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Gerolsteiner news update

Cycling News
May 15, 2005, 1:00 BST,
April 20, 2009, 23:55 BST
First Edition Cycling News for May 15, 2005

By Susan Westemeyer Gölz returns part-time to Gerolsteiner; test for Faresin Team Gerolsteiner...

By Susan Westemeyer

Gölz returns part-time to Gerolsteiner; test for Faresin

Team Gerolsteiner announced former directeur sportif Rolf Gölz has come back to the team to resume his position with the team, a position he occupied in 2002, but now on a part-time basis. Explained team boss Hans-Michael Holczer: "We have discovered that it makes more sense to have two sporting directors at ProTour races. So we spoke to him about it." 42 year-old Golz will continue to be employed full-time by an auto-rental company, and, according to Holczer, will work for Gerolsteiner about 20 days a year.

The emergence of another old face is that of 39 year-old former pro Gianni Faresin, who retired at the end of the last season and began working for Gerolsteiner at the Giro on Saturday, where he will be riding in the second team car. "This is a test. We are giving Gianni the opportunity to gather some experience," said Holczer.

Hondo to appeal

Sacked Gerolsteiner rider Danilo Hondo has said he will not accept the two-year ban he is facing, and will appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). "I was sentenced like one who has purposely doped," he said. "That just isn't right."

Hondo hopes to be found innocent, in an as-yet unscheduled hearing before the CAS. However, the 31 year-old admits he still has no explanation for the positive test results. "There are many theories, most of which don't make any sense. I am in a situation where I have to prove something that even the laboratories can't prove. That is the difficulty," he said.

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