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Pervis sets new kilometre world record in Mexico

Cycling News
December 8, 2013, 10:09,
December 8, 2013, 10:12
First Edition Cycling News, Monday, December 16, 2013
UCI Track World Cup II
Francois Pervis (France) celebrates his keirin victory.

Francois Pervis (France) celebrates his keirin victory.

  • Francois Pervis (France) celebrates his keirin victory.
  • Francois Pervis was fast enough for bronze.

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56.303 at World Cup sees Frenchman smash Tournant's 2001 mark

François Pervis smashed Arnaud Tournant’s 12-year-old world record in the 1 kilometre time trial when he clocked a time of 56.303 seconds in the Track World Cup at Aguascalientes, Mexico on Sunday.

The Frenchman was one of five riders in the event to dip below Tournant’s mark of 58.875, which he set at an altitude of 3,600m in La Paz, Bolivia in October 2001. For his part, Pervis availed of the 1,880m altitude of the Aguascalientes track to make the most of his current good form and set a new landmark time.

Pervis had already showcased his condition by breaking the world record in the flying 200 metres on Friday, and he was in imperious form in the kilometre on Saturday evening, averaging some 63.939kph to beat Maximilian Levy (Germany) into second place by over 1.5 seconds.

Levy broke Tournant’s old mark by finishing second in 57.949, while Joachim Eilers (57.980), Eric Engler (58.369) and Hugo Haak (58.446) also all managed to break the former record but were unable to get close to Pervis.

Pervis had travelled to Mexico nurturing hopes of a record-breaking ride, as he told Ouest France before his departure. “I won’t have many chances like this in my life, I’m very strong at the moment. Everything is in place, now is the time,” Pervis said. “And if I needed a sign, Aguascalientes is where I rode my first World Cup race, ten years ago.”

The kilometre record was not the only one to fall during the final day of the World Cup, as Kristina Vogel (Germany) set a new flying 200m world record in qualifying for the women’s sprint. Vogel set a new mark of 10.384 seconds just moments after Anna Meares (Australia) had dipped below her 2012 record of 10.782 by clocking 10.487.

Meares established a new record in the 500 metre time trial on Friday, when she set a time of 32.836 and became the first woman to break the 33-second barrier in the event.




TShame 11 months ago
The top ten riders all broke the minute barrier, and Pervis didn't even wear an aero-helmet or booties. Maybe this is the track for an hour attempt due to its altitude and condition. Was their a world record that wasn't broken this weekend? Women's individual pursuit is still Sarah Hammer and men's IP is tonight.
cyclingrookie 11 months ago
Old pic. He did wear an aero helmet, but no booties since they're not allowed indoors. Endurance records are less likely to be broken, Because they get the negative effect of altitude(less oxygen) along with the reduced air resistance, so it balances out.
Farcanal 11 months ago
So are all these guys doping because they've gone faster than anyone before? Even at altitude? Of course not, the current argument that anyone that goes faster than their ancestors must be doping because mankind is already at its limit for development is totally flawed. Competition increases development. Always has, always will
Frans Rutten 11 months ago
Competition is the great difference between two track world cups at the same place. In january there also was a track world Cup at Aguascalientes. The Chinese Zhong rode a 200m record of 10,573s. The track cyclists are now forced to take part of all the world cups in order to get points. Besides there now 3 world cups at altitude at a row, while the world championships closes it in february 2014 at a modest altitude of around 1000m.
Anonymous 11 months ago
oh noooes he jsut break the humanly possible limit get with it, records are to te broken
TheStaz 11 months ago
That's fast.
TheFred 11 months ago
Uhhh...AVERAGING 40mph from a standing start is fast. It's mind boggling fast. You are oh so right.
oldcrank 11 months ago
His 750 metre split would have qualified him for the bronze medal ride-off in the team sprint!!
Frans Rutten 11 months ago
The last rider always travels 750m on his own and of cause he has some advantage by trailing behind the second man. Enders from the German Team is mostly so far ahead, that no one has much advantage. The German Eilers was 2 and 1 3/4 second behind his own sprintteam 750m time.
Frans Rutten 11 months ago
Let's be fair folks. Track cycling in a velodrome at 1887m altitude, with an actual airpressure of 822 hPa, has no more ressemblance with track cycling in most other places than riding on two wheels. My record is still 80km/h riding up a few percents hill. 200m in 10,80s with just 1,09s effort, the rest freewheeling uphill. Of cause this was during a storm, gale force 10. In another effort I rode a 56s kilo, sea-level, but just the 2nd half 7% downhill. These examples fairly demonstrate you cannot mix up genuine circumstances with extraordinary ones. The UCI once again is sleeping. After the doping deluge now again in this matter. Apparently it's as it ever was all about the money.
aeromono 11 months ago
uh, what? You specialize in time trialing uphill in hurricanes? Really strange comment.
Frans Rutten 11 months ago
Of cause not. It's a while back (25-01-1990). You apparently missed the point. Had I sprinted all along, I would have trashed the world record over 200m uphill, but I was not so foolish to put my life at stake by crossing a bridge with a narrow path for cyclists of 1,20m or crashing with auto vehicles. But the fact remains that just as riding with tail storm wind it's ridiculous to compare Aguascalientes sprint results with normal situations. I bet for 1 billion dollars, that there weren't 41 riders who rode at their genuine best.
TheFred 11 months ago
Frans, I agree that it seems unfair to allow records, particularly for short anaerobic efforts, to be set at altitude. But it does make for impressive times and speeds. PS congrats on your storm to tell the grand kids about, especially since you lived to tell the tale.
Frans Rutten 11 months ago
It's unfair. All events up to One Hour have a quite large benefit, especially now indoors. Francois Pervis was at the first half lap point SLOWER than during his Wch 2013. Most likely because of gearing. But from then one he gained every half lap on a linear basis 0,2th of a second. Corresponding half laps compared to each other. This is an anomaly. It took 15 years to clean up the sport, although track cycling for whatever reason, was never targeted like road cycling. Now the UCI is perverting track cycling by itself. Bring on the clowns.
Frans Rutten 11 months ago
Correction: It's one-tenth of a second to 0,95s in the last half a lap (125m).
Frans Rutten 11 months ago
A short analysis of the 200m men qualification. 32 riders in all rode TWC Manchester (november) and Aguascalientes. On average they were a stunning 0,397s faster (0,60s Hoogland / 0,203 injured Dawkins). Those 32 riders rode together a massive 250m quicker (from 11,73m Hoogland to 4,11m injured Dawkins). Shortly before Aguascalientes Hoogland rode during the GP Derksen Memorial 10,812s while losing to two country competitors. Even the 1km new WR was from a statistical point of view not necessarily phenomenal. Absolute World Level doesn't automatically mean, that something is phenomenal. Beamon was.