French riders to sue Kohl

Vasseur: "His allegations cannot remain unpunished"

Cédric Vasseur, the president of the professional cyclist's union (CPA), commented on Bernhard Kohl's latest interview in which he stated that the top 10 riders in last year's Tour de France could have tested positive. "His allegations cannot remain unpunished," Vasseur said. "He might think everybody else was doped as well but he has to prove it."

Vasseur was followed by the general secretary of the French professional cyclists union (UNCP) Jean-Claude Cucherat, who expressed the "contempt" of his associates towards the insinuations of Kohl.

"In French teams, the way of practicing the profession of a bike rider has nothing to do with the gangsters' methods described by Kohl," said Cucherat. The UNCP announced that legal actions would be taken against Kohl and whoever unfairly tarnishes the reputation of professional cyclists. (JFQ)

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