Geoff Kabush: Going to the chapel

It has been a busy couple of months since my last update. Since the MTB World Champs back in August;...

It has been a busy couple of months since my last update. Since the MTB World Champs back in August; I have done a couple laps of North America by car and plane. First my fiancée Keri and I got back up to the Northwest for the start of the wedding season, with good friend, Mr. Pinfold of Symmetrics Cycling, hooking up first in my hometown Courtenay. Then it was back to Chicago for another wedding, followed by that little bike show in Vegas, one of my favourite CX races, Starcrossed, and finally, on a full moon and our two year anniversary, we got married on October 7 in Victoria.

The wedding was a really fun party. Being so transient it is not often I get to see all my friends in one place. We married at a beautiful placed called Hatley Castle, also known as the mutant school from the X-Men movie. Keri did a wonderful job planning it all and I picked the beer.

After catching my breath from the wedding festivities I headed out to Philadelphia for Granoque and Wissahickon to try to score a few UCI Cyclo-cross points. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, I got beat down pretty good - I guess that is what happens when you don't get to ride much for a couple months. I did, however, have a lot of fun setting up our new sound system/heckling machine from Fender. You can mix in music, guitars, and heckle with the two included microphones. Tom McDaniel, organizer of Granoque, put Team Maxxis up at his house and we had a good time playing some ol' school skee ball.

I decided to keep racing when I got back to British Columbia because training takes too much energy at this time of year. Even though I didn't make it to bed, bath, and beyond, I did put together a pretty nice little weekend for myself watching Canucks' overtime win on Friday night, a BC Cross Championship on Saturday and a Cowboy Cross Island Series win on Sunday. It is great to see Cyclo-cross is starting to gain a little momentum north of the border.

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