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Gallery: Rui Costa shows new jersey and bike

Cycling News
January 2, 10:27,
January 2, 10:28
First Edition Cycling News, Friday, January 3, 2014
Rui Costa gets ready to go out on track

Rui Costa gets ready to go out on track

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Lampre-Merida also changes team kit

Lampre-Merida has revealed the new team kit for 2014 and the world champion's jersey for its new signing Rui Costa. The Portuguese will wear an all-white kit, with prominent rainbow stripes on the chest and white bib shorts. His teammates also receive new jerseys designed by Champion System. 

“Champion System is proud to be a part of the Lampre-Merida professional cycling team. We have increased our support this year as we believe that the team will continue to develop during an after races to help us develop our brand,” said Louis Shih, CEO of Champion System.

The traditional combination of Lampre's fuchsia and Merida's green gets matched with a darker shade of blue on the new team wear. Lampre and Merida are the prominent name sponsors while smaller team sponsors also get a place.

Merida also provided Rui Costa with the Reacto EVO Team, in custom made rainbow colors. 

Lampre-Merida welcomes eight new riders to its team, with Rui Costa, Rafael Valls, Nelson Oliviera and Sascha Modolo the best known riders. The Italian squad also said goodbye to nine riders with Adriano Malori's transfer to Movistar and Michele Scarponi's move to Astana the biggest losses. 

wheel chaser 9 months ago
Lets see if that kit will do more than it did for Gilbert.
cyclingfan001 9 months ago
I think it will. For me Rui costa is a different type of rider. Gilbert is a sprinter / puncher. Costa is a puncher / climber. Further Costa has already proven that he is able to win.
tobydawq 9 months ago
And you don't think Gilbert had proven his ability to win?
Anonymous 9 months ago
The difference is that Gilbert had big spike in performance in 2011 that was followed by a UCI warning stating irregular blood values... Costa has been improving steadly each year. So steady that from looking at his past results you could predict what was going to happen next. Obviously that now it gets harder as he is close to the top, it will be hard to replicate last season results.
Wattie 9 months ago
To say he had a big spike in performance in 2011 is a bit unfair - he had already won back to back Lombardy and Paris-Tours and an Amstel Gold before 2011, not to mention stage wins in other races. Admittedly 2011 was an exceptional season, but he didn't exactly come out of nowhere. I think it is fair to say that Gilbert had been improving year on year up to that remarkable season. Also after a season like that it is almost inevitable that a rider performs less well the following year.
Cance > TheRest 9 months ago
Gilbert was a very good rider even at his time with FDJ, so obviously 2011 wasnt that big of a shock. Gilbert was a much brigger rider (and still is) than Costa, when he won the WC, so what "cyclingfan001" and you are saying is totally nonsense
JantonStentenan 9 months ago
I love when people like you Anonymous comment on Gilbert. It is clear that you know nothing about cycling or else you would have seen and heard Gilbert's name at the top of some of the biggest races in the sport. 2011 was no shock. Everyone knew Gilbert was going to do something special someday and that day was 2011. And it is also clear from your comments that you know nothing about sport in general because. No one remains the best for their entire career. In fact I can only think of one person who did -- Lance Armstrong -- and even he had his downfall when he decided to make his comeback. If everyone rode at the level of gods their entire lives then people like Merckx, Anquetil, Hinault, Contador, Gilbert, etc would no longer mean anything. Think about it.
FabiquesAnquetillara 9 months ago
Sprinter? Gilbert has 2 Lombardias. That is not sprinters race. yes he can sprint, but he is so much more than sprinter.
dustymiller 9 months ago
so gilbert has won nothing?, at his best he is a very hard man to beat
Anonymous 9 months ago
"Also after a season like that it is almost inevitable that a rider performs less well the following year. " That is true. But the drop in performance in 2012 was huge, he performed much worse than 2010, 2009 you need to go back to 2007 to find a season that bad. After the big season he got a warning for the UCI stating the irregular blood values and it's not hard to guess what happened...
ninj4fly 9 months ago
The drop in performance can also be related to the fat multi year contract he signed at BMC.
andrew1991 9 months ago
Even if he was doped he would not have performed like that all by himself. Do not forget fact that he had a perfect team protecting him. Van den Broeck and Vanendert were alway with him until the last 20-15 km, after that only one of them stayed with him. In BMC he only had van Avermaet to help him and he was performing really badly in hills.
Butterhead 9 months ago
I think it would be pretty stupid to think anything else than he was doped in 2011 and probably before that too. That is, if the last 2 decades taught us anything. If its to good to be true... just use your common sense.
James Silva 9 months ago
When I become I pro-cyclist I will intentionally not-win races! Surely then I'll defeat the doping controllers and the skeptics!! Muahaha Just because you win races doesn't mean you are a doper... dude, it's not like that stuff can really give you but marginal gains anyways without being detected. Take a biochem. class dude. If you get on your bike some more, and talk less
James Silva 9 months ago
Also, riders commonly get warned about blood levels. Success, unfortunately will cause the UCI etc. to scrutinize your results a bit more. No pro-rider is what a family doctor would say "normal" in results blood levels. That's what training, talent, and good genes do...
Sanyukta Lele 9 months ago
we love you as our new champion we adore your kind of cycling but darling you are a road champion why are you clicking pics on the TRACK
azureskies 9 months ago
What an exciting rider Costa is hats off to him for a worthy Rainbow Win! Good luck to him and team Lampre.
nico__ 9 months ago
Want to ride for Lampre but don't want to wear pink? Easy, just win the world champs