Hushovd angry at Armstrong for doping

Says American "dragged the sport through the mud"

Thor Hushovd is angry with his former friend Lance Armstrong, saying he has “dragged (cycling) down into the mud and destroyed all credibility for us who remain."

The BMC rider said he was “amazed by the scope” of Armstrong's doping, and emphasised that he himself has a “clear conscience.”

“I am very pissed at Armstrong and others who have played us for fools,” he told  “I have cried going over the mountains because it hurt so much,” he said.

“Lance built the sport up to something big, but has now dragged it down in the mud and destroyed all credibility for us who remain. At least those of us who rode with him.”

When asked if he had ever doped, the Norwegian replied, “The only thing I can say is that I know that I'm sitting here with a clear conscience. Meanwhile, people who have doped said the same thing before, but in my head, and here I have it safe and fine,” pointing to his heart.

Hushovd said that he “was amazed by the scope” of doping at the former US Postal team.  “It's crazy what Armstrong and the team have done.  Such systematic doping, something I had never imagined. The way he acted and the arrogance he has shown to those who spoke the truth, is shocking.”

Armstrong was stripped of his results going back to 1998 after USADA found him and his US Postal team guilty of systematic doping. Armstrong lost all seven of his Tour titles and confessed to doping in January.

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