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Porte: I need to ride in a team where I'll be the leader

Barry Ryan
December 3, 2013, 11:26,
December 4, 2013, 06:44
First Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Richie Porte (Sky) finished second to teammate Chris Froome on the Tour's first day in the Pyrenees

Richie Porte (Sky) finished second to teammate Chris Froome on the Tour's first day in the Pyrenees

  • Richie Porte (Sky) finished second to teammate Chris Froome on the Tour's first day in the Pyrenees
  • Richie Porte helped Chris Froome to the line
  • Water for a hangover? Richie Porte and Chris Froome before the start of the Aalst Criterium
  • Riche Porte starts to shred the peloton down to the maillot jaune and few others

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Australian to leave Sky after 2015?

Richie Porte has indicated that he will have to leave Team Sky at the end of his current contract in order to fulfill his own personal ambitions in three-week Grand Tours.

The Australian has two years remaining on his existing deal with the British team but said that the presence of Chris Froome at Team Sky means that he is likely to go elsewhere in 2016. Porte signed a two-year contract extension in May of this year, meaning that his current deal does not expire until the end of the 2015 season.

"As much as I love being there and being the wingman, it's not what I always want to do," Porte told The Herald Sun before travelling to Europe for the team's training camp in Mallorca.

"I've shown by winning Paris-Nice and coming second in the Dauphiné and Basque, they're pretty big races in the sport. I think the next move for me is two more years at Sky, but then I really think I need to get out and ride in a team where I'll be the leader."

Porte joined Team Sky from Saxo Bank at the beginning of 2012, and played an important part in helping Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome win the past two Tours de France. The 28-year-old was handed the reins of leadership for Paris-Nice in 2013, where he claimed overall honours, and at the Tour of the Basque Country, where he finished second behind Nairo Quintana (Movistar).

For most of 2013 Porte was relegated to a role in support of Froome, finishing second behind his teammate at Critérium International and the Critérium du Dauphiné. However, Porte said that Froome’s status as Team Sky's leader is not open to debate, particularly given that he races under a British licence. Like Porte, Froome will turn 29 next year.

"I think Chris Froome is the rider of this generation. I think he's going to win more than one Tour and it's unrealistic of me, in a British team, when he's got a British passport [to assume control]," Porte said. "To be honest, it's going to be hard to beat Chris, but in another team who knows?"

"Me personally, I think I do have the qualities to be a contender. I mean, I can climb and time trial and hold my own in the descents too. The ultimate GC rider has to be good at everything."

Although Porte suffered a jours sans on the 2013 Tour’s second mountain stage to Bagnères-de-Bigorre, he took heart from his strong showings in support of Froome elsewhere during the race and he admitted to wondering what he could have achieved had he not been riding as a deluxe domestique.

"I was there in situations where it was Froome, [Alberto] Contador and Porte and I was thinking, 'Well, I need to start being a little bit more selfish next year and ride for myself'," said Porte, who will lead Sky at the Giro d’Italia next season before teaming up with Froome at the Tour.

"I'll have the opportunity to ride in the Giro and ride for myself. For me, the dream is to win a Grand Tour, any Grand Tour. I've been out of Australia long enough to realise there are other races other than the Tour."

