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Phinney targets Tour de France debut in 2014

Cycling News
January 14, 14:45,
January 14, 14:42
First Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Tour de San Luis
Taylor Phinney (BMC) at the wind tunnel testing facility in Brackley

Taylor Phinney (BMC) at the wind tunnel testing facility in Brackley

  • Taylor Phinney (BMC) at the wind tunnel testing facility in Brackley
  • Taylor Phinney (Team BMC) in full flow
  • Taylor Phinney is put through his paces in the wind tunnel

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BMC rider begins season at Tour de San Luis

Taylor Phinney is aiming to make his Tour de France debut in 2014, his fourth season as a professional. The American will again target the Spring Classics in the early part of the year, but is keen to line up at La Grande Boucle in July, where his fellow countryman Tejay van Garderen will lead BMC’s challenge.

“The biggest goal for me would be to make the Tour de France team, other than having solid performances in the Classics, where Milan-San Remo and Paris-Roubaix are very important to me as they’re two of my favourite races,” Phinney said. “Those are big goals, and then making the Tour de France team and being able to help Tejay [van Garderen], I’m quite excited about that, but I have to make that team first.”

Phinney was speaking at BMC’s pre-season training camp in Solvang, California before flying to Argentina for his first race of the 2014 campaign, the Tour de San Luis. The 23-year-old spent the month of December training in Southern California and declared himself pleased with his winter preparation in general, citing his decision to hire a full-time soigneur in Reed McCalvin as a major contributing factor in the first injury-free off-season of his professional career.

“I’ve always struggled with injuries in the off-season, mainly due to cold weather and changes in bike position, and not having the available therapy or not making use of available therapy because you don’t race for a while,” he said. “This off-season is the first off-season where I’ve not had any issues and I’ve been able to knock out every single training day basically to perfection, and I owe that a lot to having hired my own personal soigneur and being a couple of years older too.”

Phinney was an impressive seventh at last year’s snowbound Milan-San Remo, almost catching the winning break thanks to a breathless descent of the Poggio, but he and his BMC team were unable to make a significant impact at Paris-Roubaix. He bounced back in the second half of the campaign with an impressive solo stage victory at the Tour de Pologne and is hopeful of starting 2014 on a positive note at the Tour de San Luis, which begins on January 20.

“I’ve been living the pro life, getting things done and I’m quite tired from all the training I’ve been doing, which is a great sign because now is the time to sort of taper in to the new season,” said Phinney, who will target the stage 5 time trial in Argentina.

“As a time triallist, I always aim for those and other than that, it would be cool to win a road stage myself and see what we can do from the team side of things on the general classification. I’m not going to be up there in the mountaintop finishes but I can help my teammates like [new arrival] Darwin Atapuma.”

wirral 8 months ago
That photo is weird. I'm out of here.
rastymick 8 months ago
It is because there were some major problems with the wind tunnel testing. First, Tyler forgot his helmet and the fans (in the wind tunnel) locked in at maximum output and could not be switched off for almost 4 hours. In other words, Tyler spent almost 4 hours in a massive storm without his helmet on - but don't worry, his hairdresser already confirmed that the problem with Tyler's hair is not as serious as it may look like and it will definitely be fixed before Milan San Remo.
nepetalactone 8 months ago
Who is Tyler?
Vegan Dave 8 months ago
Apparently the person in the photo!!
Willy_Voet 8 months ago
Make that pompadour a mullet and he'd look like VDB...
srsplato 8 months ago
Looking forward to watching Taylor race in the tour!
Kevi Nmaiden 8 months ago
Good thing he wears a helmet that hair is definitley not aerodynamic.
Steelframeguy 8 months ago
Yo Taylor, it may be legal in Colorado now but you really should not smoke pot. At least not if someone is about to publish a phot of you. good luck in france though. Can`t wait for your too-much-bordeaux-face.
Anonymous 8 months ago
He is so full of himself
Strydz 8 months ago
Why is that? He is a sportsman with an ego, what a shock!
Anonymous 8 months ago
lighten up francis
Fernando Cintra 8 months ago
Phinney for me is some sort of new Edvald Boason Hagen.. the "almost" guy. I hope I'm wrong for next season. :)
lifedebunked 8 months ago
Why do you need a new one when the old one is failing just fine?
dsotherby 8 months ago
Two totally different riders, I don't know how you even compare the two.
Fernando Cintra 8 months ago
totally different? I would say a bit different and that's all. both can do something during classics, are punchy riders and do pretty well at time trials. None are climbers or grand tour contenders.. Totally different is Quintana from Phinney or Cav from Edvald, not these two.
dsotherby 8 months ago
Fair enough. Regardless, it's a cheap statement given that he's had promising results in his junior years in the pro ranks (hello, pink jersey in the Giro?). It always bothers me when you hear critics talk about riders in their first few years with such a negative and definitive outlook on their future. He's a couple years into a 10 to 13 year career -- do you realize how arrogant your statement sounds?
Cance > TheRest 8 months ago
I actually agree with Fernando on this one. Phinny is an "almost guy", just look at 2012 worlds TT, if you don't understand. He gets a lot of hype and people expect so much from him, but even though he delivers somewhat okay results througout the season, he never actually lives up to the hype. Also why do you think his statement is arrogant? He (Fernando) says that he hopes Phinny will do better for the next season, not exactly arrogant.
Cance > TheRest 8 months ago
wheel chaser 8 months ago
Phinney looks like Johnny Weirs boyfriend.
jabike 8 months ago
Cool, Simply Red is back in the game. Awesome!!!
lifedebunked 8 months ago
slam that stem 8 months ago
Simply Red? It's Nick Grimshaw...
FrogMan 8 months ago
where are your shoe covers?