Gallery: Omega Pharma – Quick-Step survival camp

"Everyone’s a winner" say Steels

The Omega Pharma – Quick-Step cycling team got their first taste of team environment with a two-day survival camp in Belgium, earlier this month.

The Belgian squad, as well as the team staff, headed to Zilvermeer Park in Mol where they were set a number of team bonding exercises that included competitions.

“Actually, everyone’s a winner,” declared Tom Steels. “The entire team showed a great sense of unity, adaptability and spirit of sacrifice. We spent two days together in situations which seemed completely different from those which we normally encounter during races, but they were situations in which trust and the power of the pack were fundamental elements.”

Things got under way on Monday evening with a series of tests of strength and coordination based on the concept of reciprocal help. The program continued on Tuesday with a series of technical courses and physical trials in which the group was always more important than each individual.

"We’re coming away from this experience much richer,” said team leader Tom Boonen. “We’re definitely approaching the season with a fantastic sense of team spirit.”


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