCI seems impossible, especially denying the accusations that "ASO wants to take over cycling and is only in it for the money." UCI president Pat McQuaid has not reacted to the letter at this point.

The initiator of the letter, Henry Fecherolle, told Cyclingnews that he wanted to invite Prudhomme to the race Rund um Köln (March 24). "I already talked to race organiser Artur Tabat. He also would be happy to have the Tour director at the 100th edition of the German classic."

The letter stated that cycling is "on the ground." Citing the fact that doping has already caused enough havoc in the last couple of years, the letter conceded that "nobody expects that two parties always share the same opinion," but added that the current behaviour "is more like a dirty war than a civilised argument." It pointed out that teams, riders, race organisers, media and sponsors are already feeling the effect. The letter concluded that "it is not feasible you take out your dispute on the back of others," and asked that both parties sit on one table and reach an greement, for the benefit of cycling.

Fecherolle was happy with the reaction to his initiative, which will still run for a few days. "There is a lot of support and the message has been received by the addressees. I didn't expect both men [Prudhomme and McQuaid - ed.] to hug me, but I will be adamantly stay at it."

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