Gallery: Greg LeMond opens exhibition in New York

Rapha Cycle Club hosts display of bikes, jerseys, memorabilia

Saturday’s storm brought a bit of welcome respite to New York’s Meatpacking district, when Greg LeMond visited the area’s Rapha Cycle Club yesterday evening and introduced his new line of bikes.

The weather failed to keep the fans at home and the venue was packed with people eager to hear Greg speak about his legendary career. It was a rare treat for New Yorkers who welcomed LeMond and his wife Kathy to the Big Apple with open arms.

He peppered the talk with a short film highlighting his triumphs and entertained the audience with some great anecdotes.

Additionally, the venue will have Greg’s trophy bikes and jerseys displayed for the next month, allowing a rare look at some real cycling treasures. How can we forget those innovative clip-on tri bars from 1989?

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