Haedo ready for vacation after win

Team CSC took the one-two in the Philadelphia International Championship , preventing a sweep of the...

Team CSC took the one-two in the Philadelphia International Championship, preventing a sweep of the three-race Commerce Bank Triple Crown Series by T-Mobile's Bernhard Eisel, who won the first two races, but finished third on Sunday.

"It was a perfect day for us – we were part of all the breaks and what a pay off!" said Directeur Sportif Scott Sunderland on the team's website, team-csc.com. "JJ has been having a bit of a tough time lately. He was a bit disappointed about his performance in Giro d'Italia and hasn't regained his strength in the first couple of races over here. But I said to him to try and make a couple of the early breaks and then see what happens. Later on he was told to get ready for the sprint, while almost everybody was up to something. The team work today was superb.

"In the end Goss joined Haedo in the sprint and he did well enough for them to take the first and second place," he concluded. "So now JJ has truly earned the two weeks vacation, which he'll be taking in Argentina."

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