Anonymous 11 months ago
Everyone wants to leave sky... Just goes to show that they are not doing anything special
James Alexander 11 months ago
a) no it doesn't b) a grand total of 2 riders left sky this off season
Cance > TheRest 11 months ago
I dont think the teamspirit is too good at Sky. More riders will leave them in the future, incluing more prominent riders, I think
TANK91 11 months ago
Duh Porte proved he is in top 3 best in the TDF, what has team chemistry got to do with it, he is not Froomes brother, he even complimented Froome, i bet in 2 years he goes to Orica.
philjthommo 11 months ago
Unlikely to go to Orica as they will give very little support to him. Maybe BMC will look for a new GC rider if TJ doesn't perform over the next few seasons.
kdogg64 11 months ago
If he has a good 2014 he'll break his contract and move on. No sense in being a domestique for another year when you could win and make far more $$$ on another team. Should be fun to watch.
João Sá 11 months ago
the problem with Sky is that they have a great team with great riders, and can only be 1-2 leaders. Like in Movistar, Rui Costa had to exit to find a better place in other team
montani3semper 11 months ago
The English could accomodate the belgium born rider; but as far as they could tell, Kenya and Australia are colonies, and their nationals are second class citizens
Steveo 11 months ago
What's that supposed to mean? Sky passed over Wiggo to give Froome a crack at the Tour didn't they? Doesn't smack of second class to me. As for Porte, he's being paid to do a job, one he agreed to do. Guess you're not an English racist eh?
Dan Vella 11 months ago
I learnt a good deal about second class citizens living in Australia and watching the hysterical reactions to Aboriginies and immigrants.
biker jk 11 months ago
Now that you have left the average IQ has risen in both Australia and the country to which you returned. BTW, it's "aborigines". One in four Australians are born overseas and the nation is one of the most successful multicultural nations on the planet. Thanks for displaying your ignorance.
philjthommo 11 months ago
Wait are you saying there is not mass hysteria over immigrants? or should i call them 'illegal boat people'? Dan Vella shows some very sound and sad truth about Australia.
Highwaystar 11 months ago
Where are you from? Tell me and give me 5 mins to google some sad truths about your country. Also, a protip: a large proportion of people speaking out against illegal immigrants are "legal" immigrants.
Particle 11 months ago
Sadly, as an Australian, I have to agree with Dan Vella. Of course this has nothing to do with the article: I think it would be great if Porte could lead a team.
rocket man 11 months ago
I think your all missing the point, Porte is from Tasmania not Australia.
Mark Hornsby 11 months ago
Possibly the most inane comment I've ever read on this site ... and boy have I read some crackers.
two20john 11 months ago
That was one long contract you signed Ritchie, hope you won't have used all the lead in your pencil up by 2016.
70kmph 11 months ago
Many chefs in one kitchen
NoMapNoCompass 11 months ago
all of them afraid to spit in the soup!
ianfra 11 months ago
Nothing to spit about. Why do you guys have to carry on about this ad infinitum?
ianfra 11 months ago
Not everyone wants to leave Sky. Porte's position is perfectly reasonable.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Some people in this forum acuse sky of doping they how can they explain why Rogers left sky and was still pretty good? He wasn't as good because he had some health problems but he was still at a very good level. Why is Uran is leaving sky? Why does Porte wanna leave sky? Surely they wouldn't want to leave if they tought they culdn't continue to be at the same level when they leave.
BackSeatRider 11 months ago
I have no idea what prompted this post. Ianfra did not mention doping at all. Your argument that riders have not had their results fall off after leaving Sky is valid and worthy of discussion, but I don't know why you would reply to this post to discuss that.
qwerty 11 months ago
porte always comes across as a big mouthed arrogant person, i kind of dislike him
Dope Fiend 11 months ago
Porte man syndrome.
Lucifa 11 months ago
The problem in Pro cycling that their are too many leaders and not enough teams. In saying that though, Orica Greenedge would be a good option if they shopped around for more support.
HeadPack 11 months ago
Being ambitious is fine, but announcing he plans to leave the team with quite some time left on his contract, perhaps not so wise. What could motivate him to do that, if there is anything?
Mellow Velo 11 months ago
I'm wondering about that, too. He'd seemed happy with the Giro lead, now, less so. My guess is that Wiggins is making waves again.
seattle_cat2 11 months ago
Agree here... it sounds like his heart is already not in it w/ Sky. That's not going to bolster Froomes etc... trust in his allegiance to the team. Plus, he just stated he will be out to challenge Froome. That's personal and business and it will, again, not inspire any sense of loyalty from Sky team towards Porte in the next 2 years. Not a wise announcement in my opinion...
ShawnB 11 months ago
Honestly, I don't think he told Barry Ryan all that stuff and then only later realized "Oh dear...was that a journalist I was talking to!? Oh no, what have I done?!" It was purposeful: He obviously wants out of his contract. He's watched others make waves within Sky, and seen Sky sorely stung by the psychodrama. Probably he's taken their temperature and thinks after all they've been through they'll now sooner get rid of him than have yet another such situation on their hands -- or risk the possibility he won't work properly for Froome come July, given what he's just said. He's probably right.
nepetalactone 11 months ago
I disagree. Sky knows full-well Porte's ambitions. His position is perfectly reasonable and every team should see the logic behind it. Kind of like when Cavendish left - management can't really blame him for his decision. Porte in this case though has at least admitted he's happy to see out his contract, and I bet the team is pretty happy with him for that. I'm sure if something changes in Froome and Porte's relative level, he would reconsider.
kdogg64 11 months ago
If Porte has a good 2014, he will surely break his contract and move to another team for 2015. It would be a perfectly wise move, as he would be the team leader and command seriously more $$$.
anyoldbike 11 months ago
If he is going to be at another team in a few years, then he needs to make sure that they have the riders on the roster to support him specifically. That might take them a few years to assemble. Orica ? What about BMC if Tejay doesn't work out?
philjthommo 11 months ago
Potentially he may be flagging that should he have a good Giro then he may not want to ride in support of Froome at the tour and ride the Vuelta (ie. Nibali 2013) which is a reasonable request from a top teir rider, should he prove his worth at the Giro.
PowderedGinger 11 months ago
I reckon he will be going to Orica GreenEdge because he's an Aussie. And they will give him a lead role somewhere.
Mark Schwitau 11 months ago
Well, they are giving him a chance to win the Giro!! That's not exactly leftover crumbs ... What is he complaining about.
Dewulf 11 months ago
Agreed....but have a look at the comments above from HeadPack and others, I think there may be some sense in there maybe. I'll just add that at 28, if he wants to have more than a few years to have a crack at GTs as leader, he'd be better off starting as default leader now, not when he's 30. Especially since he may not find the right team for him first go (look at what Cadel had to go through with Lotto). Granted, he is apparently getting the Giro this year, but how will that pan out with Froome and the TdF? Guess he won't be getting the Vuelta too?