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Novikov given two-year ban by RUSADA

Cycling News
January 14, 12:35,
January 14, 12:25
First Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Nikita Novikov

Nikita Novikov

  • Nikita Novikov
  • Nikita Novikov (Vacansoleil-DCM).
  • Nikita Novikov (Itera - Katusha) in yellow.

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Russian cyclist disqualified for steroid use

Former Vacansoleil rider Nikita Novikov has been handed a two-year ban by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, for the use of banned substances.

“Based on the findings of the Disciplinary Committee of the Anti-Doping decided to disqualify the athlete Nikita Novikov for 2 years,” stated the short statement on the RUSADA website.

The Russian tested positive, after an out of competition test, for the steroids hydroxy-ostarine and o-dephenyl-ostarine, in May of last year. Both drugs help to promote muscle mass and muscle strength.

Novikov turned professional with the, now defunct, Vacansoleil team in 2012, after four years on the Itera-Katusha development squad. He showed good promise at the Russian continental team, but failed to replicate that in the WorldTour. His only notable result was 14th at the Quatre Jours de Dunkerque. Novikov only competed in 10 races before his suspension last June.

The ban will be backdated to the date of his suspension, and will end on June 6, 2015. Russian cycling has been under the microscope at the Russian anti-doping agency, with three other riders being handed sanctions in the last month.

Karl Von Drais 8 months ago
How many riders related to Katusha have now been popped in the last few years?
Mark Schwitau 8 months ago
Statistically, probably not more than any other team really.
Rosaleepark0 8 months ago
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PCM Geek 8 months ago
I'm wondering why he would want to take something to promote muscle mass and muscle strength. Bodybuilders want more muscle mass and strength so they can bulk up, gain weight and strength to be able to lift more weight. A cyclist would want endurance and a leaner body mass (weigh less to climb better). I guess if he was a sprinter, TTer or a track rider he might want additional explosive strength to be able to sprint faster. Maybe this steroid has other benefits besides just adding muscle mass and strength. Maybe like testosterone and HGH this steroid lets the user recover quicker so that they can train harder and longer. That must be what it is. However this kid is foolish for even trying this because he has been caught and he is now labeled as a cheater. Pretty sad...
antmills 8 months ago
... Well, ... it's good to see that Russia are actually finding & banning riders for doping. I suspect that many people would imagine them being "linient" with their own cheats. This does give cause for optimism in pro cycling. Hopefully other countries (we all know who are suspect!) can show they are as "thorough", and then hope will indeed return. But I fear that some countries will take a long time to change their ways!
Tangled Tango 8 months ago
This looks more like a PR selection process by RUSADA, popping another peloton fodder domestique. When was the last time we saw a big name russian popped? This is both RUSADA wanting to appear like they are joining the anti-doping charge within cycling and the same with regards to the upcoming olympics. From the country that almost wrote the book on organized doping (remember the 1970-80s russian olympic female track & field team), it is difficult to trust them when the only guys ever caught and suspended are basically on the insignificant end of the peloton.
TheFred 8 months ago
They had to bust him; that jaw was too noticeable.
Micachin Z 8 months ago
It is a joke. Poor guy just did not have enough money to pay the "officials". Unlike Viatcheslav Ekimov who inherited olympic gold from Hamilton and obviously never dopped while on USPS team. Russia is riddled with corruption, being at the top of the most corrupt states in the world, right next to Nigeria. Ask how they got Olympics in Sochi
LesMcLuffAlot 8 months ago
Look at that steriod induced chin!
PCM Geek 8 months ago
Generally a person will get the elongated jaw and bone growth from long term HGH use, not from shorter term anabolic (testosterone) steroid usage. So your perceived "steroid chin or jaw" might just be a normal physical trait for him. He's a young guy so if he is also using HGH (which he might be doing because Test. and HGH are sometimes taken in combination) then I think it would be too early to develop that neanderthal look. Take a look at before and after photos of Barry Bonds and you will see a prime example of what long term massive HGH and steroid usage will do to the human body. Supposedly Bonds head size grew off the charts do to the massive amounts of strength producing ped usage he did over many years. It is not natural for the human head or any bone to grow later in life like that so thats a prime indicator of HGH usage. I don't see it in this kid, although in the pictures he does seem to be on the bulky side. He's still young, hopefully he can turn his life around and get on to a more positive life track.
wirral 8 months ago
He doesn't look too sad about the sentence.
Anonymous 8 months ago
he doesnt look like like a cyclist, more like poker player