IMBA to present at Australian Bike Show

IMBA trail specialist, Joey Klein, will present 2 seminars at the Bicycling Australia Show , October...

IMBA trail specialist, Joey Klein, will present 2 seminars at the Bicycling Australia Show, October 22 and 23. The 2005 Australian Bike Show is being held at The Dome, Sydney Showground located in Sydney Olympic Park.

Joey Klein has worked with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) for the past seven years, traveling around the world, and sharing his knowledge on trail design, construction, and maintenance with tens of thousands of mountain bikers.

He has also worked with the governments, mountain bike, and trail advocacy organizations of Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Italy, Israel, Canada, and the United States to build the sport of mountain biking on each country's public lands. Currently, Joey is working for IMBA's Trail Solutions, a program he helped develop in 2002. Since the program's inception, he has designed well over 300 miles of mountain bike trails, creating everything from family friendly singletrack to world-class downhill and freeride trails to build the sport all over the world.

Joey has made two previous trips to Australia to assess the country's mountain bike resources and potential, working with dozens of groups to build momentum for more and better mountain biking opportunities. This is his third trip to Australia and he will travel coast to coast during a 7-week road trip.

Joey will speak on Saturday 22nd October and Sunday 23rd October at 4pm in the Dome Theatrette, ground floor, off the main foyer.

If you are passionate about mountain biking and want to know what you can do to enhance MTB features in your area don't miss this opportunity to hear one of the best and most experienced trail experts in the world.

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